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by Thomas Hopp

Download Dinosaur Wars: Counterattack: Counterattack eBook
Thomas Hopp
Action & Adventure
iUniverse (January 17, 2002)
414 pages
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This item:Dinosaur Wars: Counterattack (Volume 2) by Thomas P Hopp . The second book in The Dinosaur Wars trilogy was just as fun to read as the first. It’s a quick, fun, easy read.

Dinosaur Wars: Counterattack. Dinosaur Wars - Thomas P Hopp.

space probe discovers a 65 million-year-old derelict outpost at the moon's south pole.

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Thomas P. Hopp is an award-winning writer of science fiction, mystery, and thriller books and stories.

Dinosaur Wars: Counterattack Book Summary and Study .

Dinosaur wars: counterattack

NOW HUMANS ARE THE ENDANGERED SPECIES! Intelligent dinosaurs have returned from outer space to claim their home world--our world! Wolf biologist Chase Armstrong and rancher's daughter Kit Daniels are at the center of the action again as war for domination of the earth continues. The Kra, dinosaurian invaders have no place for humanity--except on the menu! An action-packed adventure story, COUNTERATTACK is filled with huge beasts of the past, intelligent human-sized dinosaurs, U.S. tanks and submarines, and two young heroes who may find love--if they survive long enough! Action start-to-finish, with well researched dinosaurs. A fun read suitable for all ages and both genders.
  • Kazimi
I am rapidly becoming a big fan of Thomas Hopp's writing. Dinosaur Wars Counterattack is another good old fashioned adventure story, just like the first book. Hopp has a way with characters. The hero and heroine, Chase and Kit, are two young people I want to spend more time with. They seem to get into the toughest spots with dinosaurs, then somehow come out alive. This is really a page turner, just like before.
The dinosaurs in this book are extremely realistic, with great pains taken to "flesh them out" in detail, while not detracting from a rapid-fire plot. I was not aware that many dinosaurs had feathers or fur on them, until reading these books. So long scaly lizards, here come the warm blooded, seriously hungry dinos.
While the beasts eat their share of humans, this book is definitely rated G, because there is nothing a younger reader would need to feel squeemish about. There are no "adult" situations beyond a little kissy-face, and, as I found out, there is a refreshing lack of profane language. Hopp seems intent on making his characters fine, upstanding people, generating excitement by casting them into desperate circumstances. Works for me.
As I did with Dinosaur Wars, I give this novel my wholehearted endorsement. It is an undiscovered gem and someday I predict: a major motion picture.
  • Zinnthi
When I recieved this item, it literally only took me about 3 days to read it because it just kept drawing me in, kept enticing me to read more to find out what happens next. The characters are well thought-out, and the story itself is detailed and yet easy to read. I have read this and the original and loved them both. I am particularly fascinated by how the author is able to write down an explaination for the return of the dinosaurs in a believable and well-executed manner. There isn't enough I can say about these two books. I recommend them to anyone who loves dinosaurs, sci-fi, or just a good book in general.