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by Arnette Lamb

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Arnette Lamb
Gallery Books (December 24, 2008)
336 pages
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Diversion Publishing Corp. Arnette Lamb ignites readers’ imaginations with her unforgettable love stories. The New York Times–bestselling author weaves a fascinating tale that incorporates Scottish history into an emotionally moving and realistic love story (Affaire de Coeur). Lady Alpin MacKay is in despair when she learns that, in one tyrannical, sweeping gesture, the Scottish lord Malcolm Kerr has stolen her property.

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Arnette Lamb ignites readers’ imaginations with her unforgettable love stories. One fee. Stacks of books. Romance Fiction Historical Romance.

Arnette Lamb (1947–1998) authored thirteen historical romance novels. Her signature style-fast-paced, witty, and deeply sensual-propelled her novels on to countless bestseller lists including USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and the New York Times. With a reputation as a premier author of Scottish romance, Arnette won multiple awards including the RT Best New Historical Author.

Connect with Diversion Books. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. This is a work of fiction. A Division of Diversion Publishing Corp. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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More from Arnette Lamb. Connect with Diversion Books. 443 Park Avenue South, Suite 1008. Not that they would’ve followed a known adulteress. Drummond denounced me publicly.

Lady Alpin MacKay and Scottish lord Malcolm Kerr do battle, little realizing the fierce love about to be ignited.

In the sequel to Border Lord, Lady Alpin MacKay storms Kildalton Castle, determined to reclaim the property that had been stolen by her childhood nemesis, the handsome Scottish lord Malcolm Kerr. Original.
  • Tam
Lady Alpin McKaywas treated horriblely by an uncle after her family dies.She used to steal food from Malcolm Kerr's castle.She and Malcolm used to play and pull pranks on each other. She was only six and angry at Malcolm she set bees on to his manhood. She was then sent away to Barbados to friends of Malcolm's father. Charles the friend had gone to pieces the last ten years after his wife died. Alpin was running the sugarcane plantation. He died and she knew she would inherit everything.She did not know that Malcolm still carried a grudge on the incident when she was six.He believed she had made him sterile. He set it up five years earlier that he would inherit the estate she would only get 100 lbs a year. She is so distraught and has no where else to go but to the Kildalton Castle to try and get her property back. Malcolm is shocked to see her .He wants to send her to her evil uncle again .she refuses to go and states she is his property.She also brings with her her freed slave and maid Elanne.She and his friend Saladin add a lot to the story. Malcolm still has not forgiven her but Alpin hopes to trick him into marriage to get the plantation.She wants to go back and free the slaves .The book keeps you reading to see what happens next. I wanted Malcolm to realize you can't blame a six year old forever. They really did care for one another .I read the Border Lord first that has Malcolm and Alpin as children .The romance is about his father and step mother to be.
  • Mr_Jeйson
Alpine and Malcolm reconnect after many years apart. They were each other's nemesis as children. Malcolm believes Alpine is responsible for an unforgivable result from a prank she committed when they were children. He forces her back to her homeland to punish her. He finds she has changed and they are drawn to each other. They must work out their grievances during a time of political upheaval to accept their feelings for each other.
  • Nilabor
This book is good. I especially like the fact that Annette Lamb's heroines are out of the ordinary. In this case, she is committed to freeing the slaves on the plantation back home...even if it means leaving the man she loves. I wish I had read the Border Lord first, however, since most of the main characters were introduced there. There is a lot of history between the hero and heroine that help set the background for border bride.
  • Burilar
I really liked this book. I still think these books could be just as enjoyable without the explicit sex parts. It adds nothing to the story plot. I liked the story plot very much and found at times I just couldn't stop reading. However, I'm always sad to arrive at the end !
  • Xcorn
I have to admit I have read this series before. I enjoyed it so much the first time when it was my sister's book I decided to have my own. I love Scottish History, so I'd recommend this book and the the Border Lord. I have purchasd the Chieftain by the same author but not read it yet.
  • Mojar
This was a pleasant read. I do wish I had read the author's other book Border Lord first as it introduced some of the characters in this book. I would recommend it to a friend. It was fun and sexy. The only issue was that the author seemed to wrap things up a bit quickly in the end.
  • Gogal
The plot was interesting and the conflict between the protagonists was believable. Yeah just like real people the mis communicated and created their own conflict. The book was as good as the first, and leaves you hanging hoping for a third.
This book has more twists and turns that will keep you glued to the story like none other. It's adventurous, funny, dramatic and so much more. The characters are well developed and so likeable. I know you will love this story.