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by Jacquelyn Frank

Download Elijah (The Nightwalkers, Book 3) eBook
Jacquelyn Frank
Zebra Books/SFBC; Book Club edition (2008)
360 pages
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Kensington publishing corp. how to destroy Vampires, Lycanthropes, and most every other Nightwalker species, Elijah would be the best source of information.

Kensington publishing corp. War and peace were, unfortunately, transient things, and it was his duty to be prepared for all possibilities, in case friends became enemies or enemies threatened friends. Elijah fought off a passing cloak of dimming consciousness and the spinning of his immediate surroundings.

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NIGHTWALKER, the final book in the NIGHTWALKER series has just debuted and my fingers are crossed that it will do well

NIGHTWALKER, the final book in the NIGHTWALKER series has just debuted and my fingers are crossed that it will do well. I'm still living in Asheville, NC. My kitty family has dwindled to a mere eight cats. Truly a wonderful book. And the scene in the parlor, just, damn.

Read Elijah: The Nightwalkers, by Jacquelyn Frank online on Bookmate – New York Times BestsellerDear Reader, Please note that the text of this story, ELIJAH by Jacquelyn Frank, begins on page 7. Th. Read whenever, wherever. Your phone is always with you, so your books are too – even when you’re offline. Bookmate – an app that makes you want to read.

Nightwalkers 3. There was no control in that moment. She was first flushed, and then chilled. DAMIEN:The Nightwalkers. Published by Zebra Books. Elijah: The nightwalkers. Kensington publishing corp.

ELIJAH The Nightwalkers- Book 3. They are called the Nightwalkers, an ancient race devoted to protecting the world from the darkness of the Necromancers. They are called the Nightwalkers, an ancient race devoted to protecting the world from the darkness of the Necromancers until one woman brings him to his knee. ome feelings you just can’t fight.

New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank continues her scorching and sensual new series set in the world of the Nightwalkers, where alluring entities known as Bodywalkers are the vanguards against the raging forces of darkness. As a mercenary, Leo. Dangerous. by Jacquelyn Frank · Jax. 2013··Afrikaans. Forged (The World of Nightwalkers, by Jacquelyn Frank.

Save bookmarks and read as many as you like. New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank continues her scorching and sensual new series set in the world of the Nightwalkers, where alluring entities known as Bodywalkers are the vanguards against the raging forces of darkness. As a mercenary, Leo Alvarez has signed on for a lot-but he never signed on for his best friend becoming host to the soul of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.

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A look at Jacquelyn Frank's ELIJAH
Elijah (The Nightwalkers, Book 3)
Jacquelyn Frank
Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
Kindle: 417 KB with est. 383 pages
Zebra/Kensington; First Printing edition (January 1, 2008)
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Jacquelyn Frank continues to weave her complex Nightwalker world in Elijah, bringing the Lycanthropes and their Queen, Siena into the erotic weft. We had some hints about the Elijah-Siena attraction in Gideon at the Battle of Beltane when several Nightwalker species came together against the threat of stinky necromancers, demented demons bent on revenge and human hunters and magic practitioners. We also gain another species, the Mistrals which roughly correspond to mythological Sirens. Their song hypnotizes all who hear it leaving them at the mercy of the Siren. They can kill or cure.

Purple prose applies to the romantic encounters between Elijah and Siena the Lycanthrope Queen. And, while Frank and Zebra both state online is that the first seven pages of the book, while written into the novel's own story arc, are prologue and back story. Thank goodness, because otherwise the gravely injured Elijah would be mentally and lushly spewing more information than an encyclopaedia even as his life force drains away (ie. he is bleeding out):

QUOTE<<Even without training, at their hearts all Demons were essentially battle ready beasts. He believed that. It was a personal philosophy and he strongly felt that no matter how heavy the veneer of civilization within their race, or within the individual, there were instincts that could not ever be denied. Sure, Demons looked human, although taller and tanner than the average, but they were also considered extraordinarily attractive if in human circles. Elijah knew this was because the elemental and animal genetics within them allowed for heightened pheromones that called out to the opposite sex, a predatory sense of awareness that exuded attractive danger, and the penchant for extraordinary eyes behind which settled equally extraordinary cunning and intelligence. All the qualities of natural born hunters, always seething just beneath the surface, waiting for someone to make themselves prey. Demons were capable of behaviors as untamed as the elements they claimed their great powers from. Behaviors they had embraced and integrated into every skill they cultivated in their long lifetimes, making them formidable opponents should you manage to get on their distant bad sides.
From Excerpt on Frank's Website>>QUOTE

Frank's prose is always super lush and descriptive, often overly so as it is also formal in the way of less contemporary writing. It can be heady or it can be stultifying and wordy, and sometimes it's an obvious info dump. This is curious because Frank's site also states that each series is meant to be read in order from left to right.

There are tense moments in the story, and a twist or two, but in the end it is pretty much the storyline working to it's inevitable conclusion. The characters are either noble and heroic or evil and cowardly.

There is certainly an air of high fantasy or fairy tale; maybe part of the lushness. The complex world building is definitely a big part of the information characters feel they have to offer each other in order for the author to fill the reader in. It is sometimes like an aside or stage whisper to the unseen audience. It really drags down dialogue.

One think I love is the Lycanthropes' prehensile hair that can grip or bind, but which in being bound or shorn leaves the Lycanthrope helpless or can even kill them. It seems at times to know what Siena wants more than her thinking, and Samhain-addled, brain does. What she wants is Elijah. Good thing he wants her back because there is a lot of steamy sex and with the writer's voice being as it is, not much is left out.

On a personal note: Think how handy long prehensile hair could be! It could hold it's own blow dryer, pick up the remote, pull weeds!

What would your prehensile hair do for you?
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This is the third book in the "Nightwalkers" series- and a great addition. I think so far, this one is my favorite! This is very definitely a romance series, so it has to follow a formula, but it does so in a highly satisfying manner.

The romance was briefly set up in the last book "Gideon," and does not dissappoint. Both characters Siena and Elija are strong, both warriors, both leaders and nothing in sacrificed in terms of character in the name of love or story line. The strength of the characters is nicely set up for being the focus of their admiration for each other. Solid strong female lead and well balanced warrior male.

The overarching plot that spans the books is continued providing satisfying time for favorite characters from other books- Jacob & Bella most especially. There is just enough forward motion that you feel things are progressing without too much jarring to the romance. It's also nice to see the relationships continue to develop in prior couples.

Over all, I really enjoyed this book. Strong characters, strong images, solid plot continuations and tantalizing glimpses of where the next books might go. A new species is brought in and a clever connection found that might hint at later closeness between all the nightwalker species...
  • Mr_TrOlOlO
I have read the first two in this series, "Gideon and Noah," and was eagerly looking forward to the release of this book and I was not let down. I do think it is best to read the first two books before this one for a fuller understanding of this story.

According to the story there is a world of creatures around us unsuspecting humans. Creatures with various powers ranging from shapeshifter animals, vampires, demons and many more. Elijah is the head of th demon warriors. Each demon controls a type of the elements. For instance the demon king Noah controls fire while Elijah controls the air thus the wind.

A Wicked human society is out to kill all night creatures. Some members just want occult power not to protect innocent humans from creatures but to make themselves more powerful and evil. Some members of the society are
being controlled by a wicked demon out to destroy all others of her kind.

They almost kill Elijah who is captured by a beautiful shapeshhifter queen. They are destined to be mates even though he killed her father.

A fast paced, sexy love story. Very interesting and I cannot wait to read the next.
  • Blackworm
I love Jacquelynn Frank books. I've never read a book from her that didn't keep me invested the whole story. Her series are amazing. They drag you in, hold you hostage, and then send you stumbling into the dark with how great they are.
  • Thordibandis
I really like this series but this new author. I grabbed her first book in the grocery store one day because I needed a book and I have a daily need to read and hate magazines/newspapers. It was soooo good that I have continued to read every subsequent book and it just gets better and better. The characters are engaging and come to life so realistically that you could be watching it on television. Get this book and all her others if you have not read them yet.
  • Mr Freeman
New Book, part of a series I wanted to own. The writing is not the best in the world, but an interesting series. The merchandise is as stated. Fast delivery and new condition. I am always very pleased getting books from Amazon, I have never received one in bad condition yet. Thank you, God Bless!
  • Frlas
Ok just another very good story lots of action and another twist in the supernatural couples. They have found out who the evil is that is out to get them. So from here on out they will have to fight the evil. So enjoy the book and the audio so good!
I love this series. I seem to be saying that a lot lately. It is true though! I really love this series. The first one was really good and all the characters are well done. I hope that she continues so well with the rest of the series. The evolution of the characters has been well done.