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by Elizabeth Vaughan

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Elizabeth Vaughan
Gollancz; Export e. edition (July 19, 2007)
320 pages
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Advance praise for Warsworn. Warsworn is a moving continuation of Warprize

Advance praise for Warsworn. Warsworn is a moving continuation of Warprize. New York Times bestselling author Jo Beverley. I loved Warprize! Keir is a hero to savor, and Elizabeth Vaughan is an author to watch.

Lara is a daughter of kings, a city girl and a powerful healer ion her own right, but she is the Warprize and has sworn an oath of loyalty to Keir, the barbarian Warlord, and his people. As Keir and the tribe are makingtheir way back to their homeland, they come across a village stricken down by plague – and though Lara has the tools to fight this scourge, the Warlord forbids her risking her own life. Both Lara and Kier are strong-willed and neither will bend easily, even for love

About Elizabeth Vaughan: Librarian Note: There is more than . She's always loved fantasy and science fiction, and has been . .

About Elizabeth Vaughan: Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name  . She's always loved fantasy and science fiction, and has been a fantasy role-player since 1981. By day, Beth's secret identity is that of a lawyer, practicing in the area of bankruptcy and financial matters, a role she has maintained since 1985.

  • Uafrmaine
Plague pretty much sums up this entire book. First I truly thought the first book was a fabulous read. It had solid world building, multidimensional characters, action, adventure, and intrigue. This book is lacking all that, was present in the first book which starts immediately after the end of book one. The Firelanders army has split in half, 5,000 marching home towards the plaines and the other 5,000 staying with Simus. It is alluded to that Keir must get home fast to explain his truth in returning with only the WarPrize. Huh..... what he has taxes and money coming from Xy, but this has been lost in translation. So these warriors fought only for the WarPrize, not the fealty. Then there is an army on the move, no mention of wagons, or how the army sustains itself. So I thought well that will come. Nope was never explained. A lot is never explained why scouts that were to make contact with towns could not speak the language. How Lara a healer thought she could fight a plague on her own. How no one from Water’s Fall comes to render aid with the sick. How Iften knew about the attack on Lara in the town, his lance was used, and it was never explained in either the first or this book. How two main characters die and no one questions the circumstances even if they don’t fit. Why mercy is given to one that is sick but not others. As I writer when a character mentions something in a narrative it should be resolved, not just dropped and forgotten. This happens in several places in the book, which left me perplexed. Furthermore this book was not a clean text, it had continuity errors. I guess publishers don’t actual have editors that read the books they print.

Will I continue the series? After book one I would have said YES, but after this book, it’s a maybe.,
  • sunrise bird
I loved the first book in this series. In the world of romance, especially fantasy romance, it's such a crapshoot. The overwhelming majority of stories are dreadful, frankly. But this story was quite endearing in many ways. The characters, while typically romance-adorable, had echoes of Diana Gabaldon's characters, with enough realism to make them sort of believable (inside the realm of romance!). Wareprize is a terrific novel with pretty good pacing.

This second book, however, made me somewhat insane. I can't understand an entire book being written in such a disheartening setting. And how in the world did the author believe that her main character would do such ridiculous things that resulted in unrelenting the senselessly poor decisions mounted, followed by senselessly depressing deaths of some great secondary characters, I found myself wanting to toss the Kindle. What in the world happened here? I finally finished it mostly because I enjoyed my own loud exclamations of irritation--great outlet! There could have been MANY possible conflict scenarios that didn't require a main character to literally become stupid. Otherwise, her motivation for such actions could only be arrogance, but that was never stated or even implied. It was unbelievably frustrating. Of course characters make mistakes, but that's not what was presented to us in this book. This was a character motivation change that made little sense. And the entire novel is based on this--oh no. Hide the sharp objects!

I really don't like being so critical of someone's writing like this. But when I've made an emotional investment in characters that then get pushed into contortions that don't make sense, it makes me crazy. I'm not looking forward to the next book as much as I was.
  • Uriel
Good story, believably written. For those of us who read the first book, this is a continuation of characters, not personalities. As expected in a battle fantasy there is death and violence but not in on the battlefield. I admired the ingenuity and courage of the supporting characters if not the main characters. Sometimes you have to say no to the short term actions of the ones you love to get them to achieve their long term goals. There would have been much heartache saved if the main characters had taken that tactic. There also would have been less drama, more dialogue, and a less tension filled cliffhanger ending, so I guess it all worked out in the end. I will try one more book before giving up on the series but if there isn't more world building and subtlety in the plot twists this is the beginning of the end.
  • Best West
Two distinct cultures are revealed through the interaction of the warlord nomad and his warprize healer love from a long established kingdom. These characters are well developed. The fear of change and longing for tradition of many are opposed by those seeking New ways and different opportunities. Can't wait to read next in this series.