by Arthur Hailey

Arthur Hailey
Bantam Books; New Ed edition (1976)
476 pages
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The Moneychangers is a 1975 novel written by Arthur Hailey. The plot revolves around the politics inside a major bank

The Moneychangers is a 1975 novel written by Arthur Hailey. The plot revolves around the politics inside a major bank.

Doctors’ opinions, as most of us know, are seldom exact. And medical science can achieve a great deal in halting, even curing. Roscoe, I said I’d been over all that, Ben Rosselli said, betraying his first trace of testiness. And as to doctors, I’ve had the best Wouldn’t you expect me to? Yes, I would, Heyward said. But we should remember there is a higher power than doctors and it must be the duty of us all -he glanced pointedly around the room- to pray to God for mercy, or at least more time than you believe.

Arthur Hailey (1920–2004), the author of eleven novels, many of which became New York Times bestsellers, was born in Luton, England. Arthur Hailey, The Moneychangers. Thank you for reading books on BookFrom. He served as a pilot and flight lieutenant in the British Royal Air Force during World War II and immigrated to Canada in 1947. While working for a transportation trade magazine, he scored his first writing success with a television drama, and began to write screenplays full-time for various networks during the golden age of live television.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The personal problems of directors and officers of the First Mercantile American Bank lead them to involvement in corruption and violence.

Название книги: The Moneychangers. As the novel begins, the position of CEO of one of America's largest banks, First Mercantile American (very loosely based on the Bank of America, although it is located in an unnamed Midwestern city) is about to become vacant due to the terminal illness of Ben Roselli, the incumbent chief, whose grandfather founded the bank. Two high-ranking executives groomed for the succession begin their personal combat for the position.

Читать онлайн - Hailey Arthur. The Moneychangers Электронная библиотека e-libra. ru Читать онлайн The Moneychangers. Arthur HaileyThe MoneychangersIf thou art rich, thou'rt poor; For, like an ass whose back with ingots bows, Thou. Arthur HaileyThe MoneychangersIf thou art rich, thou'rt poor; For, like an ass whose back with ingots bows, Thou bear'st thy heavy riches but a journey, And death unloads thee. Shakespeare, Measure for g rust the hidden treasure frets, But gold that's put to use more gold begets. Venus and Adonis1Long afterward, many would remember those two days in the first week of October with vividness and anguish.

From the day-to-day business dealings to the inner sanctums of the money trading center and the boardroom, Hailey’s novel is a riveting tale of ambition, greed, and the US banking system. Fiction Thriller & Crime. One fee. Stacks of books.

  • Olma
I read this book again recently. I'm not much of a mystery reader. This is a mystery, but there's a lot of other things going on, too. There's a love story, Amelia's search for peace and confidence, some really interesting side characters like Daisy, and most of all, what I think the book is really about. I think that at its heart The Tightrope Walker is about the relationship between an author and a reader.

***Spoiler Alert***

The book is deeply concerned with a book Amelia read as a child which she became deeply connected to, and which essentially saved her after her mother's suicide, The Maze in the Heart of the Castle. Dorothy Gilman actually wrote it after writing The Tightrope Walker. It's out of print now just like the book Amelia read. Reading some of the reviews it's obvious that many young people were just as moved by Gilman's book as Amelia was by Hannah's. I read it as an adult, and thought it was a good read. I think it might have been a more profound experience if I'd read it as a teen.

We've all had books that moved us, that we might even credit with changing our lives, but the relationship between us and the author of such books is generally one-sided. They've given us a great treasure, we've given little or nothing in return. Maybe we paid a few dollars for the book, but if we bought it used or found it somewhere free on the internet, the author hasn't benefited at all. They likely will never know the impact their words have had on us.

In The Tightrope Walker through some bizarre coincidence, or more likely fate, Amelia finds a note in a Hurdy Gurdy which leads her to solve the murder of her favorite author. The murder itself was chilling in its callousness,so much so that it makes me wonder a little about who I can really trust. The impact of Hannah's book on Amelia's life is inspiring to me. As a writer for young people, (Goblin Fruit), I hope to someday write a story that helps someone as much as The Maze in the Heart of the Castle helped Amelia.
  • Samuhn
This is such a good book that I consider it a jewel.
In short, it is spellbinding.
  • Whitemaster
I bought this book on a whim but once started i knew I would finish it. Good character development with enough personal flaws to make it realistic.
  • Uickabrod
Excellent book, easy to follow as story grew. Even with developing facts, the ending was a complete surprise.
  • Kefrannan
One of the smartest fiction books I've ever read; brilliant plotting and intricate details that come together at the end.
  • Inerrace
I thought I had read all Ken Follett's books, but I somehow missed out on this one. I am glad I found it. Follett knows how to grab your emotions especially as it relates to the life of the British and all the conniving and all the greatness. This book carried me through the full gamut of emotions, especially as it related to the conniving of the rich and powerful in old England, which made this a very satisfying read. Once I started to read, I could not put it down. It is a well drawn out story and provided a good insight into life inEngland in the late 19th century. At times it threatened to become melodramatic, but it did not. This is certainly a recommended read for everyone.
  • Skyway
I couldn’t put this book down
Most of us think of Ken Follett for his medieval Pillars of the Earth sagas and the recently finished Century Trilogy. We forget that Follett is also a prolific author and master storyteller who has written some excellent spy thrillers and historical family sagas.

While A Dangerous Fortune is a family saga it is also a murder story and a peek into the almost unregulated world of banking in the late 19th century. The saga starts in 1866 on a day when a schoolboy drowns in a strange accident. Present at the accident was Hugh Pilaster and his older cousin Edward, members of a banking family and Micky Miranda, son of a brutal South American landowner.

There were other tragedies that day as Hugh's father committed suicide when his bank collapsed. Hugh gets taken in by his uncle Joseph Pilaster who is head of another more successful bank. His wife Augusta treats him badly. She is the scheming matriarch of the family who will do anything to advance her son Edward to get control of the Pilaster bank. She is a real villain who is domineering and unscrupulous - a fantastic character.

Mickey Miranda befriends Augusta and inveigles himself into the world of the Pilaster family and affects their personal and business lives.

Ken Follett has written a great family saga that will keep you entertained as you follow the webs if complicity, and the ups and downs of the Pilaster family. Highly recommended to discerning readers who want to read a good family sage and thriller with a historical background.

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