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by Judith Krantz

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Judith Krantz
Bantam Books Ltd; New Ed edition (1992)
576 pages
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Krantz’s latest tome. is her most erotic yet. Dazzle sizzles. Los Angeles Daily News Now.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

No, it I read this book for my Trash Book Club, where each of us got to choose our own Judith Krantz novel. but alas, I had purchased this novel at a used book store, and I figured a Krantz is a Krantz is a Krantz. The novel is called Dazzle. So is the building in which the main character is employed.

Scruples, Judith Krantz's electrifying, world wide bestseller appeared fifteen years ago and made book publishing history. Now that unforgettable story, a story that marks an era, a story that millions of readers wish had never ended. Only a single night's sleep seperates the lives of the characters in Scruples from this mesmerizing sequel. It's the hottest thing that's ever happened to Loring Model Management.

Judith "Judy" Krantz (née Tarcher) is a Jewish-American novelist who writes in the romance genre. Her works include Scruples, Princess Daisy, and Till We Meet Again. Seven of her novels have also been adapted for television (as either films or mini-series), with her husband serving as executive producer for some of them. She has also written one original mini-series for television, Judith Krantz's "Secrets", as well as many articles for leading magazines.

She rented a car at the airport and checked into a room she’d reserved at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. During her early years of life at the ranch, Liddy had been aggressively antisocial. Since she knew in advance that Orange County would never provide the kind of society she belonged in, she had turned her back on it. Orange County had never noticed.

Now, Judith Krantz, best-selling author of Scruples, Mistral's Daughter, and Till We Meet Again, invites you into the luscious, monied world of Jazz Kilkullen, her most daring, provocative, impetuous heroine yet. "Deliciously sexy. Inside the fun-filled photographers' studio in California known as Dazzle, Jazz Kilkullen reigns supreme. At twenty-nine, this playful, gifted, and thoroughly sexy woman has become one of the most successful celebrity portrait photo in the world. Random House in assoc.

Dazzle Judith Krantz. Book Club 421 pages; corners bumped, some edge wear to boards; Jazz Kilkullen is a captivating, complex creature who could exist only in the 1990s. With two male partners, she owns a huge photographers' studio in California and has a blazingly successful career. Her tumultuous life is enlivened by three vastly different men who all have a passion for her.

Dazzle, Krantz, Judith, Very Good Book. Author: Judith Krantz. 14 pre-owned from £. 9. Scruples by Krantz, Judith Hardback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post.

Strong signs of use!
  • Varshav
Yes it's my first time...shrugs...Overall good storyline with intriguing dysfunctional family dynamics & interesting insights into the world of professional photography. Unique rugged California ranch setting full of billionaire jet setters. However, a bit disappointed that protag gets so caught up in family drama that she abandons professional photography. Quite unbelievably, every male character that our protag encounters falls hopelessly & madly in love with her. The surprisingly raunchy sex scenes were a bit much. Spoiler alert: happy ending????
  • Fecage
I loved all the Orange County history and mentioning all the places I'm very familiar with even if the time was warped a bit. By the 1990's San Juan was way more than a little town but it was a good read never the less. The details going on and on over photography and whatever can be a bit tiresome in Judith Krantz' books but I enjoy them.
  • Skrimpak
I always enjoy Judith Krantz.
  • I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ
good read...but definitely adult material
  • allegro
I love this book and have never read a Judith Krantz book that I wouldn't give 5 stars!
  • Negal
I enjoyed this book and the twist and turns.
  • Jonariara
I only ever read Dazzle from ths offer. It is nt generally my type of novel. It's okay for it's type. Was enjoyable
DAZZLE by Judith Krantz

June 18, 2005

Rating 3/5 stars

I was a bit disappointed with this novel by Judith Krantz. I had read MISTRAL'S DAUGHTER back in the 80's, and just loved it! It was one of my favorite novels from that time period. Unfortunately, DAZZLE read like the author was churning it out just to satisfy the publisher.

The novel is about Jazz Kilkullen, whose father owns a huge cattle ranch in South Orange County. The book's current time frame is 1990, but the story goes back to the past to tell the story of her parents and how they met. After her mother, who was a very famous foreign-born actress, died tragically, all that Jazz had left was her father, and her two older half sisters who hated her. Their mother had poisoned their minds to expect that Jazz was only the daughter of the woman who took their mother's place in their father's life, and that they were the true heirs of his estate when he dies.

Jazz grows up to be a very famous and successful photographer to the stars, and her story is told in flashbacks. She started her career as a child who loved to take photos, and found she had a knack for it. When she falls in love with Gabe, a photographer who wanted to travel the world to far and distant lands, she follows him. She is barely an adult at this point in her life. She finds herself in the middle of wars, riots, anything that is dangerous. The two eventually settle down in France, become engaged and plan their wedding, but he leaves her at the altar. Jazz immediately moves back to the States and her father's ranch, hoping to forget her first love.

DAZZLE goes back and forth in time, but also switches from one character's story to another, a very common story telling device in this genre of books (think JACKIE COLLINS, whose books are shorter but are much more smuttier). Jazz's two older sisters also take center stage at various points, each with their own problems and eccentricities. And their father also takes center stage, as he finds that he has to ward off investors who want to take his land and divide it up. He could be a millionaire if he sold the land, but he refuses to destroy the legacy of his family, and the history of California.

The problem I had with DAZZLE was the characters. None of them felt "real". When Jazz falls in love with Gabe, for example, it didn't feel real. Where was the chemistry? It made no sense to me what led them to fall in love. Nothing fell into place. It was as if Krantz was writing a novel without any feeling for the characters true selves. When Jazz falls in love with her distant cousin Casey, that didn't make any sense to me either. It was as if the author turned on a switch, and the next sentence had them in love. There was something missing in these characters, or possibly in the writing itself. I love these epic novels, but this one didn't quite do it for me.

I don't want to say that I hated the book. I did enjoy the story, mainly because I grew up in Los Angeles and lived in Orange County for quite a while. I recognized a lot of the places that Jazz would frequent, and it brought back memories for me. I also found the story fascinating. Novels like this that take history and create fiction stories out of them are fun for me, but unfortunately, a good story doesn't work if the characters aren't thought out a bit better. I also think that if Dazzle had been edited a little bit more tightly, it might have worked. I'm giving DAZZLE three stars.