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by Roald Dahl

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Roald Dahl
Penguin Books, Limited (UK); Reprint edition (December 14, 2007)
272 pages
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ROALD DAHL Someone Like You With a Foreword by Dom Joly PENGUIN BOOKS Contents Taste Lamb to the Slaughter Man from the South The Soldier My Lady Love, My Dove.

ROALD DAHL Someone Like You With a Foreword by Dom Joly PENGUIN BOOKS Contents Taste Lamb to the Slaughter Man from the South The Soldier My Lady Love, My Dove. Someone Like You. With a Foreword by Dom Joly.

I love it, and I'm so glad I finally have it.

Ships from and sold by SuperBookDeals--. Ships from and sold by SuperBookDeals--. I love it, and I'm so glad I finally have it.

A friend recently lent me Someone Like You, by Roald Dahl. I've basically been a fan since I learned to read (it's been a good 13 years, Mr Dahl) but I had yet to explore his more 'adult' works.

Someone Like You" is as devilishly ingenious and suspenseful as writing . Dahl also features in his books characters who are very fat, usually children.

Someone Like You" is as devilishly ingenious and suspenseful as writing gets. Roald Dahl was born at Villa Marie, Fairwater Road in Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales in 1916, to Norwegian parents, Harald Dahl and Sofie Magdalene Dahl (née Hesselberg). Dahl's father had moved from Sarpsborg in Norway and settled in Cardiff in the 1880s. His mother came over to marry his father in 1911.

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Originally released in 1953, Someone Like You features some of Roald Dahl's best-known adult stories including the classic Lamb to the Slaughter and many others that were later adapted for the TV series Tales of the Unexpected. The 18 stories featured are: Taste. Lamb to the Slaughter. My Lady Love, My Dove.

Audio Books: Someone Like You read by Julian Rhind-Tutt.

Someone Like You – Roald Dahl. A collection of short stories. In Taste, the stakes of a dinner-party bet reach distasteful heights; a wife serves up a new dish in Lamb to the Slaughter ; and layers of deceit are stripped away in Nunc Dimittis. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

There's the gambler who collects little fingers from losers...there's the lady who murders her husband with a frozen leg of lamb...not to mention the man who has made a machine that can hear grass scream...Roald Dahl's particular brand of bizarre, alarming and disturbing story-telling has already attracted a huge following which can only be more disturbed, alarmed and - thankfully - amused by 'Someone Like You'.
  • Mr.Death
I heard of this book, and many others, by reading Jonathan Yardley"s "Second Reading--Notable and Neglected Books Revisited." Roald Dahl is widely known as a writer of children's literature, but he indeed could spin a great adult tale too. This collection of short stories was supplied by one of Amazon's vendors and was said to be new. In this case, I guess that means "not used," as the paperback clearly was not thumbed over. However, having been published in 1961, its pages were somewhat yellowed, and it had the general smell and feel of a book from someone's private, long-held collection. Apparently out of print, the work indeed has been neglected, as Yardley indicated.

What a shame. Dahl is a master story teller who managed to end most of the stories in this collection with a surprising twist. Not a few of the stories could be said to be macabre, in a wonderful sort of way. Being a Welsh man apparently inclined to aristocratic ways, the author has that old-fashioned command of language, custom and mannerisms reminiscent of P.G. Wodehouse,.coupled with a bit of Dickensian characterization. The stories are bite-sized to be easily finished in a sitting, unlike some others that are more properly novellas. Characters are well developed to the purpose, and many are quite memorable. I highly recommend this collection and hope that you can still find it.
  • Уou ll never walk alone
I read this book ten years ago on a trip to Spain (it was the only english book I could find at the place where I was staying). I forgot to write down the author or the title before leaving, and it killed me when I got home and I remembered all these wonderful stories almost word for word, but couldn't for the life of me find the book.
Well, after ten years of casually searching I finaly decided to buckle down, do some hard research (should say something about the book that it stayed in my head for ten years), and I ended up finding it. Who would've thought, classic children's story author Roald Dahl was capable of writing such twisted, engaging stories as those contained in "Someone Like You?"
Anyway... I love it, and I'm so glad I finally have it. Hopefully you'll enjoy it too!
  • Yananoc
To start off, I haven't read every short story in this book. I have only read the three or four of the ones in this book and I have to say most of them where pretty bad! The best one in my opinion was "The Sound Machine" because it had a good concept and message but it's the best part of this book. "Lamb to the Slaughter" felt like it should be in Tales from the Crypt instead of this book, and "Poison" was pointless [ Also my copy has a different cover]. As the title says if you a history lesson then read this book, if you want a good read then don't!
  • Yramede
Good stories!! Definitely worth reading!
  • Kirinaya
Roald Dahl for older kids and adults. Good stuff.
  • Hatе&love
He is the best writer.
  • Mardin
Great read. the seller gave a great description of the product. this is a recommended read if you are able to find this gem.
Since I was a ten year old book worm falling in love with Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, the BFG, Charlie... I have had but the greatest respect for a storyteller capable of such utterly captivating, magical, darkly delicious stories. As an adult, many years after the passing of a legendary author, it is a treasure to find a collection I didn't get my hands on when I was younger. May the strange, sometimes disturbing and very odd works of this author never get lost in the shuffle. I was fortunate enough to come upon a 1954 hardback version which is what my rating is based on. Overall majestic, captivating, this collection of schort stories is a treat to read. Highly recommended for any fans of Roald's other works.

A breakdown of the stories and applicable comments and summaries (without giving away any plot):
1)TASTE- 4/5. A famous gourmet and wine expert is a guest for dinner at the home of an eager man and his family. A satisfying twist ending sets the stage for the type of stories that are characteristic of Roald Dahl's short stories.
2)LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER- 5/5. A husband comes home from work and delivers some unpleasant news to his wife. Events unravel that include a dead body, whiskey, an investigation, and a hot home cooked meal. This is right up Alfred Hitchcock's alley (and turns out, it is!)
3)MAN FROM THE SOUTH- 5/5. An old man and a young boy place a hefty wager on a silly bet. This one had me gasping in suspense.
4)THE SOLDIER- 4/5. A definite Twilight Zone feel. A soldier dealing with some post-traumatic issues. Leaves the reader wondering what was real and what was not.
5)MY LADY LOVE, MY DOVE- 4/5. A little more freaky than some o the others, a pushover husband is convinced to wire a tap to their guest bedroom. A game of cards and an interesting ending leaves the reader wondering.
6)DIP IN THE POOL- 5/5. Genuinely funny in a twisted way, a man bets more than he bargained for when his bet isn't as sure as he thought it was.
7)GALLOPING FOXLEY- 2/5. Odd and disturbing. A man on a subway car recollects memories of physical abuse as a boy at boarding school. A satisfying ending, but too graphic and disturbing for my tastes.
8)SKIN- 5/5. A tattoo from a drunken night in younger years turns out to be nearly priceless when the man is in his older years and is offered a tempting proposition. My favorite ending of all the stories in this collection.
9)POISON- 3/5. A man fears there is a poisonous creature in his bed. Certainly not Dahl's best work. Entertaining, but lacking substance.
10)THE WISH- 3/5. A scab, a young boy's make believe game, a birthday, a wish, and Mom. Fascinating how Dahl can begin and end with scenes so seemingly unrelated to the middle and yet make it flow. Although it doesn't make sense in the conventional way, this story is intriguing and beautiful in Dahl's carefully constructed descriptions.
11)NECK- 3/5. A man is a guest in a large mansion with some eccentric characters. The reader is kept wondering how much about the characters we really know.
12)THE SOUND MACHINE- 4/5 The oddest by far of all the stories in this collection. A man creates a machine to hear high frequency sounds that are ordinarily out of human decibel range, including those made by nature.
13)NUNC DIMITTIS- 5/5. Personally my favorite story of this collection. A man is irked to find that a woman he had been dating said some unkindly things about him to his friends. He engages in an intricate plot for revenge. A delicious, lip-smacking ending!
14)THE GREAT AUTOMATIC GRAMMATISATOR- 5/5. A genius creates a machine that uses mathematical principles to create an automatic story generating machine. Dahl reveals a little of his own experience and point of view in this one. Very intriguing and expertly written.
15)CLAUD'S DOG: The Ratcatcher- 4/5. A ratcatcher shows a customer his methods of catching the rats, and a skin crawling outcome of a bet.
16)CLAUD'S DOG: Rummins-2/5. Bails of hay, a farmer, rats, a dog, and a mystery ending. Overall failed to captivate.
17)CLAUD'S DOG: Mr. Hoddy- 4/5. A man attempts to impress (much to her dismay), his girlfriend's father with a unique business plan.
18)CLAUD'S DOG: Mr. Feasley- 3/5. The longest of all the stories in this collection, but not the best. Many descriptions of animal abuse in dog racing. A competition, a trick, and a lesson.