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by Evangeline Anderson

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Evangeline Anderson
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. (October 2005)
268 pages
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Braxx is a Beast Kindred with a painful past.

Braxx is a Beast Kindred with a painful past. A traumatic crash stole his brother and his bride from him and left half of his face horribly scarred. This Book is a Super Plus length novel-129,000 words long. Kat O’Connor is no pushover. For if he lets anyone get too close, the unbearable pain he has already endured once may happen again.

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This was my first book by Evangeline Anderson and I can't wait to get my hands on more. I was captivated from the first chapter to the very last. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a sexy, hot vampire.

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Book 2 in the Wizard Twins series. Desperate to avoid a Joining with the wickedly handsome Sashtain Twins, Marina escapes them at every turn. Relentless, they plague her days and torment her dreams-wickedly erotic dreams that make her body pulse with the promise of dark desires revealed and a sexual heat that will send her up in flames. But when the hated Seculars gain in strength and dark magic weaves an insidious, invisible threat to all she holds dear, she discovers there is more to be gained by aligning her magick with the Sashtain Wizards than she thought.

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The Lost Books 1 & 2.

Evangeline Anderson’s parents were ministers. If Evangeline Anderson could trace her career back to one point, it would be the moment she discovered fanfiction.

Hardcover Paperback Kindle. Evangeline Anderson’s parents were ministers. That alone was enough to guarantee that she would have an adventurous childhood, primarily because her parents worked with the Salvation Army. As such, they moved around a lot, availing Evangeline the opportunity to traverse the various states of the Southern United States. Evangeline wasn’t really aware of the concept until 2002, after which she took to not only reading fanfiction but also writing it.

Secret Thirst By Evangeline Anderson Dr. Lauren Wright is a serious research scientist with blonde hair, smoky green eyes and a curvy plus-size figure. Too bad her closest relationship is with her laptop, where she stores all her most forbidden fantasies of erotic submission. Lauren has perfected the formula for NuBlood, an artificial blood substitute that is identical to donor blood. Nicolas Kris works for a vampire organization that needs the formula for NuBlood in order to "come out" to the world at large and prove that vampires are more than the blood-sucking fiends found in horror movies. He swipes Lauren's Mac, thinking that the formula is encrypted inside. What he finds instead is a code worth breaking—the key to Lauren's heart. When they meet, it's hate at first sight. But a sinister group of vamps who don't want to be outed attack Lauren, forcing her and Kris to take refuge at the most notorious bondage/Domination night club in Houston, where the price of admission is fantasy and desire. In order to survive, Lauren will have to act out her own erotic scenarios with Kris acting as her Master while he does his best to quench her Secret Thirst.
  • Coiron
One word comes to mind. Dull. So much for putting my trust in majority rule. I am utterly frustated by yet another book that made me lose my interest on page two but I plodded through as a means of punishment inflicted for spending hard earned money on it.

The story is about Dr. Laurren Wright who finds a formula for artificial blood. When this brainy broad is not doing Nobel Prize worth research, she writes erotic fiction on her computer, involving bondage, a masterful male who fulfills her every fantasy and submission.She lacks a relationship so she substitutes by making up stories of her secret, most fervent desires. She is offered a large sum of money to sell this formula but when she refuses her laptop is stolen in the mistaken belief that the secret formula is stored there. Guess who wants the formula and in whose hands the computer has fallen? I won't leave you in suspense; a handsome vampire who does not wish to use innocent people for dinner (no breakfast or lunch for him as he is resting in his coffin then). He is disappointed not to find the formula but intrigued by Lauren's fantasies. Why would a vampire who has been around for a few hundred years be fascinated by such amateurish descriptions that bored me to tears, is beyond me.

Lauren is going home one night when she is attacked by a tainted vampire (not sure what that is) but Nicolas (the good bloodsucker) is there to whisk her off to a sex club appropriately called 'The House of Pain' run by a real mean and vicious vampire ,Simon Travain. The hero has no choice but to take the girl to the nearest 'first aid centre' for vampires. She needs to be treated urgently otherwise her life is at risk. Even when Lauren is unconscious she has dreams of her imaginary lover taking liberties with her body, doing unmentionable acts to her. By the way, half the book describes either Lauren's fantasies or her dreams, which I considered tedious as both were schoolgirl material.

The good side to being stuck in this decadent place is that Lauren has her dreams come to life and no longer needs to resort to fantasizing. The downside is that EVIL resides there that could put our heroes lives in jeopardy. I won't reveal more as I have already failed miserably in my promise to keep this book secret. If you find out about it and insist on reading it, don't forget that you were warned.

It is a harsh review but I have read so many poorly written books without imagination, care or inspiration that I have lost my patience. The characters had the depth of a thimble, being one dimentional and utterly predictable. The sex scenes did not involve the heroes' emotions and failed to even mildly ruffle my senses. This author is off my list as I won't risk another book by her. We invest our time in reading their work and our money in buying their books. How about some respect from those writers that like to think of themselves as authors?
  • Yayrel
Loved this book. Very original vampire tale. Complete with very erotic hot sex. Ms. Anderson has a natural talent and excellent writing skills. The plot is intriquing, the dialogue witty, sometimes sarcastic but always humorous. There is a build up to the love and HEA, no instalove here. Lots of adventure, great world building, especially the vampire hierarchy. This is a page turner you won't want to put down. Evangeline Anderson's books are addicting, so if this was your first be ready to read her other 99!
  • Gajurus
This story started out full of promise, but after about a third of the way through turned boring and tedious. It seems to have been written by a thirteen year old very first novel. There is no character development at all. I am amazed the couple ever got together as each were backing away from each other at the insistence of the other.

Even the sex was boring and undeveloped as if written by a virgin who had no concept of relationships or sex between two people.
  • Coiwield
I am a huge fan of Evangeline Anderson and I really enjoyed this book as well. Evangeline Anderson always manages to surprise me, coming up with great plots, twists and turns that intrigue and fascinate! This is another fine example of this author's writing, provocative, well written, erotic, occasionally dark and suspenseful to the last page. I honestly can't wait for her next work!
  • Thozius
I'm not going to go into plot details the other reviewers have done that. The premise of this book sounded promising and funny but then it went off into realms I wasn't expecting so just didn't do it for me. Lauren has invented a synthetic blood that perfectly mimics the real thing. Kris is a bitter vampire who wants the formula so he can present it to the ruling counsel of vamps to make his case for the great vampire out of the closet day. What follows isn't the story I expected upon purchase but it wasn't totally horrid or anything just took me 4 days to get through it.
  • Marilore
I loved this book :) *LOVE* It was a fun read, good story line and I enjoyed it. I for one LIKE reading a story that doesn't ALWAYS have the same damn generic perfect girl with golden locks to her knees in it *rolls eyes* though this character's insecurities (as many of Evangeline's characters do, unfortunately) seem to be a little out there. It didn't distract from the story though, so no complaints here.
  • Xanna
This was my first book by Evangeline Anderson and I can't wait to get my hands on more. I was captivated from the first chapter to the very last. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a sexy, hot vampire.
I'm a lover of vampire/werewolf romance but I hate it when the books are short on plot and long on sex. This book was sexy, romantic, and I love the heroine. She's smart, accomplished and still falls for the vamp. Give it a go.