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by David Donachie

Download An Ill Wind (The John Pearce Naval Series) eBook
David Donachie
Genre Fiction
Allison and Busby; First UK Edition edition (June 1, 2010)
320 pages
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John Pearce should not have spoken, he knew that even as he said the words: regardless of how he perceived his status, to take issue with a fellow officer and one ranked as a master and commander, much senior to him in years served, was inadvisable at the best of times and this was far from that. Yet he was incapable of allowing roughshod authority to rule his behaviour.

This story is also set in 1793

This story is also set in 1793. The British navy is withdrawing from Toulon as the force led by Napoleon is overcoming the British defenses. Lt. Pearce is caught between the rivalries of two leading admirals and threatened by the machination of the villainous captain Ralph Barclay. There is a sharp divide This is book number seven in the John Pearce series.

Why it had been translated into being called Leghorn by those same mariners was lost in the mists of time; John Pearce asked but received no answer that satisfied his curiosity. d the ancient port was a mass of canals, to rival Venice, running around the fortified walls of the city, the harbour itself dominated by an old red-stone fortress falling into disrepair, with the main defensive bastion long since moved inland, making it less vulnerable to cannon fire from seaborne attackers. Lord Hood had chosen it as the.

Book in the John Pearce Series). John Pearce and his Pelicans are going home to freedom and intent on putting the treacherous Captain Ralph Barclay in the dock

Book in the John Pearce Series). John Pearce and his Pelicans are going home to freedom and intent on putting the treacherous Captain Ralph Barclay in the dock.

Written by David Donachie, Audiobook narrated by Peter Wickham

Written by David Donachie, Audiobook narrated by Peter Wickham. Young firebrand John Pearce, on the run from the authorities, is illegally press-ganged from the Pelican tavern into brutal life aboard HMS Brilliant, a frigate on her way to war. In the first few days, Pearce discovers the Navy is a world in which he can prosper. And he is not alone; he is drawn to a group of men who eventually form an exclusive gun crew, the Pelicans, with Pearce their elected leader. Might not be what you think.

John Pearce and his Pelicans are homeward bound, determined to put the treacherous Captain Ralph Barclay in the dock. But first they must evacuate Toulon where the Republican Army and the threat of the guillotine wreak havoc. Barclay and his wife Emily are sharing the voyage home and Pearce must stay close to both – difficult given his loathing for the captain and his feelings for Emily.

If he was genuinely ill, she could and would show sincere sympathy, but most of his supposed ailments were the product of his imagination. An Awkward Commission. Often these were prompted by things he had read of in avidly consumed medical tomes. Pollock had always been dead set against naval officers marrying, seeing them as ‘lost to the service’ when they tied the knot, worrying on home and family instead of the complex needs of their command. Brazier was on his way to pay court to a beautiful widow he had met and become very attracted to in the West Indies, a quest he hoped would lead to nuptials.

Toulon, 1793. With the Republican Army at the gates, the citizens of Toulon are panicking, trying to flee the retribution of the guillotine. Amongst this confusion John Pearce and the rest of the Allied forces must put the needs of war before their lives: the Arsenal and dockyard must be destroyed, the ships they cannot get away must be set alight to deny them to the enemy. And Pearce is entrusted with dangerous tasks by Admiral Hotham. His orders take on a particularly a challenging form when Pearce is tasted with evacuating the hospital and finds himself sailing in close proximity to Captain Ralph Barclay – the man he intends to have court-martialled – and his wife Emily. Matters between the men come to a head, and Pearce is sucked into a web of intrigue and devious politics.
  • Cogelv
I've read all the books in this series, up to this one, which I abandoned in disgust about half way through. They seem to get worse as I move through them. John Pearce is especially tiresome. Dorkishly I allows himself to be constantly outmaneuvered by his enemies and rivals, and in every book he lets down his friends through incompetence, greed, stupidity or concupiscence.
  • Elastic Skunk
A good read but somewhat repetative.
  • Agagamand
in this series of books we always seem to leave the hero hanginig. we are however getting closer to solving his problems and a happy ever after we hope.
  • Jeyn
The Adrarmal had it in for this 1lt and wanted him out of the way' I ordered this book because I like the author David Donachie. Ordered all of his writing.
  • Yannara
all these books basically revolve around one incident and it still isn't resolved after 9 books just stopped reading in the middle can't recommend it
  • Mpapa
It is readable, gives reasonable historical background, but events are too far fetched and not realistic. Nevertheless I purchased another book of same series.
  • SmEsH
A great series of novels in the tradition of O'Brian, Kent and Forrester A good combination of action, intrigue and adventure for lovers of this genre.
Book itself was a bit overwritten in my opinion
Worth a read if you like navel historical novels
Author does tend to waffle on a bit though