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by Gardner Dozois,Jack Dann

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Gardner Dozois,Jack Dann
Genre Fiction
Ace Books; First Edition edition (1986)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Strong spine with light creasing. Bright clean cover has light shelf and edge wear. A small punch hole on front cover.

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Main article: Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois Ace anthology series Gardner Dozois's Recommended Reading List at the Wayback Machine (archived January 2. .

Main article: Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois Ace anthology series. Formerly known as "Magic Tales Anthology Series" until 1995; most released under the Ace imprint. Profile of Gardner Dozois, Philcon 97 Program Book, copy at Michael Swanwick Online. Gardner Dozois at Asimovs. Gardner Dozois's Recommended Reading List at the Wayback Machine (archived January 25, 2008), SFWA Recommended Reading Lists, no date – "devised to direct younger readers to older stuff".

Mermaids! 340 printed pages. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. Dan Simmons,Leonid Andreyev,Fritz Leiber,Gardner Dozois,Tanith Lee,Harlan Ellison,Joe Haldeman,Chet Williamson,Jack Dann,Steve Rasnic Tem,Scott Baker,Garry Kilworth,Gahan Wilson,Edward Bryant,Harvey Jacobs,Pat Cadig,S. John Gregory Betancourt,Sheila Finch,Jack Dann,Michael . ollings,Ardath Mayhar,John Russell Fearn,Mel Gilden,Rory Barnes.

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Avram Davidson (Contributor). L. Sprague de Camp (Contributor). Voices Wake Us, (1984), shortstory by Lewis Shiner 163, A Touch of Strange, (1958), shortstory by Theodore Sturgeon 177, Something Rich and Strange, (1961), shortstory by Randall Garrett and Avram Davidson 200, The Crest of Thirty-six, (1980), shortstory by Davis Grubb 212, The Shannon Merrow, (1982), shortstory by Cooper McLaughlin 230, Fish Story, (1953), shortstory by Leslie Charteris 242, In the Islands,. (1983), shortstory by Pat Murphy 256, Recommended Reading List (Mermaids!),

His short stories have appeared in major magazines and anthologies including Omni, Asimov's F&SF, Penthouse, and Playboy. His historical fiction novel about Leonardo da Vinci, The Memory Cathedral, won the 1996 Australian Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel and was number one on the Age bestseller list.

ISBN 10: 0441525679 ISBN 13: 9780441525676. Publisher: Ace Books, 1986.

Category:Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois Ace anthologies.

Mermaids! (1986, ISBN 978-0441525676). Category:Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois Ace anthologies. Categories: Science fiction anthology series.

Strong spine with light creasing. Bright clean cover has light shelf and edge wear. A small punch hole on front cover. Text is perfect. Same day shipping first class.
  • Macage
For some reason, I've always been fascinated by mermaids. The first character I created was a mermaid, & right now I'm writing stories about her that I think would make a great animated series. For research, I'm willing to watch or read anything with a mermaid in it, & 9 times out of 10 I get an idea that adds to the mythology of my interpretation of the merpeople. So when I read about an anthology called Mermaids I knew I had to get it. And overall I was not disappointed. I could have done with a couple more stories about good mermaids, or even actual mermaids, but what I got was worthwhile. High points were:

The Prevalence of Mermaids of Mermaids, by Avram Davidson. This is a very fascinating essay about mermaids that is part of a series called Adventures in Unhistory, where Davidson explores history & folk lore. I shall be checking out the other ones as soon as I can find them.

Nothing in the Rules, by L. Sprague De Camp. Easily my favorite story here. This is exactly the sort of story I expected to find when I bought this collection. It's well written, featured a very nice mermaid, and many parts had me laughing out loud.

Driftglass, by Samuel R. Delany. An interesting story about genetically made mermaids and mermen. It also features a hilarious in hindsight moment, as one of them is a female redhead named Ariel!

A Touch of Strange by Theodore Sturgeon. A short but sweet story.

Fish Story, by Leslie Charteris. This was a very interesting & very well-written story. Despite the fact that there were no actual mermaids in it, I would say this was my second favorite story in this collection.

In the Islands, by Pat Murphy. This was interesting, & briefly mentioned my theory about merpeople: that they came from the stars.

Jane Yolen also has 3 very short stories in here which are good, but depressing (Though not as depressing as Hans Christian Andersen's magnum opus of tragedy, the Little Mermaid. That was so depressing I wanted to shoot myself after I read it. Thank God Disney changed the ending. I would have cried my little eyes out, & my sister would have been scarred for life.). The low points were Mrs. Pigafetta Swims Well, `Till Human Voices Wake Us & The Crest of Thirty Six. The ones I didn't mention were all fine, not great but not bad either. Out of 18, there are only 3 I would mind reading again. So overall it was good, and to top it off, it gives a recommended reading list of books & short stories about mermaids. This is definitely recommended if you love mermaids.
  • FRAY
While looking for an out-of-print book, Mermaid's Song, I stumbled across this conglomeration of different types of mermaid short stories. There was quite a variety of content, from an almost newspaper reporterish to the bazaar to the almost science-fiction era. Definately written for adults, I would still recommend this to mature Jr High or High School age people. However, as this is another great classic that the Sci-Fi Bookclub (to the best of my knowledge) has never picked up in re-print, it may be harder to find.