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by Andy Adams

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Andy Adams
Genre Fiction
Indypublish.Com (November 30, 2004)
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Cattle Brands Andy Adams It was a wet, bad year on the Old Western Trail. To mr. and mrs. henry russell wray.

Cattle Brands Andy Adams It was a wet, bad year on the Old Western Trail. From Red River north and all along was herd after herd waterbound by high water in the rivers.

Home Andy Adams Cattle Brands: A Collection of Western Camp-Fire Stories. Produced by Leah Moser and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. Cattle Brands: A Collection of Western Camp-Fire Stories, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13. A Collection of Western Camp-fire Stories.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Cattle Brands is a collection of western camp-fire stories. Adams wrote extensively about cattlemen and the cattle business

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Adams wrote extensively about cattlemen and the cattle business. His stories have an authenticity of detail and style that sets them apart. This 1906 collection contains the following stories.

Andy Adams (May 3, 1859 – September 26, 1935) was an American writer of western fiction. elped with the cattle and horses on the family farm. Andy Adams was born in Indiana. His parents, Andrew and Elizabeth (Elliott) Adams, were pioneers. In the early 1880s he went to Texas, where he stayed for 10 years, spending much of that time driving cattle on the western trail. In 1890 he left the trail to try his hand at business, but the venture failed, so he turned his hand to gold-mining in Colorado and Nevada.

lt;< 1 2 3 4 5 . Andy Adams. The guards changed, the cattle sleeping like babes in a trundle-bed. Finally one by one the boys sought their blankets, while sleep and night wrapped these children of the plains in her arms. Cattle Brands: A Collection of Western Camp-Fire Stories. This is no time to throw off, or refuse to be sociable. Well, now, that bank robbery that you were telling the boys about," said Baugh, as he bit the tip from a fresh cigar, "reminds me of a hold-up that I was in up in the San Juan mining country in Colorado. We had driven into that mining camp a small bunch of beef and had sold them to fine advantage.

The cattle belonging to those who kept open house never got so far away that some one didn't recognize the brand and . I want to tell you that the cattle interests in that city are aroused.

The cattle belonging to those who kept open house never got so far away that some one didn't recognize the brand and turn them back towards their own pasture. It was possible to cast bread upon the waters, even on the range. Why, our secretary showed me the figures from his books; and in the 'Tin Cup' brand alone we shipped out three hundred and twelve beeves short, out of twenty-nine hundred and ninety-six bought two years ago. My employers, Mr. Seigerman, are practical cowmen, and they know that those steers never left the range without help.

It was a wet, bad year on the Old Western Trail.

Cattle Brands is a collection of 14 entertaining short stories depicting not only the life of cowboys in the wild, wild West, but also the harrowing skirmishes with banditos, thrilling shoot-outs, attempt at and the recapture of stolen chattel from fierce desperados, and much, much more exciting.

Books Arts Cattle Brands Andy Adams Adventure Fiction Western Loyalbooks. com Loyal Books Audio Book Audiobooks Free Audio Books EBooks. Cattle Brands by Andy Adams.

  • Walan
The stories themselves are great. Andy Adams was a articulate storyteller, who drew from many years of real-life experience on the trail. This particular edition, however, is just OK. The binding is the turtleback type (i.e., where the dust cover is laminated to the boards and spine). The title and author appear on the front cover, but not on the spine. This would be fine, if I only had a handful of titles to catalog, but when looking through almost 4000 of them, I'm guessing it's going to be difficult to find. So if you purchase this edition, make sure you read it all, before you misplace it.
  • Fordg
Andy Adams was born on a farm in Indiana in the year 1859. Over his lifetime he tried his hand at a number of careers, but the two he is his most famous for are cowboy and writer. His first and most popular book, "Log of a Cowboy", was published in 1903. It remains in print today, and is widely available. This book followed in 1906 and is a lesser known volume comprised of 14 short stories. A list of titles follows:

XIV.THE STORY OF A POKER STEER (my fav story. Told from the point of view of a cow :)

In general, I liked this collection, although I wouldn't recommend it to my literati friends. For one thing the writing is a rough in places, and for another thing, there is just something odd about the structure of some of the stories. "A Winter Round-Up" demonstrates this phenomena well. Set in winter, the author describes a wolf hunt, but there is no main character, and no real point that I could see to the story, except to describe what such a hunt was like.

The other thing that Andy does, which is a little disconcerting, is create two plot lines within a story that don't have a clear link between them. In "Around the Spade Wagon" for example, the story begins with a chance meeting of two friends during a trail drive. As evening arrives, they fall to discussing what they've been doing, as well as what happened to the girls they knew. Then, out of nowhere, talk veers off to focus on an acquaintance who died of consumption. The story ends with a description of this man's last days and the reactions of his devastated wrangler friends. The girls aren't mentioned again; there is no dénouement, nor any overlaying element that ties these two halves together. (Although it is entirely possible that I'm just dense and don't 'get it').

In any case, the end result for many of the stories is that you get more of a view of what life was like on the trail, than you do character development. If that doesn't bother you, and if you are interested in the Old West, you ought to enjoy reading through this book. Three Stars [C+]

Pam T's 'look inside this book' ~

The deputy secretly engaged seven or eight bad men
of the long-haired variety, such as in the early days
usually graced the frontier towns with their presence.
This brand of human cattle were not the disturbing
element on the border line of civilization that writers of
that period depicted, nor the authors of the
bloodcurdling drama portrayed. The average busy
citizen paid little attention to them, considering them
more ornamental than useful.

And from another story:

"We made a fine stream, watering early in the afternoon.
As they grazed out from the creek we fed them through
between two of the boys. The count showed no cattle
short. In fact, the Val Verde boy's count was confirmed.
It was then that our medicine man played his cards
wrong. He still insisted that we were cattle out, thus
queering himself with his men. He was gradually
getting into a lone minority, though he didn't have
sense enough to realize it. He would even fight with
and curse his horses to impress us with his authority.
Very little attention was paid to him after this, and as
grass and water improved right along nothing of
interest happened."
  • asAS
This is not what i thought it would be. I was looking for a book to teach me about reading brands and that sort of thing. This book is a STORY to read,,,, not to learn.