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by Laura Moriarty

Download While I'm Falling (Center Point Platinum Reader's Circle (Large Print)) eBook
Laura Moriarty
Genre Fiction
Center Point Pub; Lrg edition (January 1, 2010)
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While I'm Falling (Hardcover). While I'm Falling (Audio CD). Published 2009 by Recorded Books. Published January 1st 2010 by Center Point. Large Print, Hardcover, 415 pages. Published September 1st 2009 by Hachette Books. Hardcover, 305 pages.

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The Center of Everything. 10. While I'm Falling.

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"While I'm Falling deftly captures the moment a child realizes that growing up means being responsible for your parents' mistakes--and preventing yourself from making the same ones. Laura Moriarty keeps getting better and better." --Jodi Picoult, author of Handle with Care

In While I'm Falling, Laura Moriarty presents a compelling depiction of how one young woman's life changes when her family breaks up for good.

Ever since her parents announced that they're getting divorced, Veronica has been falling. Hard. A junior in college, she has fallen in love. She has fallen behind in her difficult coursework. She hates her job as counselor at the dorm, and she longs for the home that no longer exists. When an attempt to escape the pressure, combined with bad luck, lands her in a terrifying situation, a shaken Veronica calls her mother for help--only to find her former foundation too preoccupied to offer any assistance at all.

But Veronica only gets to feel hurt for so long. Her mother shows up at the dorm with a surprising request--and with the elderly family dog in tow. Boyfriend complications ensue, along with her father's sudden interest in dating. Veronica soon finds herself with a new set of problems, and new questions about love and independence.

Darkly humorous, beautifully written, and filled with crystalline observations about how families fall apart, While I'm Falling takes a deep look at the relationship between a daughter and a mother when one is trying to grow up and the other is trying to stay afloat.

  • Fordregelv
A well-written account of a family in turmoil. Life is a neatly wrapped package for the Butterfield family. A happy marriage with two daughters, one a highly successful lawyer and the younger pre-med. The future looks settled for the couple and their children in their well-ordered world, until the father returns from a business trip and finds a strange man in his bed. His world shattered, he divorces his wife, and the family slowly unravels, the skeins of their lives pooling into a giant puddle of despair. Like a game of dominos, each member of the family's life is knocked out of whack, so that their plans dissolve, leaving them rudderless. This was a great depiction of the death throes of a family, the struggle to come to grips with their imploding world. The road twists, skewing judgement, allowing the accepted rules of behavior to warp. Each one is faced with their derailment, and Moriarty does a fantastic job by giving each character a different voice. Veronica is left to sink, her parents
wrapped up in their own disillusionment and pain, selfishly letting her flounder until common sense resurfaces. Both Veronica and her sister learn to see their parents as real people who's lives have taken a surprising turn. Astonishingly poignant, frighteningly real, this is a story about coping and learning to accept one's limitations by opening their eyes and being honest with themselves.
  • Soustil
Was searching for books by Laine Moriarty & purchased this book thinking it was by Laine and was not until I received it that I realized the author is Laura Moriarty. I was disappointed & was going to return it but decided to read it and I'm so glad I did!! What a great book! Love it so much I searched for more books by Laura Moriarty and ordered 2 more! Can't wait to get them and read them :)
  • Fordg
I discovered this author by chance while searching to see if the 'other Moriarty' might have a new title out. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a new friend I can read when I'm taking a break from my usual mystery and suspense genre. 'While I'm Falling' is a realistic look at the end of a marriage a d the effect it has on each member of a family. It's not depressing, but it is realistic. People make some dumb decisions, some decisions that seem reasonable at the time but set in motion events that have (or almost have) bad consequences. It,s the story of a daughter coming to know her mother as a person, coming to grips with her own needs rather than just fulfilling those of others, and coming to learn that her actions affect other lives for good or bad. I'll definitely be reading more by this author.
  • Ce
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  • Mezilabar
I really struggled with this book, and I'm still trying to figure out why. At its heart, this is a story about growing-up and families. College age daughter, middle-aged parents dealing with a nasty divorce, super successful out-of-state sister. There isn't anything there that sounds too disturbing. But somehow both Veronica and her mother get themselves into so many bad situations, all through their own faults, that I had to keep putting the book down. On the positive side, the author obviously made me care about these characters for me to get so bothered when they kept getting into trouble. At the same time, I felt like it was overdone a bit. Why on earth did they keep making so many bad decisions?? Each bad decision seemed to catapult them into a worse decision. No one seemed to learn from their mistakes.

This book took me MONTHS to read (and I am a fast reader who can read a Harry Potter book in one day/night). It's just that I would get so bothered by the troubles the characters found themselves in that I didn't want to read I'd put the book down. And it just wasn't quite compelling enough for me to come back to until enough time had gone by that I'd think, "Oh, maybe it'll be okay". And then I'd read another chapter and think, "Augh....I don't want to know what happens next".

I would read something else by this author, though, because she was a good writer and I really did get to care about the characters.