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by William T. Stead

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William T. Stead
Genre Fiction
IndyPublish (May 7, 2007)
178 pages
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by. Stead, W. T. (William Thomas), 1849-1912; Stead, Estelle W.

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Stead William T. Most of the events described in this book took place more than a hundred years ago. Compiling them in this volume gives a very trustworthy historical reference for this type of phenomena. id a good job of telling the details of these events. The author not only narrates the events, he also tries to find an explanation for them based on the current theories of the unconscious. This book is highly recommended scientists in the field of psychic phenomena. It has a whole chapter on the thought-body or the double of living people

Real Ghost Stories is a popular book by William T Stead. William T Stead's Real Ghost Stories consists of 19 parts for ease of reading

Real Ghost Stories is a popular book by William T Stead. Read Real Ghost Stories, free online version of the book by William T Stead, on ReadCentral. William T Stead's Real Ghost Stories consists of 19 parts for ease of reading. Choose the part of Real Ghost Stories which you want to read from the table of contents to get started. Table of Contents for Real Ghost Stories by William T Stead. This book contains 57712 words.

Many people will object-some have already objected-to the subject of this book. Popular books in Ghost Stories, Philosophy. It is an offence to some to take a ghost too seriously; with others it is a still greater offence not to take ghosts seriously enough. One set of objections can be paired off against the other; neither objection has very solid foundation. The time has surely come when the fair claim of ghosts to the impartial attention and careful observation of mankind should no longer be ignored. William t. stead. Re arranged and Introduced. Estelle w. New york: george h. doran company. These stories were published by him in two volumes in 1891 92; the first, entitled Real Ghost Stories, created so much interest and brought in so large a number of other stories of genuine experiences that the first volume was soon followed by a second, entitled More Ghost Stories. The contents of the two volumes, slightly curtailed, were, a few years later, brought out as one book; but the three volumes have long been out of print and are practically unknown to the present generation.

William Thomas Stead (1849-1912) was an English journalist. He was born in Darlington, the son of a Congregational minister. He attended Silcoates School in Wakefield, but was early apprenticed in a merchant's office at Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Real Hauntings : America's True Ghost Stories by Hans Holzer (2002 Hardcover).

  • Thetalune
This book isn't so much about what we'd now consider 'ghost stories' than what appears to be a late 1800's psychologist's perspective.
It begins with stories of multiple personality syndrome, continues on with tales of and theories on the "thought body" (what we would now refer to as a doppelganger), describes a multitude of premonitions, and only near the end do we find accounts of actual 'ghosts' (apparitions of the dead or dying).
However, if you are willing to trudge through the rather verbose style of the era, it does offer both interesting ideas and a glimpse back into the very early years of parapsychology.
  • Thundershaper
So scary I haven't slept in weeks... more horrifying than a visit from my mother-in-law
  • Nalmergas
This book written in 1921, documents to some degree actual cases of what might be called "ghost stories". Most are from the 1800's in England and Scotland. They are short accounts from historical records and interviews with persons or acquaintances having direct knowledge of the ghostly encounters. In no sense is this a scary story book for entertainment. It could be of great interest to persons studying psychic phenomena such as out of body reports. Also, it seems in certain high stress situations visual and audible communication can occur over great distances by thought processes. A short section gives reported cases of famous persons in the past such as Lincoln who had warning dreams and visions.
Don't take such stories to lightly since our tax dollars have been used to fund what was once a secret group of our military who used what is sometimes called "remote viewing". It was real and it worked; probably still being used.
  • Maveri
I love ghost stories
  • Invissibale
The book was interesting but not quite what I was looking for. I was more looking for just stories, not an explanation as such. But that is not the authors fault and the book was very well written.
  • Kefrannan
My sister ordered it so idk if it's good
  • Ximathewi
The kindle edition is a re-arranged and introduced by Estelle Stead. In the intro they explain why they are re-issuing some of the wonderful stories of genuine psychic experiences that were collected by their father several years prior. The originals were published in 2 volumes in 1891-92 as Real Ghost Stories and More Ghost Stories.

Collected within this book are stories that have been gathered that discuss psychic phenomenon. It begins with discussing the ghost that dwells in each of us, then on to the thought body or the double, the vision of the out of sight, premonitions and second sight, ghosts of the living on business, and finally ghosts keeping promise. It is taken from the perspective of the times and Stead tries to conquer some thoughts and conjectures that try to oppose this type of phenomenon. This should be read by anyone wishing to either study or explore this field. Stead did a great job at collecting and even recounting them for everyone else to enjoy.
I thought this would be actual ghost and stories of haunts, but it seemed more like a try and convince.