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by James Reasoner

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James Reasoner
Genre Fiction
HarperPaberbacks (August 1, 1994)
295 pages
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James Reasoner (Author), L. J. Washburn (Author).

James Reasoner (Author), L. Book 2 of 6 in the Wind River Series.

The Wind River western fiction series, written as James Reasoner: Wind River (1994). Thunder Wagon (1994).

James Reasoner (5 June 1953) is an American writer. Reasoner wrote six books in the 1990s as prequels to Noel Gerson's popular twenty-four book Wagons West series. The books were part of two trilogies, The Frontier Trilogy and The Empire Trilogy. The Wind River western fiction series, written as James Reasoner: Wind River (1994).

THUNDER WAGON James Reasoner and . Washburn This is a work of fiction. For information address The Book Place. Box 931, Azle, TX 76020-0931, bookplch. First printing HarperPaperbacks: August 1994. Second printing The Book Place: August 2011.

7 primary works, 7 total works. First book in the Wind River series.

March 2019 : USA Paperback.

Marshal Cole Tyler and his deputy, Billy Casebolt, must track down some cattle rustlers to keep peace in Wind River, Wyoming Territory, before the culprits can light the fuse that will set off a bloody massacre.

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Wind River Synopses: In Wind River by James Reasoner & . Washburn, former scout/buffalo hunter Cole Tyler arrives in a primitive outpost in the wild Wyoming Territory, he finds himself taking the extremely unpopular job of town marshal. Thunder Wagon is the second novel in the Wind River series from James Reasoner and . When the railroad crew hits Wind River, the town changes immediately.

James Reasoner & L J Washburn. newSpecify the genre of the book on their own. James Reasoner & L J Washburn. Thunder Wagon by James Reasoner & L J Washburn. Author: James Reasoner & L J Washburn. Title: - Thunder Wagon. No user reports were added yet. Be the first! Send report: This is a good book.

Marshal Cole Tyler and his deputy, Billy Casebolt, must track down some cattle rustlers to keep peace in Wind River, Wyoming Territory, before the culprits can light the fuse that will set off a bloody massacre
  • Rainpick
Marshal Coly Tyler & Deputy Billy Casebolt are up to their eyeballs in problems in this second in the series. Matter of fact, it would seem that the trouble has arrived in buckets...much too much for it to be pure coincidence. Someone is stirring up the town & with the arrival of a Chinese family the railroad workers immediately go on strike assuming that the Chinese are coming in to take their jobs. Then add to the mix the Ben Jessup family near the Kermit Sawyer ranch are brutally murdered & then a couple of his ranch hands are murdered & scalped, leads everyone to suspect the peaceful Shoshone living nearby.
Marshal Tyler has his hands full in this one & getting to the bottom of it will not be an easy chore.
Truly a great second book to this series that entices the reader to want more & thankfully...there is more.
I will add that this is a cleanly written story that will satisfy the hunger of any western fan. Billy Casebolt reminds me of Festus in the "Gunsmoke" series.
  • Oveley
I have really enjoyed reading this series. I'm now on the 4th book of the Wind River series, and I intend to keep up with the series. It's been a long time since I read a western series, but this is about as good as it gets. Great characters, believable action, good stories. Just a fun series to read. A tough new marshal in a new frontier town that springs up along the railroad line as it progresses West through Wyoming. A sidekick deputy, a beautiful woman who has to make her own way in the rough frontier, a good English doctor, several other interesting town charachers, and all kinds of drifter bad guys. All just good characters. I grew up listening to Gunsmoke on the radio, and then watching the long running hit on TV. This reminds me so much of that series. I would highly recommend that readers read the first book -- simply called Wind River -- first because all the characters are introduced really well in that book. From there each book builds a little more on those characters. But, they become a little more independent so you wouldn't have to read them in order -- although it is better in order. I guess if I had any criticism, it would be that some of the dialogue becomes a little "old fashioned," and sometimes tries too hard to sound like it is from the "Wild West." But, that's only a minor annoyance, and doesn't happen that often. If you like Westerns, or are just tired of the blow-em-up thrillers and gory serial killers of today, this is a great series to bring you back to the beginning of this country when men were men, and the West was just beginning.
  • Agarus
I downloaded this one only because it was on the inexpensive Kindle books list, and I have been exploring authors unknown to me who are on that list. I am a big fan of westerns, and the description of the story attracted me.

Well, I was rewarded with a very superb read. My test for any book is can I put it down? This one passed that test with flying colors. The characters were well drawn, each chapter had a some crisis or event in it that is resolved and also moves the story along toward conclusion, and there were no loose ends when the book concluded. I just plain enjoyed it from start to finish.

The story revolves around a town on the transcontinental railroad and some of the people who are building it. Fans of TV's "Hell On Wheels" will have no trouble envisioning the background to this story.

The bonus is that there are a number of books in the series. I already have the second downloaded and will be reading them all.

For the record, I don't know and never heard of the authors. I never review anything I do not truly like. I am hoping in my "reviews" to spotlight those things I think are good in the hope that this effort helps others find what they like. I tend to follow my mother's admonition of keeping my mouth shut if I don't have something good or nice to say.
  • Xlisiahal
The Wind River series are a line up of very good books. The story develops over the entire series, however, each book is stand alone. You will enjoy the characters and the story line. You get to know the characters and when one book is finished you start looking for the next in the series. The final book drug a little and the author finished the series at the right time. However the entire Wind River series were good reads.
  • Kare
A story of greed and retribution befalls the town of Wind River, WY. In the post Civil War days. The Marshall and his deputy help resolve the situation but not without first going through tradagdy that requires determination to solve the mysteries of the town. The ending is filled with the old west style of excitement ... Enjoy your read!
  • Shazel
I really enjoyed finding out more of what goes on in Wind River and Cole Tyler. Still wish the language wasn't in it, thankfully was less and not so awful. Someday people will see that a good book as well as movies don't need sex and swear words.

I like the plot and the growth of the town and its people.
  • Tehn
This is the third in this series of works by this author and it is also the third book of his that I have read. His writing style is such that it keeps you wanting to hurry to see what the next page is going to bring. I generally do not get the "can't put it down" feeling but this author nearly gets me there.
A most interesting and enjoyable read from beginning to end. A suspenseful story that will keep you turning the pages. I highly recommend this book to all of you western fans. So "Giddy Up."