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by Daniele Serra,Patrick Lussier,Tom Piccirilli

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Daniele Serra,Patrick Lussier,Tom Piccirilli
Genre Fiction
Tasmaniac Publications (2010)
124 pages
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The Last Deep Breath book

The Last Deep Breath book. With The Last Deep Breath I was expecting a quick little book that I would sit down afterwards and say that was pretty good then move on to the next book. It ended up being a lot deeper than that and I should have known better being a Tom Piccirilli book.

Yeah, Grey admitted. It got Monty sort of dancing around his office, on display in the big fish bowl. You going to shoot some porn actress? That it? You that kind of crazy?

Yeah, Grey admitted. You going to shoot some porn actress? That it? You that kind of crazy? See her.

A hint of dust trapped in the crows’ feet and deep frown lines. Thirty years of unanswered pleas and unresolved daddy issues. They closed out the bar together and hung back while the last of the locals staggered away. A gutted rag doll forgotten in the corner. The bartender moved off and started wiping down the tables and turning over chairs. Perfume the scent of jasmine.

The Last Deep Breath. A hint of dust trapped in the crows’ feet and deep frown lines. 1. She turned over in bed, ran her fingers through the wet thatch of his chest hair, and said, I want you to kill my husband.

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The story follows Grey, a drifter on the search for his foster sister, who showed up for the first time in ten years with a knife in her side, then vanished without a trace. Grey winds up in Los Angeles dealing with manipulative actresses and scummy agents, hoping to find some clue as to what happened to her after she dropped out of a porn career he didn't know about. 26 Lettered hard covers Leather-bound, slip cased, and signed by Pic, Patrick & Dani.
  • VizoRRR
You know that old cliché about not being able to put a book down, staying up `til the wee hours of the morning to finish it? I always have trouble believing people when they say that, but, well, that's what happened. This is a monster of a good book.
The story: Grey, a drifter deeply troubled by an unsavory past, stumbles across his long-lost foster sister Ellie, slumped across his doorstep with a knife in her side. He manages to save her life, but before he can learn what happened to her, she disappears again--leading Grey to Los Angeles in search of her. His journey takes him up against sleazy Hollywood agents, porn stars, pimps and drug dealers, in a whirlwind of noir conventions turned on their ears.
The pace of The Last Deep Breath is lightning-fast, and stays centered furiously on Grey, an intriguingly damaged protagonist. But what I really love about this book is how Piccirilli pulls out all these ideas we have about noir fiction, shows us the undersides of them, and then deftly displays new ways they can be used.
A good example is the opening bit:
She turned over in bed, ran her fingers through the wet thatch of his chest hair, and said, "I want you to kill my husband." Grey wasn't surprised. It seemed like every third woman he ran into wanted her husband dead. No divorce. No let's get him into AA or rehab. No he's the father of my children, sweet baby Jesus he deserves a second chance. No smack him in the teeth and leave him bleeding in the gutter.
Right away, Piccirilli takes a concept as old as Cain (James M., that is) and lets us know that, no, he's not gonna go that route because it's too easy.
And he does that sort of thing all through the book--giving us a glimpse at the old way of doing it before tossing it aside and doing it the Piccirilli way.
The Last Deep Breath is an immensely satisfying noir. Be sure to take a few deep breaths before you read it, because you'll be holding your breath the whole time.
  • Taur
This book has nothing to do with "The last kind word" , "the last whisper in the dark" or Greyhound Rand. What did it have to do with? I'm not sure.

The protagonist has the same love of old movies,vintage cars and the same mission for revenge as the characters in other Piccirilli books. Maybe the author was practicing for the later books and just threw this novella in to see if we were paying attention.

Anyway, not a bad story and short enough not to bore your socks off. This is a good choice if you need to fill an hour until something better comes along. Probably worth the ninety nine cents I spent on my kindle down-load

You can use Amazon's "look inside" feature to read an excerpt from the book but be careful you don't run out of book before you get through with the excerpt.
  • Saimath
A good editor could have made the difference here. The characters were interesting, but the plot wandered. I have read several of Tom Piccirrill's shorter novelas & enjoyed them....hence my assessment that either he needs guidance from an editor if he wants to sustain the energy needed for a full length novel.
  • Kazigrel
Think it would have been ok as a stand alone novel. As a sequel to the last whisper it was a disappointment. Not a bad story but it never seemed to take off after reading last whisper
  • Nakora
I was really enjoying the book when it abruptly ended. I found that very frustrating. The loose ends were left hanging.
  • Rolorel
As are all of Picirili's novels or shorts.

The characters this Author carries on in his head ( and heart, I imagine ) are all deeply flawed, deeply sad, and deeply human, all of them having someting we can relate to.

This book is another example of Picirilli's deeply mooving universe, of the sadness, crazyness and greyness surrounding everybody ( us all ), perfectly exploring the ambivalence of feelings that are so common, so human.

And, again, as always, the whole packed in fast speed action, in an unputdownable package.
  • Purebinder
This is a good story, but what sets this apart is the incredible characterization. These people are fascinating to read about.
So-so. Character development not that great.