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by Jodi Compton

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Jodi Compton
Genre Fiction
Hodder & Stoughton; New Ed edition (February 2005)
352 pages
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Jodi Compton The 37th Hour The first book in the Sarah Pribek series, 2003acknowledgments This book is a work of fiction, with the usual amount of narrative license taken. Although real government agencies are named within, nothing here is meant to represent the actual workings of those agencies or their employees. Having said that, there are several people who helped me understand the world in which Sarah Pribek works, and they dese. Читать онлайн The 37th Hour. The first book in the Sarah Pribek series, 2003. This book is a work of fiction, with the usual amount of narrative license taken.

Jodi Compton The 37th Hour The first book in the Sarah Pribek series, 2003 acknowledgments This book is a work of fiction, with the usual amount of narrative license taken. Having said that, there are several people who helped me understand the world in which Sarah Pribek works, and they deserve mentioning.

Author: Jodi Compton. Here debut novelist Compton introduces an extraordinary character: Detective Sarah Pribek, a woman of strength, complexity, and instinct, a woman caught in an unimaginable nightmar. he 37th Hour.

Jodi Compton The 37th Hour.

I tended to stay up late. As long as we’d lived together we’d pulled at each other like tides. I got up earlier because of him; he stayed up later because of me. I’d called Genevieve, and also spoken to her sister, Deborah. It was arranged: a quick overnight trip on Saturday, time enough to assess Genevieve’s state of mind and, hopefully, raise her spirits

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37th Hour Audiobook by Jodi Compton. Опубликовано: 13 нояб. Shiloh is supposed to be in Virginia, starting his training with the FBI. A seasoned missing-persons investigator, Sarah is used to anxious calls from wives and parents. She's used to innocent explanations that resolve so many of her cases.

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I start, read a chapter or two, roll my eyes, skip to the end, and discover, whoa, I was right, I know exactly who did the crime, and how, and why. It takes a real story to keep me reading. In this book, I was maybe three chapters in, at most, when I knew the plot line. So I skipped to the end. And said, hmmm.

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Sarah Pribek is a police officer in the Missing Persons department. She, of all people, knows that the first 36 hours in a missing persons case are the most crucial. When she learns that her husband Shiloh has failed to show up for FBI training in Quantico, Sarah commences a Missing Persons search for her own husband. But already it's the 37th hour. The search takes her to his family where she hears of a sister she never knew he had, to New Mexico, where (coincidentally?) she grew up, and finally back to her ex police partner, Genevieve, where all the threads of this brilliantly told novel come together.
  • Fesho
I really liked the beginning of the book and the characters especially Shiloh and Sarah. I thought that there was a lot of potential for the characters and future stories lines. But then the author fell apart in the last third of the book. (Sigh) it was really very disappointing. The other reviews mentioned " true mystery, tension weaving writing and a thriller" of a book. I was disappointed at the quick resolves that came out of no where and then thrown in was some disgusting unnecessary twists that cheapened the characters that the author created. The values that made them good police detectives in the beginning of the 37th hour, is not found at the end thus makes it hard for a interesting followup book in the future. To be honest there was very little detective work was done in this novel. Eh, maybe it wasn't intended to be a mystery or detective story...the author needs to read about Elvis Cole and Joe Pike; Lucas Davenport to see what good mystery and detective writing is about.
The ending was so sad and poorly put together that I am not sure I care enough about the characters to read another story, thinking I might get cheated out of a good story and be depressed about spending so much money on a hardbound book.
  • Malodred
As described
  • Juce
I am particularly pleased about the ending. The job of a police officer is very dangerous and the motive for becoming a police officer is in f some cases a religious background because becauseit is through the religious teaching at a young age that the police officer has developed the strong s ense of justice. However unfortunately when the police officer is confronted with the bad element in society the police officer may go beyond the limits of justice. because the bad element in society sometimes manipulates the law and when crime novelists are given access to files by Police Departments in order to develop plots the crime novelist is faced with the problem of not repeating a factual account in which police officers may be recognised as of having broken the law.So. Compton ends her novel in a way in which the reputation of police officers is maintained even though they have broken the law.
  • Malarad
There are things I like about this novel, such as the premise of a detective becoming in some sense a victim, but it definitely reads like a first book to me. There are stretches with too much exposition for my taste, such as the long description of Shiloh--I think a lot of this would have been better digested in smaller bites. I agree with another reviewer, that I'll be interested to see what Ms. Compton's third or fourth effort is like.

One thing kept bugging me: why don't these people have cell phones???? It seems from other references to be set well into cell phone era (other characters have them!) and I really can't imagine police officers without them. The cops I've known were early adopters, partly because of the problem these characters face: working long and erratic hours and needing to let your loved ones know the deal. Sure, it might have made the disappearance harder to plot, but really, it seemed so weird, I couldn't get past it!

To the reviewer who complained about use of "the cities"....well, the people of Minneapolis-St. Paul really do use that term all the time....
  • Jogas
I read a lot of mysteries and thrillers, and I really enjoyed THE 37TH HOUR. This novel, and its sequel SYMPATHY BETWEEN HUMANS, received mostly positive reviews but have largely been overlooked by the public. This is unfortunate, because Compton is a genuinely good writer. I found this book to be highly absorbing and the characters very interesting. If you enjoy character-based novels, this is a fine choice.

I suppose the problem with this novel is the main character, detective Sara Pribek. This character is complex and flawed, and I suspect many readers will have problems relating to her thoughts and behaviors. I know that some readers find her annoying, but I ultimately found her quite human and sympathetic. This is also a novel filled with flashbacks, which I normally find problematic, but I thought this book employed them in a highly effective manner.

A lot of this book deals with marriage and why couple come together, and how little a husband and wife can actually know about each other. In the end, this novel is about the Detective investigating her husband's past, and learning a few things about herself along the way. I thought the plotline was unique and very well done.

THE 37th HOUR does not have a conventional ending, but many of the loose plot threads of this book are resolved in the sequel, SYMPATHY BETWEEN HUMANS, which I thought was equally good (you must read these novels in order to enjoy them correctly).

It seems like there won't be any further books in this series, which is a shame. I hope Compton continues writing crime fiction; I would like to see some of her future work. If given the chance, I think she could be just as good as some of the best crime writers out there.