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by Susan Trott

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Susan Trott
Genre Fiction
Riverhead Books (April 1, 1996)
192 pages
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The Man on the Mountaintop’ is an audible original written by Susan Trott and adapted by Libby Spurrier.

The Man on the Mountaintop’ is an audible original written by Susan Trott and adapted by Libby Spurrier. A delightful and engaging tale about people on a quest for holiness. Joe, a quiet and humble monk lives atop a mountain in a hermitage. The journey itself becomes a pilgrimage; often they find answers before they ever meet Joe.

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Susan Trott is the author of a dozen novels, including The Holy Man, Divorcing Daddy .

Susan Trott is the author of a dozen novels, including The Holy Man, Divorcing Daddy, and Crane Spreads Wings. In the brief time we spend with these characters, their tales become more familiar, and we recognize their questions, hardships, and needs as our own. The Holy Man dispenses a fresh brand of wisdom. With wit and modern insight, it compels readers to look inward, to turn to themselves, for enlightenment.

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The Holy Man is a delightful pilgrim's tale set in the modern world.

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San Francsico Chronicle "Reminiscent of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. product description page.

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In a witty parable about pilgrims seeking answers from a holy man, each chapter tells another personal tale of human problems and shows that gurus' cures never really cure anyone, they simply reveal the good things that are hidden from view.

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They came from far and wide to see the Holy Man, to find new direction in their lives. They walked away freed from everyday anxiety and forever changed by simple words of wisdom so powerful, yet so universal, that their stories are an inspiration to us all. The Holy Man, an acclaimed national bestseller and beautiful piece of inspirational fiction, is a warm and witty collection of modern fables reflecting on the human search for happiness.
This inspirational book, with short chapters that tell a story and teach a lesson, pulls in the reader from the start. We meet the holy man who offers advice in a manner like a minister, a Rabbi, a priest, or any spiritual leader you know without focusing on any particular religion. Though some resources categorize the book as religion - Christian, it's not. In fact, the only thing it does is quote Jesus and Eastern thought on several occasions. The generic quotes apply to everyone, not just to those who believe in a specific religion.

The book absorbs the reader. You can read it quickly or take it slow by indulging in a couple of stories at a time. Each chapter tells a tale and teaches a lesson. However, in the big scheme of things, there's progression from start to finish as a couple of characters appear throughout. For instance, if you read the last chapter first, it might not make sense or have as much meaning without having read an earlier chapter introducing several of the characters we see at the end. Once you've read through the book, you can go back and read a story of your choice.

Joe, the holy man, has flaws like any human being. No matter how wise or spiritual a person becomes, human nature dictates our imperfections. Joe's mistakes makes him more endearing. The reader discovers the problems faced correspond to those we have encountered in our lives such as envy, egotism, grief, and anger. The stories drive the reader to smile, frown, be surprised, grimace, and laugh.

You don't have to think hard or read between the line to get the message from each story. Just sit back, read, enjoy, and learn. Occasionally, you might run into prose that has little meaning, but read on and the message will come through. While the story compares to Chaucer's tales, it contains a trickle of modernization. Trott's writing style tells the story in a simple and easy to read manner, yet somehow the profound lessons come through effortlessly.
  • Arashigore
I read this book years ago and got it again for my 30 year old....who loved it.
This is a deceptively simple story about an ordinary "Joe" who got wise and shared his wisdom, simply, directly, lovingly with whoever came to ask it. And it is about the only person who asked, "What can I do for you?" There are two sequels, but if you only ever read this one, you'll always be glad you did.

Whatever religious tradition you practice, you will know this book is grounded in the universal human experience and real love.
  • xander
This is one of my favorite books. A family member gave it to me as a gift when I was going through a rough time. It has a humor to it that brings perspective to daily life and helps you see happiness in all around you. I like to give it as a gift to friends. The short chapters make this book easily consumable.
  • Wenaiand
One of the best books I have read in a long time. You will find yourself getting lost in thought at times, relating to all the characters and the Holy Man. I would recommend this book to everyone because I am sure everyone can find something to relate to in the book at some point.
  • Beydar
This is the amazing first book of a trilogy, the second book being The Holy Man's Journey and the third, The Holy Woman.You recognize yourself or everyone you know on any page. Once you open the front cover it is very difficult to close. The chapters are short, meaningful, funny and charming. The Holy Man's monks stay with him in the summer and then return to their normal lives the rest of the year. People wanting to see the holy man walk up 10 miles of rough trails on the mountain to the hermitage to see him. So now, please run to your nearest computer and order it today!
  • Hanelynai
A friend introduced me to this little book, and I am so glad she did! I have already given away several copies myself. It's an easy read, but is packed full with wisdom and insight. I have read it multiple times and wouldn't consider being without a copy. Susan Trott's writing style is quirky and engaging. I highly recommend it. And get the hard copy - it will take more wear. You'll be glad you did. Then get the other 2 books in this series. You'll be thinking about them for a long time.
  • Agamaginn
I have given this book as a gift more than 100 times now. I often give it to graduates - both high school and college. As a teacher, I've had the opportunity to read this book to over a thousand students. Of course there have been students who didn't get it or who did get it and simply didn't like the book, but most (possibly over 80%) have enjoyed the story and learned something from it. I have also sent this book to people in some sort of trouble - jail or rehab type situations - and the gift has always been received with great enthusiasm. Personally, the book changed my life, as trite as that sounds. I keep hoping Oprah will discover and share it.
One of the most entertaining and helpful books I've ever read. Almost seems as if God had a hand in the writing.

I've since purchased and given away many copies of this book!