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by Dale Peck

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Dale Peck
Genre Fiction
Farrar Straus & Giroux; 1st edition (May 1, 1998)
458 pages
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Praise for Now It's Time to Say Goodbye. Peck’s third novel promises to break him out of the gay literary ghetto. Goodbye is an endlessly allusive and elusive thriller.

Praise for Now It's Time to Say Goodbye. This dark, ferocious book reads like Twin Peaks and Pulp Fiction combined with Days of Heaven and To Kill a Mockingbird, with some bits of Faulkner, Carson McCullers and Flannery O’Connor thrown in for good measure. has given us a big, galvanic novel, a novel that stands as the capstone, thus far, of his impressive career. There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe this great American novel: erudite and lyrical, Peck’s latest is one of the best books of an outstanding literary year.

Start by marking Now It's Time To Say Goodbye as Want to Read . even they had to admit his fiction is pretty dazzling, if underappreciated.

Start by marking Now It's Time To Say Goodbye as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. lots of gorgeously depicted gay sex and violence in this riveting book. Aug 24, 2007 Paul rated it it was amazing.

An encompassing, visionary, many-threaded work, Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye is an American novel of great .

An encompassing, visionary, many-threaded work, Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye is an American novel of great scope and nearly mythological intensity. This is the third volume of Gospel Harmonies, a series of seven stand-alone books (four have been written) that follow the character of John in various guises as he attempts to navigate the uneasy relationship between the self and the postmodern world. fascinating melodrama of sexual and racial confusion, conflict, and injustice. It is fiercely compelling and profoundly unpleasant.

Автор: Peck Dale Название: Now It& Time to Say Goodbye Издательство: Random House (USA) Классификация . Описание: First children& book by award-wining adult author Dale Peck Brilliantly realised literary fantasy.

2015 Язык: ENG Размер: 210 x 142 x 32 Читательская аудитория: General (us: trade) Рейтинг: Поставляется из: США Описание: When the 500th person they know dies of AIDS, Colin and Justin flee New York City. See all books by Dale Peck. Category: Literary Fiction.

Though it's not a fully successful novel, this fascinating melodrama of sexual and .

Though it's not a fully successful novel, this fascinating melodrama of sexual and racial confusion, conflict, and injustice is both a bold departure from and a logical outgrowth of the brooding studies of gay angst (Martin and John, 1993; The Law of Enclosures, 1996) that established Peck as one of our most interesting younger writers. Peck incorporates his story's grand mal particulars into a surprisingly tightly plotted narrative, weakened but not quite sunk by its penchant for excess (the resolution of that lynching victim's story is both overwrought and opaque).

The setting for Dale Peck's third novel is not one but two small, dying towns: Galatea, settled by the white citizens of Kenosha after a firestorm of biblical. Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover.

to say goodbye So with you I will go On ships over seas That I now know No, they don't exist anymore It's time.

sit alone and dream of the horizon Then I know that you are here with me, with me Building bridges over land and sea Shine a blinding light for you and me To see, for us to be Time to say goodbye Horizons are never far Would I have to find them alone Without true light of my own with you I will I love you. More on Genius

Two gay men abandon New York City for a poor, racially polarized village in Kansas, where a cast of characters--including a gay Black prostitute, a hermitic white artist, and a budding scholar--responds to a girl's kidnapping and rape
  • Felolune
In the twinned towns of Galatia and Galatea, Kansas everything means something else.
This is the key to Dale Peck's astonishing third novel Now It's Time to Say Goodbye. Seven characters speak to us in their own distinct voice while a dozen or so more are revealed by a seemingly omniscient narrator.
It is often hard to understand the meanings and motives at play, but how often do we really understand what we do? This book is about meaning, the power to take control of things through words and the ascribing of motives.
"People don't want the truth, they want explanations," Colin, a novelist, is told late in the book. Keep this in mind as you reach into the book and enjoy its stories, explore its unforgiving setting and learn to care about its richly made and mostly unloveable characters. Let yourself be astonished by what the human mind can do.
  • superstar
Dale Peck is one of the best author I have read in years.
He has a way with words that just pulls you into each character's head and life.
  • Marilore
it's an amazing book
dale peck is an amazing author
i read it again and slower to make it last longer
  • Narim
As I read this book, I was constantly reminded of the brilliant fiction of James Baldwin. James Baldwin, in books such as "Another Country" and "Tell me how long the train's been gone", uses fiction to dissect the dynamics of inter and intra-race relations. Although probably not quite so successful as his predecessor in this arena, Dale Peck brings a number of characters together into a small town in the wastelands of the Midwest where racism and homophobia are more alive than the citizens themselves. In an "Apocolypse Now" manner, the book traverses the real and the surreal to reveal the underlying truths of collective guilt, racism and homophobia. Dale Peck has maintained his style of prose that exposes the heart and soul of the citizens of this town. It the unfolding of the history of Galatia/Galatea (read: Black/White)Kansas, through a modern-times hanging and an abduction, we recognize that each of us has a perpective but none alone holds the truth. Dale Peck stirs the dust on this midwestern town and exposes the collective nature of anti-gay violence and racial tension. When I picked up this book, I was looking for the masterpiece of "Law of Enclosures". What I found instead was an intriguing experiement with narrative (many of the citizens of this town get a voice in the book, in their own words and history), a puzzle no less masterful than "In Cold Blood", and a story whose universal truths flowed through the stories and lives of the Kansans in the story. If you are a Dale Peck fan, or a James Baldwin fan, for that matter, then definitely read this book. If you haven't read any of Mr. Peck's works, then read the other two first.
  • Nalmergas
Colin and Justin flee New York City for the small Kansas town of Galatea (also known as Galatia), where Colin hopes to be able to write again. Soon the two are drawn into the racially-charged, secretive town's web as a young woman disappears. Every denizen of the town, whether from the poor black side of Galatia or the slightly more wealthy white side of Galatea, holds a secret or a sliver of one, and this immense pile of kindling nearly destroys the town. Sowing his novel's field with seeds of Southern literature, social commentary, and intriguing observations, Peck cultivates what he hopes is a lush and vibrant garden, but it doesn't reach fruition by the final pages. Too many story seeds and too many quirky elements (the constant unique names, for one), which all are invigorating at the beginning, soon become monotonous. I felt trapped by the story, held hostage, and while the story compelled me to the end, I didn't feel fulfilled by it. Several passages could have been edited out of the novel, and this might have created a tighter, brisker story. Overall, it's a fascinating mystery set in a small town, but the horizons it reaches for are not reached.
  • Najinn
You know, I almost didn't read this book because of bad reviews. I'm glad I gave Peck the chance. When a book leaves me somewhat frustrated, somewhat pissed at the author; when book leaves me feeling stupid, feeling like I missed something; when a book doesn't fit nicely into the neat little boxes of "novel," "mystery," "horror," "contemporary gay fiction," or other, I feel I've read a good book. Peck takes you on a mystery tour that has somewhat of a predictable ending, but when you turn the last page, you still know you've missed something. How can Peck make me feel he's presenting a mystery to me, provide some closure, and still have me thinking I missed something? Throughout the book I felt I was being given clues, I felt Peck was opening doors here and there, dropping hints all around, begging me--daring me--to put together the puzzle. I thought I was. But I somehow feel I didn't, that I missed it; maybe I'm stupider than most. But I loved it... I felt there was more going on than what I was reading. Peck's ability to command the use of the subtle left me gaping and taking off my hat to him. Great job!
  • Pryl
Dale Peck's Now It's Time to Say Goodbye is a wonderfully written trip through a Kansas prairie town that is sparked off by the arrival of two New Yorkers, Colin Nieman and Justin Time. The story is told from many, many different vantage points as each snippet of a section focuses on a different personality in the town, actually two towns, one black and one white, with many secrets. It is all of these supporting characters that will carry the reader throught the myriad strands of the plot. It is wonderful that the author has been ablet to use his accomplished skill in the short story and transferred it to this epic novel. Like his short stories, much will be left unexplained and that will frustrate many readers but this is not a book about solutions (although there are some) but about crossing boundaries (and there is much of that). It is a wonderful book about America, all of America, the real America.