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by Shaun Hutson

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Shaun Hutson
Genre Fiction
W H Allen 1988; First Ed edition (1988)
320 pages
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Assassin Published by Caffeine Nights Publishing 2013.

Assassin Published by Caffeine Nights Publishing 2013. First published in Great Britain in 1989. by Star Books, a Division of W H Allen & Co Plc. Conditions of sale.

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Shaun Hutson (born 1958) is a British novelist in the horror and crime genres. Under his own name and various pen names, he has written at least thirty novels. A native of Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, England, Hutson now lives and writes in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

Tina had picked up the phone but heard nothing at the other end. She assumed that the caller had realized they'd reached the wrong number and hung up.

Shaun Hutson droom where she continued packing. It was a careful, cautious process but, so far, she'd managed to secrete most of her wardrobe in the attic of the flats. The couple who lived in the apartment opposite her were in Greece for a month's holiday so there were no prying eyes to watch her on her journeys up and down the ladder to the dusty attic, dragging her suitcases.

Assassin is a very compelling book - it's difficult to put down. Some of the descriptions are very gruesome, but typical for a Shaun Hutson book. There are some continuity errors, but they don't detract from the plot. Overall, a good read. Sep 05, 2011 Hollie rated it did not like it. I had never read a Shaun Hutson book before and not sure I will again. This is a very graphic horror story, only read it if you have a strong stomach, there were parts of this story that made me feel physically sick.

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Author: Shaun Hutson. Publisher: Virgin Books. Every book of his I’ve read, I have always found myself putting it down for a few minutes, such is the graphic content, most of which really does turn your stomach. However this style only lasts so long before you get bored of it, unless of course you are a pubescent teenager who thinks all the gore and sex in his novels is still classed as edgy and current. Are his books like the movies? Maybe. But then these movies are straight to DVD titles that you would typically only watch once. If it is an easy read you are after though, then please step right up and look no further.

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  • energy breath
At first I had mixed feelings about the ending; however, once I thought about it I couldn't help but think that it was actually a very appropriate ending. It can't always be, "And they lived happily ever after." This story really kept me at the edge of my seat. There are lots of different groups of bad guys in this one. Two of these groups are trying to kill Psycho Mobster Frank Harrison. One of the groups, comprised of murderous transient types, that go after rich people and set their sights on Frank Harrison. The other group, are a group of mobsters back from the dead who Frank murdered several years back. Frank, thinking its the other mobster gangs that are after him, hires hit man David Mitchell to eliminate all the leaders of all the other gangs. Little does Frank realize that the real threat are the other two groups. I highly recommend this novel.
  • Jeyn
Love this book