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by Aaron Latham

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Aaron Latham
Genre Fiction
Simon & Schuster; First Edition edition (April 5, 2001)
496 pages
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The Code of the West, a 1934 novel by Zane Grey.

The Code of the West, a 1934 novel by Zane Grey. Code of the West (1925 film), a 1925 American Western silent film. Code of the West (1947 film), based on the novel by Zane Grey; previously filmed under the same name in 1925; unrelated movies of the same title were filmed in 1921 and 1929. Code of the West (2012 film), an American 2012 documentary film.

From Aaron Latham - one of the premier voices in western fiction and the author of Urban Cowboy- comes a tale of two me.

Aaron Latham is best known for his novels and screenplays, including Urban Cowboy, Perfect, Code of the West, and The Cowboy with the Tiffany Gun. He has been a regular contributor to such publications as Rolling Stone, Esquire, and The New York Times. He lives in New York with his wife, Lesley Stahl.

Code of the West: A Novel. Code of the West begins when Jimmy Goodnight, a young, earnest cowhand, recovering from having been brutally abducted by Comanches who slaughtered his family, sets his life on a new and surprising course by visiting a county fair.

Code of the West book.

Code of the West, a novel by Aaron Latham. Code of the West, a novel by Aaron Latham.

The novels of D A Latham. Just checked book sales so far this month and the most popular one is The Debt (which is one of my favourites), a book I wrote some time ago. The novels of D A Latham. 16 December at 18:49 ·. Public.

Written by Aaron Latham, Audiobook narrated by Henry Strozier. Kind of a strange book. Weird names for the characters. Not what I would call a good old western. This critically acclaimed novel features a rollicking reading from narrator Henry Strozier who employs a full range of unique voices for the characters.

From Aaron Latham - one of the premier voices in western fiction and the author of Urban Cowboy- comes a. .Code of the West was perfectly written, combining a very authentic western sensibility with the endearing nobility of Camelot. Compulsively readable and heartbreaking

From Aaron Latham - one of the premier voices in western fiction and the author of Urban Cowboy- comes a tale of two men, a dream, an the woman who comes between them: a classic Texas saga of friendship and love, hatred and war, and the never-ending conflict between good and evil in all men's hearts. Compulsively readable and heartbreaking Tiffany Gu. [email protected] Saddle Up for a Good Novel. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 16 years ago.

The author of Urban Cowboy and Perfect returns with an Arthurian love story set in the American Western frontier that follows the adventures of Jimmy Goodnight and his best friend, Jack Loving, who both fall in love with the same woman. 30,000 first printing.
  • Jorad
Perhaps this book leans more to the romance than the west. However, one cannot be faulted if they expect Gene Autry or Roy Rogers to appear. While most ride on horses, the Thurmans do own a car, and the telephone is available on a somewhat limited bases, just like in those movies. But pretty eastern belle Georgianna Stockwell is in for quite a culture change when she ventures out to Arizona to live with big sister and school teacher Mary. Truth is Georgie became a bit much for the parents to handle and off she went. Arriving in Tonto Basin she is idolized by all the cowboys, but she is a little forward for their customs, and gets trapped by the ways of her past, while not knowing how to recognize and accept the love of the most decent man in the Tonto Basin.
  • Super P
I first read this book while in public school many years ago and it is still enjoyable. The characters male/female behaviors and moral codes are clearly tied to the time period reflected in the author's lifetime and would be out-of-context in a contemporary novel, but reflective of a simpler time when society's choices were also less complex. For fans of western novels few writers can equal the romantic content and action of a Zane Grey book!
  • Hra
Well written, with better human interaction depicted than many westerns. Western buff's will find something here and even those who don't normally read westerns will find a bit of recreational reading.
  • Stylish Monkey
Its author dead before WWII began, this is a work that tries to frame feminism within the moral constructs of the day, with mixed results. The book is written simp!y, with jargon and references used commonly at the time, but it's a key piece for those readers keen to see where modern patriarchy had roots in popular culture.
  • Siratius
I have been reading Zane Grey's books since 1959! Never happened to read this one before, but it was as good as ever. The descriptions, while lengthy, are colorful and well-drawn. The people are real: flawed, at times, but definite personalities. Thoroughly enjoyable book.
  • Made-with-Love
This was a good western. Not the gun fighting kind but the western family. I don't care for western as such, but this was a good read. Probably worth more than my four stars.
  • Geny
This is the first book by Zane Grey I have ever read. My husband has read every one except this one . I like the many adjectives he uses to describe a scene, person, thing,or any thing. It almost, puts you in the center of whatever is going on.
I would reccomend this to a high school student.
A great western to read in a couple days.