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by Caleb Carr

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Caleb Carr
Genre Fiction
Topeka Bindery (June 1995)
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Praise for the alienist. Whilst part of what we perceive comes through our senses from the object before us, another part (and it may be the larger part) always comes out of our own mind.

Praise for the alienist. William James, The Principles of Psychology.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, NOW A TNT ORIGINAL SERIES, A first-rate tale of crime and punishment that will keep readers guessing until the final pages.

When The Alienist was first published in 1994, it was a major phenomenon, spending six months on the New York Times bestseller list, receiving critical acclaim, and selling millions of copies. This modern classic continues to be a touchstone of historical suspense fiction for readers everywhere. The city is New York.

Калеб Карр "Алиенист". Когда читаешь "Алиениста", то поневоле вспоминаешь "Меж двух времен" Джека Финнея. Эти романы, как две половинки Большого Яблока, румяное Финнея и червивое Карра. В "Меж двух времен" с искренней любовью демонстрируют чудесные виды респектабельных нью-йоркских кварталов, "Алиенист" погружает нас в смрад и гнусь городских трущоб и притонов. Действие второго романа начинается там, где заканчивается сюжет первого.

Для меня нет ни малейших сомений, что дилогия американского писателя Калеба Карра (. 955) о приключениях доктора Ласло Крайцлера и его друзей в Нью-Йорке конца 1890х годов, написанная в конце 1990х-начале 2000х - лучшие исторические детективы, прево. 955) о приключениях доктора Ласло Крайцлера и его друзей в Нью-Йорке конца 1890х годов, написанная в конце 1990х-начале 2000х - лучшие исторические детективы, превосходящие даже творения однофамильца.

Caleb Carr is an American novelist and military historian  . The Alienist (Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, #1).

Book "The Alienist", from Caleb Carr. A great novel that any crime book's lover should read! Identifier.

Caleb Carr did an outstanding job bringing Gilded Age New York to life. I love when Historical Fiction mixes fictional characters with real people. The Alienist features cameos from Theodore Roosevelt and . I mention this because I feel that his background in non-fiction shows through in the writing style - including the descriptions of the city and places in the city itself which I felt were more textbook than evocative.

We know how some books you just go through, not properly read and some you just end up regret having started at all (we all know which ones, don't we?) Carr's magnificent thriller was an e. .One of the best thrillers I've read in a very long time. This book had everything a perfect crime story should have: a good plot, a mix of good, bad and irritating characters, brilliant writing style. The flow of the story was smooth. I liked how Carr has presented the protagonist. He is imperfect, not unrealistically intelligent and impulsive.

  • Jockahougu
I bought the ebook version to re-read before the release of the new TNT series - I had loved the book when I 1st read it in the 90s, and wanted a quick refresher course. That proved to be a great decision, the book is even better than I had remembered.
What always impressed me wt this book was the seamless merging of historical fact with pure fiction. I, like the author Caleb Carr, have been a fan of Theodore Roosevelt's and to find him walking throughout the pages of this book has been wonderful. I loved the of 1896 New York, almost a living, breathing character in its own right, especially wt so many references to known landmarks.
The characters are well-drawn, the plot moves along well. The end surprised me... again, but for different reasons this time.
I recommend this book to all who love a good crime story and appreciate history. I can only hope that the series will do it justice, although my reaction to Sara's character.....hmmmmm.
  • Vathennece
The Alienist refers to Dr. Lazlo Kreisler. An alienist the nineteenth century referred to experts who studied varying mental pathologies. A killer is loose in the dark, fetid and dank streets of New York City. The year is 1896. Kreisler puts together a team to help track down a serial killer whose specialty the gruesome murder of young boys who spend their miserable lives as male prostitutes. The team includes Harvard educated New York Times reporter John Schuyler Moore. Moore is joined with Sara Howard a weapon wielding feminist who aspires to be a female police officer in the male dominated corrupt police department of the city. Young Theodore Roosevelt is the crusading police commissioner who is out to stamp out crime and corruption in the big city.
Carr is good at including historical details in this intricate work. We learn all about the Metropolitan Opera, Natural Museum of Natural History, the various bridges and boroughs of the teeming city of immigrants are drawn with pastel colors illuminating the gilded age of gas and gory murder. It was during this era that Jack the Ripper in London and other serial killers first became known to the public.
The lengthy work is well written and suspenseful. Those looking for explicit sex scenes should look elsewhere; this is a sober work whose chief focus is on the solving of the horrendous crimes. There are many surprises and exciting moments on our ride to justice. The book has been turned into a new miniseries on TNT network which will draw new fans to the honey of this outstanding work. I first read the book in 1994 when it appeared to acclaim by critics and public alike. I enjoyed rereading the novel gaining new insights and appreciation of all the research Carr lent to this fine work. It is destined to become a classic in the historical crime genre. Recommended.
  • Qusserel
While this was required reading for composition at my college, it was a fun book to read. This is not a book for the faint of heart or those who do not tolerate violence against children or sexual deviance, even in the non-fiction realm. It has graphic aspects. Carr gives a wonderful account of late 19th century New York City and thrills with interesting commentary about the city at that time, and develops a solid story with a friendship woven into a tense investigation. I am looking forward to reading this book again!
  • Bloodray
Good, but gruesome, read. Fairly fast, intricate plot, believable. NOTE; children put through gruesome situations. But the writer kept me wanting to return to resolve the questions posed. Will now watch the TV show of the same and see how closely it follows.
  • Jugore
I read the 1994 novel “The Alienist” by Caleb Carr when it was first published and enjoyed it quite a lot. Seeing a recent announcement that TNT is releasing a miniseries based on the book provided the stimulus for me to revisit Carr’s thriller.

An ‘alienist’ is an antiquated term for a psychiatrist which at the turn of the last century was a profession not held in high esteem. The setting is New York City and a string of grisly murders of young male prostitutes has the cities new Police Commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt, desperate for a solution. An old Harvard chum, ‘alienist’ Dr. Laszlo Kreisler is enlisted in the hunt as a pioneering profiler. Kreisler is aided by another Harvard classmate, crime reporter John Schuyler More, police secretary Sara Howard, and a pair of sibling detectives the Isaacsons, street urchin Stevie Taggart and Cyrus who is Kreisler’s driver.

Carr does a good job of painting a picture of old New York and captures the period nicely. He keeps the pages turning as our team begins to unravel the identity of the depraved serial killer. The suspense builds right to the end and an exciting confrontation between Kreisler and Moore with the killer. The plot develops methodically and for some readers perhaps too slowly. Development of secondary characters is a bit lacking. I felt we didn’t really get to know Sara, Stevie, and the brothers with as much depth as there could have been.

All told “The Alienist” holds up well some 23 years later and I enjoyed reading it again, enough to order the sequel “Angel of Darkness” for my Kindle. What’s surprising is that Carr quit the series after two books, you get the feeling that these characters could have gone on with more stories to tell. Here’s hoping the miniseries is as good.

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