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by Deborah Hale

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Deborah Hale
Genre Fiction
Harlequin Mills & Boon (March 7, 2003)
296 pages
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My Lord Protector book. There was very little romance and absolutely no spice to this book. The main characters spent all but the last five pages of the story talking themselves out of their feelings for each other. It got old real fast!

My Lord Protector book. It got old real fast!

Deborah Hale My Lord Protector. We think Deborah Hale is one of the best new writers in the field. Her debut book, My Lord Protector, is a sigh-inducing older man, younger woman romance set in Georgian England.

Deborah Hale My Lord Protector. Here, Julianna Ramsey is forced by her elder stepbrother to marry while her betrothed, Crispin, is away at sea. Unknown to Julianna, the stern, wealthy man who offers for her is her tiancé’s uncle-he’ll protect her until his nephew returns. Loyal to the memory of Crispin, Julianna and Edmund must fight the forbidden love that bums between them.

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Deborah Hale spent a decade tracing her Canadian family to their origins in Georgian-era Britain. At the urging of a friend, Deborah completed her first historical romance novel and went on to publish over fifteen more. In the process, she learned a great deal about that period and uncovered enough fascinating true stories to fuel her romance plots for years to come.

romance writer Hale nicely blends the two. genres in an upbeat, feel-good story. The Old Book Barn Gazette. Beauty and the Baron. Deborah Hale delights with midnight ball, stargazing. and a wonderful cast of characters. Romantic Times BOOKclub. A Gentleman of Substance

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My Lord Protector Deborah Hale. After a decade of tracing her ancestors to their roots in Georgian-era Britain, Golden Heart winner Deborah Hale turned to historical romance writing as a way to blend her love of the past with her desire to spin a good love story. Deborah lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, between the historic British garrison town of Halifax and the romantic Annapolis Valley of Longfellow’s Evangeline.

A Gentleman of Substance In the process of tracing her Canadian family to their origins in eighteenth-century Britain, Deborah Hale learned a great deal about the period and uncovered plenty of true-life inspiration for her historical romance novels! Deborah lives with her very own hero and their four fast-growing children in Nova Scotia-a province steeped in history and romance!

  • Goltikree
Edmund's only intention in marrying Julianna is to save her from her evil stepbrother after her father's unexpected death. He is well aware that she is promised to his nephew Crispin, who is away on a long sea voyage. Besides, he is twenty years her senior, in poor health, and a confirmed bachelor. The idea is to keep the marriage unconsummated and have it annulled upon Crispin's return.
But after Julianna is instrumental in saving his life through her vigilant nursing during a life-threatening illness, he begins to have feelings that are NOT strictly avuncular. But how can he betray his beloved nephew by stealing his fiancée?
Julianna regrets her attraction to her husband because of her pledge to marry Crispin and because she knows her husband does not return her feelings. But there are times when she senses the sexual attraction between them. . . or is she imagining it? Even so, where does Crispin fit into all of this?
Will the two of them be able to overcome their mutual guilt to admit their feelings and fulfill their love?
The difference in their ages is 20 years, no more than Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester. This age difference was not uncommon in 18th century marriages. Frankly, I think vulnerable older heroes can be a welcome change from the younger ones, who have a tendency to flit from one woman to another in the blink of an eye. I'd like to see more older, mature heroes like this because, well, as exciting as it is to imagine being in love with a real Corinthian man-about-town, it's a bit harder to imagine him settling down with just one woman for the rest of his life.
In any case, the attraction fairly sizzles between these two conscience-stricken lovers, and I couldn't put the book down. This is an author who knows how to keep the reader's attention riveted.
What a nice breath of fresh air!!! I could not put this book down. Finally I came accross a story that is romantic and not silly, and not padded with sex scenes. It focused on Edmund and Julianna slowly discovering each other, and that was a treat. Not to say that it wasn't sexy. The sexual tension kept building steadily on, but it had a reason for being and not just thrown in! The book was also full of well developed secondary characters that added to the storyline. You will enjoy this one.
  • showtime
This was a wonderful book to read on a weekend. It was refreshing to read about two souls in love with other, but fearing their partner did not reciprocate. Julianna needs a savior (Edmond)to take her from her cruel stepbrother, Jerome. But her fiance, Crispin, is away on a sea voyage (and what I saw of him later, he should have stayed away). Crispin's older uncle saves Julianna by marrying her, keeping her chaste, to wait Crispin's return. Not surprisingly the couple fall in love but they don't share their thoughts and most of the rest of the book involves their thoughts of love and what the other would do if their partner knew their true feelings. This was not a long book, but to me it was just the right length for an overnight read. Any longer and it would have become tedious and I would have run out of patient with the couple not realizing their love for each other. It was a breath of fresh air.
  • Gralsa
A wonderful emotional journey, exploring the softer depths of human experience. Genuine, meaningful, intelligent and stylish piece of writing. I LOVED the beautiful use of Shakespearean quotes. Carries you smoothly to the very end, with no lapses into the fantastic misadventures most tales employ to stretch the plot.
  • Yggfyn
I was intrigued to read a book about an "older" gentleman who marries his nephew's betrothed to save her from a horrible fate at the hands of her stepbrother. He is just keeping her with him until her fiancé returns and then have the marriage annulled. As they live in the same house the sexual tension between Edmund and Julianna is incredible. By denying themselves release, each character learns to love and care about each other for other reasons!

I've read this book several times and each time I see more about Edmund and Julianna that I like. All the supporting people in the book are well fleshed out, making everything so believable. The descriptions of the countryside made me want to run through the morning dew in my bare feet!

It all adds up to a delightful afternoon of reading!
  • furious ox
I should have been doing housework, I should have been doing homework... instead I spent the entire day reading this wonderful book. Why only four stars? I was so caught up in the emotional roller coaster that was the hero/heroine's relationship that I wanted "more" than a harlequin is wont to give, although that is not a failure of the harlequin, but the success of the author in creating two captivating characters.
  • Steel balls
A stunning debut book! I look forward to many more keeper shelf stories from Deborah Hale.