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by Catherine MacCoun

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Catherine MacCoun
Genre Fiction
Trumpeter; 1st Pbk. Ed edition (May 16, 2006)
337 pages
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Catherine MacCoun is a great communicator and she knows her stuff from the inside too. Blows a bright and refreshing breeze through the musty halls of hermetic and magical symbolism, and lays it all on the line. -Gareth Knight author of Magic and the Western Mind. home ghostwriting coaching manuscript rescue memoirs articles resources about contact.

According to Catherine MacCoun, alchemy is no mere metaphor. Her novel, Beyond the Abbey Gates, was originally published as The Age of Miracles, in 1990, and reissued as a Trumpeter book in 2006. Transforming the inner world is, for the alchemist, a way to transform the outer world. Through studying the principles of alchemy, we can achieve extraordinary effects from ordinary actions by understanding how the world really works. She has won numerous grants and awards for her writing, including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in prose.

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Beyond the Abbey Gates: A Novel. In relating the story of Ingrid Fairfax, consigned to a convent at age four and now, at 18, apparently endowed with the power to heal-giving rise to a reputation as a living saint-MacCoun adds the traditional trappings of sexy romance.

Her novel, Beyond the Abbey Gates, was originally published as The Age of Miracles, in 1990, and reissued as a Trumpeter book in 2006

Her novel, Beyond the Abbey Gates, was originally published as The Age of Miracles, in 1990, and reissued as a Trumpeter book in 2006.

Beyond the Abbey Gates was previously published in hardcover under the title The Age of Miracles. Shambhala, Trumpeter. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H). 6 x . 8 x . 2 Inches.

When Ingrid, a young nun serving in the infirmary at Greyleigh Abbey, discovers by accident that she can work miracles of healing, the world acclaims her as a saint. Ingrid is not so sure. Her secret doubts intensify when Jack, a rowdy, womanizing troubadour, as famous for sin as Ingrid is for sanctity comes under her care. The conflict he awakens between body and soul catapults Ingrid into a world of unimagined pleasures and perils beyond the abbey gates. Beyond the Abbey Gates was previously published in hardcover under the title The Age of Miracles.
  • Beazezius
Because there is no information about this book on Amazon I bought it solely based on the cover artwork. It looked historic, probably romantic, and I had wanted to read the authors other work for some time, so this one, with free super saver shipping, popped into my shopping cart.

This is a re-print of the authors other novel, which is called "The age of miracles." The story is about a failed Saint, a nun named Ingrid who is thought to have healing powers in the 1300's. She doesn't really believe it, and when a troubadour named Jack breaks his leg just outside the abbey, she is tempted, not only physically with Jack, but to his way of life in which she does not owe anyone, and does not have to save all sick people.

Ingrid is a classical case of someone with obsessive compulsive disorder (overly devoted to religion, self harming images, compulsive thoughts of pain) in the first hundred pages, but once she leaves the abbey that all changes. In fact, the change in her character is too complete to be believable. She is almost too perfect. People do terrible things to her and all she wonders is what hurt them so badly that they would do it. Jack, on the other hand, has a real distinctive personality, so it balances out.

I'm not sure I ever read a book written the way this one is. I don't know what to call it except very reflective and psychological. There is a lot in this book about the nature of God, and sin and heaven, healing and of course, saints. This book also explores the different kinds of peace a person can feel, and how to truly live a life.

I had kind of a hard time paying attention to this book, even during the really important parts. It is written so oddly, so differently from anything I've ever read that I can only give it three stars. I think I would recommend it though, if you want to read something that would really make you think.
  • Mr Freeman
We read 'Beyond the Abby Gates' for our book club choice. It was agreed the book was well written with a good story line. The ending could have used a little pizzazz, but that may have been because we did not want it to end. Good choice for an easy read.
  • Renthadral
Reviewed by Sondra Fowler for Reader Views (1/07)

Sister Ingrid, left by her father with the nuns of Greyleigh Abbey at the age of six, grew up cloistered away from the world. She was a quiet child, ardent student and lonely. She found acceptance with Sister Pipp and a solace in the healing the sister taught her. It was said Ingrid would be a saint, healing with the power of God but Ingrid found doubt and a crisis of faith in an injured troubadour name Jack. He woke feelings in Ingrid she had never experienced. He challenged everything she had ever known. He was the catalyst to Ingrid's future.

Ingrid is forced on a journey of self-exploration. She shapes new identities, grows in ways she would never have imagined. She could go down in history as a saint, healing injuries and illness with the power of God in her hands. She run away with Jack and start a new life, make life with a husband and a family or she could just run away. Where will Ingrid choose to end her journey?

The world around her is also on a journey -- religion, aristocracy, weakness of the human spirit and frailty of the human body. The church breeds corruption and allows absurdities in the name of God; a good man is challenged by demons of his own making. Ingrid is drawn into this world, the world she was guarded from for so long.

Ingrid's imprint is simply put in this excerpt from the prologue:

"This is the story of a failed saint. Church history records the miracles she performed in 1345, then lapses into silence..."

The story in "Beyond the Abbey Gates," is well written, the characters have dimension and history. You will cheer for Ingrid one moment and be disgusted by her choices the next. The world in which she struggles is vivid. You can see the towns, walk on the dirt roads and feel the rain as it falls on your skin. It is a story well worth reading, I say story here and not book because a story is inviting, enchanting and captivating while a book is merely something you open.

Received book free of charge.
  • Zeus Wooden
I read this book a couple of years ago (when it was titled "Age of Miracles") and I liked it. I thought the plot was interesting and fresh. Considering some of the plots I've read in historical fiction, that alone would make it worthy. I was happy to see it re-released!