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by Garrison Allen

Download Movie Cat (A "Big Mike" Mystery) eBook
Garrison Allen
History & Criticism
Kensington (May 1, 1999)
298 pages
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Series: Big Mike Mysteries (Book 6). Mass Market Paperback: 298 pages. Publisher: Kensington (June 1, 2001). Love the cat mystery genre, and love this series. When trying to collect a series, one has to look for good deals. This was a great deal, and everything was exactly as promised.

Series: Big Mike Mysteries (Book 6).

Dinosaur Cat (A "Big Mike" Mystery). Movie Cat: A Big Mike Mystery (Big Mike Mysteries). I love the Big Mike Mysteries. Unfortunately the author is no longer with us, so the ones already written are all there are. I still need a couple. Royal Cat: A 'Big Mike' Mystery (Big Mike Mysteries).

Dinosaur Cat is number 5 in Garrison Allen's 'Big Mike' mystery series and like all the books features Mycroft and his human Penelope, mystery book store owner in Empty Creek, AZ. The story revolves around some dinosaur bones and a body found in the desert around Empty Creek. After an mysterious explosion destroys all the evidence before Penelope and Big Mike can reach the crime scene and the media decends on Empty Creek Penelope and Mikey must do their best to find the likley suspects and the list is long. The choice ranges from and influx of foreigners from Russia's most.

The sleepy Arizona town of Empty Creek becomes the backlot for a shocking. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Movie Cat (A Big Mike Mystery, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

A Big Mike Mystery Series. 6 primary works, 6 total works. Penelope Warren, an ex-Marine mystery bookstore owner, and Mycroft (Big Mike), a 25-pound Abyssinian, in Empty Creek, Arizona: Book 1. Desert Cat. by Garrison Allen. Mystery bookstore owner Penelope Warren and her . ore. Shelve Movie Cat. Want to Read.

Home Garrison Allen Movie Cat (A "Big Mike" Mystery). In the latest episode (after Dinosaur Cat) of Allens series featuring Penelope and her fat cat, Mycroft (aka Big Mike), Empty Creek is invaded by a B-movie film crew. Movie Cat (A "Big Mike" Mystery). Masterly and his company are in town to shoot a low-budget western starring Penelope, her sister, Stormy, and most of the towns women as saloon floozies.

The complete series list for - A 'Big Mike' Mystery Garrison Allen. Garrison Allen Series List. A "Big Mike" Mystery. Series List:6 titles. Genre: All Amateur Sleuth Women Sleuths Suspense.

When C. D. Masterly--the director of a big budget western that could put the town of Empty Creek, Arizona, on the map--is murdered, it is up to ex-Marine, bookstore owner, and sometimes sleuth Penelope Warren and her cat "Big Mike" to discover who wanted Masterly written out of the script.
  • SlingFire
All of Garrison Allen's "Big Mike" mysteries/comedies are some of the best and most entertaining reading I've encountered in some time. What's interesting about 'Movie Cat' and all of the Allen mysteries are that the murder and whodunit are secondary to the witty and crazy characters populating the books. Penelope and all of her cohorts are funny and of course Big Mike is the primo cat in detective fiction. The food fights, the things he does to Tweedledum and Tweedledee are priceless feline encounters. So, where is the latest Garrison Allen installment? I noticed only two reviews for this book---how sad! Come on mystery readers, have a little, no a LOT of fun. Grab up all the Big Mike mysteries and have yourself one heck of a good time!
  • Laizel
  • Kalrajas
Love this series
  • Clonanau
Hollywood hotshots descend on the town of Empty Creek, Arizona to film a Western and the townsfolk - many of whom are extras - are excited. But soon after filming begins the very unpopular director, C.D. Masterly, is murdered in a most bizarre fashion. Penelope Warren, former marine and current owner of a bookstore - and her cat Big Mike - help the sheriff's department investigate. This is the only book I've read in the series and I'll admit I expected Big Mike to be more involved in the investigation, sort of like the cat Mrs. Murphy in another mystery series. That said, Big Mike is entertaining as he inadvertently uses the computer and inserts himself into the movie. After Masterly's death a new director is hired and while the movie is being filmed the investigators and Penelope question lots of people, formulate several theories, and run into a lot of dead ends. Meanwhile there must be something in the air in Empty Creek because there are scads of romantic relationships with plenty of fun (not graphic) hijinks. This makes up a good portion of the book. Eventually the mystery is solved in a (to me) surprise twist. There were a lot of characters in the story - including Masterly's many girlfriends, the movie cast, the film crew, writers, townsfolk, investigators, etc. - and I had some trouble remembering who was who. All in all I'd recommend the book as an entertaining light mystery.
  • Nuadora
It must be something in the water in Empty Creek Arizona where Penelope Warren makes her home and solves murder mysteries. This volume concocts a fantastic tale in which Hollywood comes to Empty Creek to make a western. Of course the western has to star Penelope's sister Stormy. And, of course, the story starts with a murder -- of the hated director. The denizens of Empty Creek are all there -- most of them hired to act as extras in the movie.

Empty Creek is a great place. All the guys are laid back do-nothings or plain stupid. All the girls are smart, good-looking, and sexy as anything. The hormones rage in town where every night the male population is reduced to wimpering by the female portions. In one memorable passage, one of the Hollywood interlopers refers to the locals as virgins since this is their first film. Withouth pausing for a beat, the local chamber of commerce president, the president of the local bank (whose nude portrait adorns the local bar), several business owners, and others (all females) tell the Hollywoodian that that's terrible and try to decide on who should fix the outsider's problem!

There is also a food fight, a wet t-shirt contest featuring the local lovelies, and a poolside mass seduction scene. Oh, did I mention that some of the actress wannabees run through the desert dressed only in their high heel shoes?

The book is divided into two parts. 15% of the story is about the murder mystery while 85% is about the rioutous activities of the local populace. The writing style is light and breezy with much humor in the rendition. Unfortunately, the named hero (Big Mike) does not do much. Oh, there are several passages that refer to him or his past exploits, but aside from helping avoid some last-second murders, he plays almost no part in what is going on.

The story is fantastic - of course, but it is possible to follow it and try to resolve it in your head before the author hands you everything on a spoon. That is, if you can keep your attention on the mystery rather than the hot gatherings, or laughing your head off!
  • Marilace
I looked this author up on the internet under "cat mysteries." Yeah, there's a cat who is as eccentric as the rest of the inhabitants of Empty Creek, Arizona. But the mystery takes second place to the author's need to create a male juvenile paradise where all the women are gorgeous, well-endowed, and willing to strip off their clothes at the drop of a hat, and all the males, however geeky and unattractive they may be, somehow end up with the gorgeous females. Not to say that there aren't humorous parts. The heroine, Penelope gets all the good lines and takes eccentricity to the outer limits. But I've read all of this Mr. Allen's cat books and this is just a rehash of the previous ones. He wrote six of them, ending in 1999, and there's been none since. Probably just as well.
  • Mall
Garrison Allen's 6th (and hopefully not last) Big Mike book is one of his best. Once again Mikey and Penelope find themselves in the middle of murder and mayhem when very unpopular director C.D. Masterly is found dead, nude and with an angry rattlesnake in the immediate vicinity. All the characters we have come to know in Empty Creek along with some really strange new ones (keep in mind that the people of Empty Creek are NOT the strange ones!) are in this outstanding, funny heartwarming mystery! I promise you, you'll never think of alarm clocks the same way you always have when you see what one does to Mikey! Mikey and Penelope have joined the ranks of Koko and Yum Yum, Midnight Louie and Mrs. Murphy et al in the cat mystery world don't let us lose them. Please let the publishers know that you want more Big Mike mysteries or this one may be the last one!
We had a fire on April 1st...and no this is NOT some April Foo's joke. Love being able to have a book we loved back in our hands again.