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by J. H. F. Bacon,Cary Wilkins,Charles Squire

Download Celtic Myth And Legend Poetry And Romance eBook
J. H. F. Bacon,Cary Wilkins,Charles Squire
History & Criticism
Kessinger Publishing, LLC (July 9, 2006)
484 pages
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1 result for lkins-paperback". Celtic Myth and Legend Poetry and Romance. by Charles Squire, J H F Bacon, et al. 30 March 2014.

With illustrations by .,F. and other artists and with a foreword by Cary Wilkins.

Start by marking Celtic Myth and Legend Poetry and Romance as. .Celtic Myths and Legends by CHARLES SQUIRE (1997).

Start by marking Celtic Myth and Legend Poetry and Romance as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. This book is ok if you're just begining to learn or to study about Celtic myths and if you don't know them yet. But I would recommend other books which are much better books such as the ones written by scholars like Miranda Green's "Celtic Myth" for example, which are also easy reading and far more interesting and accurate.

Celtic myth and legend, poetry & romance (London: Gresham). Bacon, John Henry Frederick, 1868–1914 (Art UK). Photo of J H F Bacon (National Portrait Gallery). Little Dorrit (Gresham, 1912). J H F Bacon (short biography). Profile on Royal Academy of Arts Collections. J. H. Bacon at Library of Congress Authorities, with 3 catalogue records.

A comprehensive study of Celtic mythology, legend, and poetry provides background information on the Celts, Ancient Britons, and Druids, and includes the tales of such noted figures as Cuchulain, Blodeuweek, Branwen, and Fenn. Celtic Myth and Legend by Charles Squire. com User, May 16, 2009. Do you want to know the origins of the ancient Celtic gods and goddesses - the deities of the British race?

Title: Celtic Myth and Legend Poetry and Romance Author: Charles Squire. This is an exact replica of a book published in 1895

Title: Celtic Myth and Legend Poetry and Romance Author: Charles Squire. This is an exact replica of a book published in 1895. The book reprint was manually improved by a team of professionals, as opposed to automatic/OCR processes used by some companies. However, the book may still have imperfections such as missing pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were a part of the original text. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections which can not be improved, and hope you will enjoy reading this book. Book Renaissance ww. en-books.

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The legends of ancient Britain retain a profound allure for readers around the world, assuring a warm reception for this introduction to the colorful pageant of Celtic myth

The legends of ancient Britain retain a profound allure for readers around the world, assuring a warm reception for this introduction to the colorful pageant of Celtic myth. Its wondrous tales range from the oft-told deeds of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to the less-familiar adventures of the mighty Finn and his Fenians, Ulster's Champions of the Red Branch, and other figures from the Gaelic pantheon.

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.
  • Pryl
great book
  • Endieyab
This is an excellently produced reprint of Charles Squire's classic turn-of-the-century volume of Irish myth and legend. It is a trim, quality volume with an emerald green cover embossed in gold. The dust jacket is also beautifully done with reproductions from the full-color plates inside the volume. This is a book that will last. There is also a new introduction by Owen Perkins.
These are myths that predate those of the Greeks, with power and meaning every bit as great. These are the foundation myths of the Celts of old Briton. They are all here: the tales of the Tuatha de Danann and the Fomors, of Cuchulainn, of Chonchobar, of Conn and Cormac, of Finn mac Coul and the Fenians, and of Arthur himself. Indeed, Squire was one of the first scholars to free Arthur and his knights from the clutches of the Normans and their thieving decedents.
The book itself is divided into three parts: 1) an introductory section on the source works, the history of the ancient Britons, and the religion of the same, 2) the Gaelic Gods and their stories, and 3) the British Gods and their stories. There is also section on survivals of ancient Celtic paganism into "modern times" (i.e. the early 20th century.) A bibliography of source works is included, as well as a pronunciation guide, and a full index. There is a four-page section of full-color plates of marvelous heroic paintings.
I've owned and read several newer accounts of these myths (both new-age and scholarly) but this is the one I get down to read by the fire when my soul needs renewal.
  • Nnulam
Do you want to know the origins of the ancient Celtic gods and goddesses - the deities of the British race? If so then this is the book you need.

I adore this old book. It was first published in 1905, according to my old version. I have had my own green-backed copy for decades. It was one of the most influential books on my developing psyche and led me to later write both 'The Torch and the Spear' and 'The New Pagan Handbook'. The information in its lovely old pages (over 400) forms an enormous reference for any genuine seeker who wants to access data about the heathen mythology of the British Isles. This is far removed from the typical, fluffy bunny spell-book tripe that we frequently face in New Age shops, which are comically supposed to be about myth, paganism or the occult. It just oozes sincerity and is a detailed study of the native deities and traditional mindset of our earlier pre-Christian ancestors. I have taken the mythological lessons within Squire's book and decoded them in my own works so that his superb efforts will not be lost. This wonderful work is a great stepping stone for anyone who wishes to shake off the thrall of monotheistic mind control and indoctrination and enter the gates to understanding their Pagan birthright. I was lucky enough to discover this work many years ago - it is a treasure.

As the Founder of the Pagan Anti - Defamation Network (PAN) I would heartily recommend this grand investigation into authentic Pagan folklore and tradition to anyone.
  • Scream_I LOVE YOU
This book is wonderful! Squire presents the myths and tales of the Gaels and Britons in an incrediblt engaging way. If you enjoyed d'Aulieres Greek Myths as a child, you will love Squire's equally entertaining (albeit more advanced) style. The book is seperarated into two main sections, Gaelic (scotland+ireland) and Briton (england+wales) and covers all aspects of their lore including, King Arthur, Gwydion, the Tuatha de Danaan, Bran, Fomors, Sidhe, and countless more. It also presents historical evidence and comparisons in a completely un-boring way, woven right into the fabric of the stories. An EXCELLENT book!
  • Jazu
My boyfriend lent me this book to use for a paper I had to write, and I have to say that it is the best source I have been able to find. The mythology and tales are something one could find in Bullfinch's Mythology, but instead of Greek tales, they explain those of the Celts, which is a very hard task indeed!
Being that there are such a vast amount of Gods in the Gaelic Myths, this book not only narrows them down quite well, but explains their tales with interesting perspectives varying between quotes from other sources, and the author putting things into his own words.
Though dry, the first four chapters are essential to the reader, giving them a background to the ancient Britons, Greeks, and Teutonics, and showing how they compare to the myths of the Celts. It demonstrates how the myths of the Celts are more romantic and less grisly or tragic then the aforementioned.
After beginning with this book, I am looking forward to continuing on with my learning about the Celtic Myths and Legends. I hope that this critique is useful to you in your research!
  • Rayli
I have read many texts regarding Greek/Roman mythology, but until now have not spent any time on mythology of other areas. This book is NOT one to read as an intro to Celtic mythology. Even references to the well-known character of King Arthur sound foreign to those who only know the most famous of the fairy-tale stories.
I found two highly related problems with reading this book. The first is the assumption by the author that you have already had an introduction to a history of the Isles. Second is the difficulty in reading the names of characters. To someone who is not familiar with pronouncing names with multiple consonants and many W's, V's, and Y's in them, it takes away from the enjoyment and educational value of the book.
However, in all fairness, if you do not have these weeknesses (as I do), then you will probably find this book very enlightening. Squire seems to have really researched the topic and speculates that various gods/heros are 'reincarnated' over the ages to fit the ideals of the current society.
  • Paster
One of the most comprehensive studies of Celtic mythology, legend, and poetry ever written. Includes backgrounds of Celts, ancient Britons, and druids, along with entertaining tales of major figures in Celtic lore, such as Cuchulain. Blodeuwedd, Branwen and Fenn.

A beautiful edition. Excellent reference guide and a pleasure to read with Celtic music playing in the background.