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by Carlton Mellick III

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Carlton Mellick III
Humor & Satire
Eraserhead Press (September 22, 2006)
112 pages
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Carlton Mellick III exemplifies the intelligence and wit that lurks between its lurid covers. In a genre where crude titles are an art in themselves, Mellick is a true artist.

Only 8 left in stock (more on the way). Only 11 left in stock (more on the way). Carlton Mellick III exemplifies the intelligence and wit that lurks between its lurid covers.

Carlton Mellick III (born July 2, 1977) is an American author currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He is best known as one of the leading authors in the 'Bizarro' movement in underground literature. Mellick's work has been described as a combination of trashy schlock sci-fi/horror and postmodern literary art. His novels explore surreal versions of earth in contemporary society and imagined futures, commonly focusing on social absurdities and satire.

Teeth and Tongue Landscape book. Carlton Mellick III started writing at the age of ten and completed twelve novels by the age of eighteen. Only one of these early novels, "Electric Jesus Corpse", ever made it to print. He is best known for his first novel Satan Burger and its sequel Punk Land.

Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13: 9780972959889.

Carlton Mellick III has the craziest book titles. and the kinkiest fans!" - CHRISTOPHER MOORE, author of The Stupidest Angel. Carlton Mellick III is one of bizarro fiction's most talented practitioners, a virtuoso of the surreal, science fictional tale. Just as Pop had Andy Warhol and Dada Tristan Tzara, the Bizarro movement has its very own P. T. Barnum-type practitioner.

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Find nearly any book by Carlton Mellick III. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. by Carlton Mellick III, Jeremy Robert Johnson, John Edward Lawson, D. Harlan Wilson, Steve Beard, Vincent W. Sakowski, Bruce Taylor, Kevin L. Donihe,. ISBN 9781933929002 (978-1-933929-00-2) Softcover, Eraserhead Press, 2006. Ugly Heaven, Beautiful Hell. by Jeffrey Thomas, Carlton Mellick III.

Teeth and Tongue Landscape. Hardcover Paperback Kindle. An initial book written by author Carlton Mellick III is entitled ‘The Haunted Vagina’. Carlton Mellick III is a renowned American author of the horror, fantasy, and Bizarro fiction genres. It was released by the Eraserhead publishing company in the year 2006. The book consists of the main characters in the form of Steve, Stacy, Fig, etc.

Carlton Mellick III, the godfather of bizarro fiction, is back with a tribute to the unintentionally terrifying children’s commercials of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Only Petey remembers the Fruit Fun cereal commercials of the 1980s. He remembers how warped and disturbing they were Carlton Mellick III, the godfather of bizarro fiction, is back with a tribute to the unintentionally terrifying children’s commercials of the ‘70s and ‘80s. He remembers how warped and disturbing they were

Carlton Mellick III Books. 58 users · 763 views. Razor Wire Pubic Hair. 5. Teeth and Tongue Landscape.

Carlton Mellick III Books. com · made by Eraserheadpress. avg. score: 6 of 42 (14%). 6. Steel Breakfast Era. 7. The Baby Jesus Butt Plug.

Teeth and Tongue Landscape Mighty Ape. Find this Pin and more on Books I've Read by Kevin Lucia. Horror Fiction Mighty Ape.

In a world made out of meat, a socially-obsessive monophobic man finds himself to be the last human being on the face of the planet. Desperate for social interaction, he explores the landscape of flesh and blood, teeth and tongue, trying to befriend any strange creature or community that he comes across.
  • Fast Lovebird
I can comfortably say this is my favorite book of all time and it was a super dope experience. I love it so much. Thank you for somehow getting me exactly where I needed to be. I didn't know I was as hungry for this as I was, but this book really came to life for me. I actually didn't even like reading to tell you the truth, but after someone read Razor Wire Pubic Hair to me, and I bought this out of curiosity, well, shoot, I love reading. Didn't know it could be like this! Thank you Carlton Mellick III! Did I say that already ? .... .... Nope, nope, that was the first time. Well, this is embarrassing, bye
  • Pumpit
So I guess I'm going to be a downer here, as I gave this book less stars than the other reviewers. It is not for lack of approving this novella...more that it is nowhere near one of my favorites by CM3. I love his work, but for whatever reason, this one just couldn't keep my attention like most of his others.

The lead character lives in a world made of flesh. After returning home and realizing everyone is gone, he sets out to find what he assumes must be the last of humankind, if there are any to find. At the beginning of his journey, he meets and falls in love with a metal woman, who's form of communication comes in a series of "clicks." The odd lovebirds eventually run into a being called Themroc, who is from Themroc where he sends the pair off to. After reaching their destination, otherwise known as Heaven, our protagonist soon discovers that, while he has found other life, it was not exactly what he was searching for. The Night Serpent can help him, but will he like what awaits him?

This book is full of Mellick's usual oddities and outlandish characters. One thing CM3 is good at is having a "moral to the story" without spelling it out to the reader. While this was not one of my favorites, I still like this work and recommend it to any fan of bizarro. You can't go wrong with Mellick.
  • Mpapa
There comes along, once in a while, a book so surreal that it defies rational explanation. Such is "Teeth and Tongue Landscape."
It is Ernst made literal.
Aesop on acid.
This is the unconscious laid bare for all to see.
And, boy, is it highly enjoyable.
It is the simple story of a man who comes home from a fishing trip to find his entire village gone, and he must navigate a panorama of flesh in search of answers.
This book cannot simply be explained, though. I will leave that to other reviewers who are so inclined. Instead, you must, and I do mean must, experience this book. And not just once. Mellick's vision is so distorted that in order to process the modern moral at the center of this tale, it requires multiple readings.
This is Bizarro at its finest.
  • Gom
This is one of my favorite books. Its strange and sexy and hypnotizing. At the end I wept. Note: Im the son of two ministers and I am also kinda raunchy dude. The idea of living on a planet made out of flesh inspires a lot of strange crap in me. For me, this a very spiritually potent novel. Its like a Herman Hesse book only with lots of raunchyness and violence and just downright campy-bugged-out-strangeness.
I've read this book a five times. It doesn't get boring. It has excellent replay value.
Even Mellicks introduction to this book is amazing. He writes an intro to most of his books. Each one is really fun and illuminating. I hope one day he makes a book out of his essays.
  • Lanionge
This book blew me away! This is the first book I read by this author/genre. I'm not much of a reader, but I couldn't put this book down. It kept me hooked from cover to cover. It was so refreshing to read a book with such an original story line. No it's not perfect, and the story could use better descriptions at times. If your looking for something new and a quick read this is it.
  • Bukelv
This is my first time reading a Carlton Mellick book. I have dabbled in some bizzaro reading before, just never his. I was blown away by Mellick's sparse, but richly detailed universe. I found it all to be very clever. His ideas and themes seem so vague at first, but they sneak up on you mid-read and really dig at your brain forcing you to think. I like that. That's usually the hallmark of something good.

Will definitely be buying another one of Mr. Mellick's books soon. 5 Stars.
  • Orll
I have been reading Mellick for awhile now and if you are a fan this book delivers. Made for a great night, and I always get a kick out of my roommates reactions when they see what I'm reading.
Having read many Carlton Mellick novels/novellas prior to this one, I would have to say it's about mid-range for me. Definitely not my favorite, but still a good read.

The novella starts with a man who returns to his village where the world is made of meat, and sees that everyone has vacated the area. Scared of what has become of everyone, he heads out into the meat terrain, hides from demons, until a woman made of metal rescues him. He then falls in love with this woman of metal.

From here, it gets pretty strange (as you might expect from a Mellick piece of work). The two travel until they meet a Themroc, who makes the man a Themroc, takes them to the city of Themroc, populated by a people who all use the name Themroc.

The man wants to leave Themroc after his metal wife is cooked and eaten by him and others, and discovers from the Themroc people that there is one last group of humans alive out in the land of meat, and from here sets forth to find more of his kind.

Definitely one for the Bizarro lovers at heart, but still even strange for an avid reader of his work.