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by Paul F. Distler

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Paul F. Distler
Literary Licensing, LLC (October 15, 2011)
262 pages
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Sep 08, 2014 Skye rated it it was amazing.

Teach the Latin, I Pray . .has been added to your Cart. Distler's book is an amazing tool. This fall I will be changing not only my text books, but my approach. 9 people found this helpful.

Distler, Paul . Teach the Latin, I pray you. (Chicago, Loyola University Press, 1962) (page images at HathiTrust).

Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13:9781258042110.

Home Distler, Paul F. Teach The Latin, I Pray Yo. List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. Distler, Paul F. Published by Loyola University Press, 1962. From Hammonds Antiques & Books (St. Louis, MO, .

Distler, Paul F. An introduction discussing the objectives of secondary school Latin instruction stresses comprehension as a major goal and recommends deferring translation until the third and fourth year of study. A functional presentation of morphology and grammar is also recommended. After a discussion of general norms governing teaching procedures, teaching techniques for morphology, vocabulary, the text, and reading are considered in individual chapters. Also detailed in separate chapters are the uses of tapes, testing, the art of questioning, and Latin composition. Programed instruction.

Distler provides excellent techniques and lists resources, and discusses educational theory. Products were bought by others.

The Horizon Book of Lost Worlds. Teach the Latin, I Pray You by Paul F. Distler (p. 264).

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Book Description Challenging and effective, this classic teacher reference is now back in print. Distler's 'Teach the Latin, I Pray You' offers concrete advice on how best to teach grammar, morphology,vocabulary, reading comprehension, and efficient review.

This book is an exceptional tool for the communication of the necessary skills of Latin. Covering a huge range of teaching techniques, resources, and educational theory, this book provides the material necessary for the development and implementation of highly proficient teaching techniques.

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  • Anararius
Distler's book is an amazing tool. As a teacher of Latin for many years now who has used the Grammar approach it wasn't always easy for me to buy in to what Distler had to say, however, the more I read, the more he convinced me. He lays out the goals, the plans and proceeds to tell the reader how to accomplish it. That's pretty amazing in itself. This fall I will be changing not only my text books, but my approach.
  • Vrion
Very useful book for those who want to learn how to teach latin effectively.
  • Molace
Great ideas for how to teach Latin to any age level. I love the many activities and games recommended in this book.
  • Whitestone
He was a brilliant Latin educator and scholar and we used his own textbooks as he taught Latin at St. Louis University High School in the 70's. He was quite ah imposing presence with his full cassock, horned rim glasses magnifying steely blue yes, and silver haired but still a full head of hair when he had to be nearing 70. I remember him vividly to this day, and eventually majored in Latin at Carleton. He taught by Socratic method and he would call your name and ask a question. I remember answering with a question mark showing some doubt as to my response. He stared at me for a moment, and then said "Well, what else?" as if to chastise me for my doubt. A really brilliant man and a fine Jesuit, his textbooks are timeless.