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by Errol Flynn

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Errol Flynn
Buccaneer Books (October 1, 1976)
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Showdown is a romantic adventure novel written by famous Tasmanian-born actor Errol Flynn (1909–1959).

Showdown is a romantic adventure novel written by famous Tasmanian-born actor Errol Flynn (1909–1959). We’re dedicated to reader privacy so we never track you.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. An adventure novel set in New Guinea using Erol Flynn's own experiences when young. It was first published in 1946 by Invincible Press (Australia) and subsequently in the UK in 1952 and in paperback in 1961. Flynn draws on his experiences working in and around New Guinea when young to provide the background.

There is nothing inadequate about Errol Flynn the writer.

The barbarous South Sea Islands-where a choice of two loves is made. There is nothing inadequate about Errol Flynn the writer. Reluctantly I admit if you are unfamiliar with Errol Flynn the immortal legend, the novel is nothing more than an easy read on a summer's day.

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Errol Flynn-The Beautiful Man, The Actor, The Legend. Showdown (Flynn novel). La Vie privée d'Elisabeth d'Angleterre. Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. Sean Flynn son of Errol Flynn. My Wicked Wicked Ways. The films of Errol Flynn.

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Used availability for Errol Flynn's Showdown. January 1976 : USA Hardback.

  • Mala
Errol Flynn's life was as fascinating off screen as it was on. He was truly a unique persona, with a wide variety of special talents that were often overlooked or underestimated. I believe he was tremendously underrated as an actor and unhappily pegged into the action hero role for most of his acting life. Perhaps this came naturaly to the studio since Flynn seemed to be a true-life action hero. I find it sad that he was not allowed the opportunity to do more comedy, since he was very good at it and had a natural wit that came through on the screen as well as in the books he wrote. You'll find plenty of it in this book. Though one can see some common threads in the characters and some of the stories in this book and the ones in Flynn's autobiography "My Wicked, Wicked Ways," the characters and story lines here are fully, clearly and colorfully developed. Flynn definitely had a distinct talent as a writer. His powers of description are more than enough to make you feel that you are there with these characters and able to take an adventorous trip to places and experiences that most of us, unlike Flynn, will never be able to experience ourselves.

I would highly recommend this book, as well as Flynn's autobiography, for anyone with even a mild interest in Flynn himself, or anyone who just has a taste for a good, exciting, well fleshed-out adventure story.

Jana S.
  • Dianalmeena
Flynn could write with flair. I gave him five stars since he was so busy having so much fun in his life that for him to stop and write is amazing.
Still reading the book since it old and fragile paper back. It so sad, that he didn't slow down and stick to writing instead drinking, drugging and schlepping his life away.
  • Winn
After reading Flynn's other books, I was somewhat disappointed. I've read so much about him, I felt I would learn even more. Lovers of sailing may enjoy his story.
It's a novel I felt followed some of his life but found it hard to stay with. His autobiography, "My Wicked, Wicked Ways" is great reading. I have read it twice and am looking forward to reading it again.
  • Hap
While the title seems made for a trite western film, this book could be nothing farther from that and is instead a happy surprise for the reader. It is very entertaining and well written. The characters are well-developed and nothing short of colorful. They seem to jump from the pages, while the descriptions of the geography and environment, sailing mishaps and local cultures provide a tactile picture for the audience. The author does a fine job conveying the varied emotions of the characters, especially those of Captain O'Thames from childhood through adulthood. There is plenty of action in the book and the plot and subplots move along well. This is a book that the reader will want to read again "in case the reader has missed something," and a second reading is just as much fun. This is a solid follow-up to Beam Ends, the author's first endeavor. It is sad that the author gave up writing extended pieces so early when he clearly has the talent and that talent would have been honed with more serious and dedicated production.
  • Flamekiller
Errol Flynn aquits himself pretty well as a writer. A fun read!
  • Lavivan
Flynn's second effort, SHOWDOWN, comes nearly 10 years and a lot of tough times after BEAM ENDS. While the book could have used a hard-nosed rewrite (there are some heavy-duty themes one wishes he'd developed more), it's still a fun read. Flynn tells the story of Seamus O'Thames, a young boat captain recovering from injuries and illness, haunted by a lost love and talked into taking an interesting mix of people up the New Guinea coast. Overall, it's a romantic tale, but there's a slightly disturbing bitterness throughout as well. Watch for Errol's comments about hero Seamus O'Thames' mother, and how the relationship between Seamus and Cleo develops. There's an obnoxious parrot named "Hedda" (as in "Hopper" the 40s gossip columnist)and a bratty child star. As with his first effort, BEAM ENDS, there's a lot of promise here, although the demons are beginning to close in on him. Had Flynn been slightly more disciplined and temperate, this novel might have succeeded critically. But never mind that now; put the Jimmy Buffet on, grab a cold brew and enjoy. Flynn's a great story teller and this book is worth a sunny afternoon's effort.
  • Forcestalker
The second of Flynn's book's once again set against the absorbing atmosphere of the sea, with its insight into the lives of a group of Hollywood stars set against a New Guinea background