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by Julian Barnes

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Julian Barnes
McGraw-Hill; 1st McGraw-Hill pbk. ed edition (1986)
174 pages
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Praise for Julian Barnes’s. Julian Barnes is one of a handful of innovative English novelists who have succeeded in pulling the English novel out of the provincial rut in which it lay. -Newsday.

Praise for Julian Barnes’s. Before she met me. Few will be able to resist its easy humor and almost insidious readability. Barnes has succeeded in writing one of those books that keeps us up until 2:00 . demonstrates what a fabulous independent voice can accomplish when it keeps kicking away the crutches of contemporary fiction. Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Julian Barnes at the Internet Book List. Graham Hendrick, an historian, has left his wife Barbara for the vivacious Ann, and is more than pleased with his new life

Julian Barnes at the Internet Book List. Interview on BBC HARDtalk Extra programme – broadcast on 22 September 2006. Audio interview from Writing Lab on open2. Graham Hendrick, an historian, has left his wife Barbara for the vivacious Ann, and is more than pleased with his new life. Until, that is, the day he discovers Ann's celluloid past as a mediocre.

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Before She Met Me is a novel by English writer Julian Barnes, first published in 1982 by Jonathan Cape. It is a black comedy which scrutinizes the awakening of sexual jealousy in a dull and otherwise sensible college lecturer

Before She Met Me is a novel by English writer Julian Barnes, first published in 1982 by Jonathan Cape. It is a black comedy which scrutinizes the awakening of sexual jealousy in a dull and otherwise sensible college lecturer. After fifteen years of marriage to a nagging woman who despises everything about him Graham Hendrick files for divorce and marries Ann, a beautiful former actress and seemingly the woman of his dreams. few will be able to resist its easy humour and almost insidious readability".

The action takes place before she met hi. Julian Barnes was born in Leicester, England, on January 19, 1946.

The action takes place before she met him. But lines between film and reality, past and present become terrifyingly blurred in this sad and funny tour de force from the author of Flaubert's Parrot.

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  • Felhann
Nabokov will always be my master of male obsession, however Barnes (thankfully not a pedophile) comes in a close second.

Before She met Me isn't packed with glimmering prose, it doesn't leap to life or screech towards a zestful or resounding conclusion, but nevertheless I enjoyed it immensely. Graham Hendrick, Barnes' protagonist, is a middle aged bespectacled historian whose obsession with his second wife's past relationships starts to erode his pragmatism until he's combing through her foreign coins in order to identify the Peso or Lira she acquired when on holiday with the specific ex-boyfriend.

The infatuation/fixation isn't subtle -- Barnes slops on derangement like Jackson Pollock tossed paint...

Sometimes when he looks at her, he is envious of what she touches. Sometimes he consumes the leftover food (even the "discolored vegetables and sausage gristle") off her plate so he can experience what she might have ingested. Sometimes he wishes he could wear a crumpled wad of toilet paper she accidentally dropped on the floor as a decorative flower in his buttonhole. He's often paranoid, increasingly delusional and wildly jealous. All this would become slightly too Fatal Attraction if Barnes didn't have the good sense to unleash his acerbic and delightfully fiendish wit. Generous helpings of it too. Before She Met Me is loaded with psychological intrigue, crisp, sparkling dialogue and wily Machiavellian contortions. Barnes can write men. I've read The Lemon Table and although I didn't enjoy it as much as Before She Met Me, I did notice the author had an uncanny ability to shove you into the male psyche until you literally felt in need of a shave and a subscription to Maxim. Graham is acutely observed from every angle, his mind plundered and his mannerisms painstakingly scrutinized.

The only qualm I really have is that Barnes's women aren't 100% plausible here. At times they come across as parodies of women. They pout and admonish, they're coquettish and stoic and yet they're also defiant and explosive with what appears to be chronic PMS. This book, however, is not really about the women so their lack of realism didn't detract from my enjoyment.

Before She Met Me combines seemingly indigestible ingredients: 1/4th cup gooey goofball humor, 1 pint gut-wrenching heartache, 2 tablespoons homogenized horror...and yet the end result is surprisingly tasty....almost lip smacking good.
  • Fearlessdweller
This is one of Barnes' "laziest books"! I fear he may not enjoy a "fine late flowering" if this is a taste of things to come! The suspense is still there, admittedly, but I have always felt this author to be at his very best as a short-story writer. Somehow none of the characters sound convincing here; OK so there is a lot of bickering - but then, it was so much more touchingly done by the protagonists in "Interference" (Cross Channel)! As for the hyberbolic wanking, I'm not sure that it was not intended to make us laugh.
The overall effect is that of a caricature - unless that be precisely the aim; man lost in a society of over-consumption of films, cigars, health-gurus and suchlike?
  • LiTTLe_NiGGa_in_THE_СribE

This is a sort of relationship / family drama. The main protagonist, Graham, has this quirky fixation on his wife's past love life. His irrational thoughts cause him a great deal of pain and anxiety. While he is a well-educated, intelligent man, Graham is unable to reason himself out of his condition. His thoughts follow a circular, broken record pattern, rather than a linear one that eventually reaches to a conclusion.

Clearly, this book describes the symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Viewed in that light, the book is fairly accurate and well-written but not particularly funny.

The author has Graham kill his wife and himself at the end of the book - too bad, because a bit of Prozac might have saved them both. Compliments to the author for having thoroughly researched OCD. However, the exploitation of a mental health problem for plot creation is a bit unfair - at least, it could have been made clear that the book protagonist is OCD.
  • wanderpool
Really enjoyed the book. I was not expecting some of the events in the book. I liked the story and the style.
  • Quynaus
This was my sixth Julian Barnes and, of course, a work from earlier in his writing career. As usual, he offers wicked and lurid personal and social observations. However, not quite up to the sharpness and punch of later works like History of the World, Sense of an Ending and, above all, Nothing to be Frightened of. Barnes doesn't really hold my connection to the central character, Graham, to the end of the book. The ending, anyway, is abrupt and somewhat unsatisfying.

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