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by Marion Chesney

Download The Adventuress (G. K. Hall Nightingale Series Edition) eBook
Marion Chesney
G K Hall & Co (July 1, 1989)
246 pages
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Paperback: 238 pages.

Paperback: 238 pages. Publisher: G K Hall & Co (November 1, 1997).

Marion Chesney (Author). Book 1 of 7 in the Royal Ambition Series. Paperback: 199 pages.

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The Adventuress book. 075403027X (ISBN13: 9780754030270). News of Great-Uncle Claudius's marriage sets the Lyle family by the ears.

Bibliographic Details. Title: The Intrigue (G K Hall Nightingale Series. Publisher: G K Hall & Co. Publication Date: 1997.

Ex-library, In fair condition, suitable as a study copy. Please note the Image in this listing is a stock photo and may not match the covers of the actual item,350grams, ISBN:9780783880341. Bibliographic Details.

K. Hall & Co. is an American book publisher based in Boston. The firm initially, in the late 1950s through the 1960s, produced catalogs, in print and microform, of collections of renowned libraries – notably the New York Public Library. In the 1960s, the firm expanded, producing other library references in the sciences, humanities, fine arts, and music.

Published January 1988 by G K Hall & Co. Written in English. Violinists, Fiction, National socialism, Large type books.

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When Emily Goodenough and her father rent a house in Mayfair, Rainbird and the other Clarges Street servants discover that the new tenants are not what they seem
  • nailer
You find out very early in the book that Emily Goodenough and her "uncle" Mr. Goodenough were previously a maid and butler. Mr. Goodenough inherited his employer's entire estate upon his death. With wealth and new, legal identities he and Emily head to London so she can find a husband. They assume she will meet a nice gentleman from the gentry and do not have their sights set on Emily marrying a title. In fact, Mr. Goodenough is concerned that a Lord's attorney would ask too many questions and their past station in life would be discovered, so a titled man should be avoided.

But the first gentleman Emily meets in London is Lord Fleetwood. He is very handsome and she is very beautiful, so you know where this is going. Both characters evolve a lot over the course of the book. Emily vacilates between wanting to be a lady and wanting to go back to her more humble life. She sees Lizzie with a carefree smile, happy to receive the attentions of Luke, the nextdoor footman, and wonders what she's gotten herself into. "Pretending" to be a lady and worrying about being found out is wearisome. I put "pretending" in quotes because her manners and caring for others is not an act. She cares about the Clarges Street servants, she cares about Mr. Goodenough, and even Lord Fleetwood comments to his friend Fitz that he thinks Emily "has a good heart." When Lord Fleetwood's nasty sister pays her a visit, Emily decides to quit being afraid of society:

"Emily took a deep breath. In the space of a few seconds she decided she would never be frightened of any member of society again. She was weary of being frightened. They were just people, some pleasant, and some, like Mrs. Otterley, nasty." Boy, isn't that the truth!

I love the way the relationship between Emily and Fleetwood develops. He appreciates her trust, and she learns to trust him. There is even a bit of intrigue with an evil character returning from a previous book and trying to harm Emily (I won't spoil it by saying who or how). This actually ends up bringing Emily and Fleetood closer with the help of Rainbird and the other servants.

There are also many developments in the characters of the Clarges Street servants, especially with Lizzie. She has changed the most in the previous books as well and she is still trying to figure out who she is and what she truly wants for her life. She suffers a major disappointment and the other servants realize they haven't been treating her very respectfully. What will she end up doing? Overall an enjoyable read and a solid addition to The House for a Season series.
  • Meztisho
Always fun. I think I've read every book Ms. Beaton has written, and each one has had its own charm. Her titles are taking a whole library full space of my Kindle collection. I'm amazed that an author can dream up so many ideas for stories and still maintain their uniqueness . . . all for my entertainment. Thank you, Ms. Beaton for so many enjoyable afternoons.
  • Breder
Love these books MCBeaton is the best.
  • Gavikelv
Marion Chesney's writing is always an enjoyable read! A House for the Season series is my favorite of her romance fiction.
  • Yramede
another great read by Ms. Beaton
  • iSlate
The 5th volume of A House For the Season was another excellent work. Very well written. The staff at number 67 get better and better with each novel. The Hero and heroine in this book were charming. I wish we could have spent a little more time on their courtship. I am very glad the secrets were handled as well as they were. Lesser author's might have been tempted into a clumsy Big Misunderstanding but not Ms Chesney. Perfect execution. I await with eager anticipation for the final volume where the Duke finally takes residence. It should be most exciting.
  • Fordredor
Old England comes to life with M. C. Beaton's story line and descriptions of the fashions of the times. The storylines are always interesting.