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by Timmothy B Mccann

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Timmothy B Mccann
Avon (July 3, 2000)
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It had been over two weeks since the reading of the will, and he had spent his non-working hours on the golf course to keep the demons at bay.

Timmothy B. Mccann ng, and the whys were never far from his thoughts. The third message was from Zelma. He had given her his home phone number to stop the friction in the office surrounding her calls.

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book by Timmothy B. McCann

yet something is missing.

by Timmothy B. McCann.

I don't even want to talk about. by Timmothy B. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. Timmothy B.

McCann (Forever; Until; Always) turns out another succinctly titled . Timothy McCann's Emotions was so beautifully written and it always amazes me how a male author can so accurately capture the female voice.

McCann (Forever; Until; Always) turns out another succinctly titled contemporary romance aimed at African-American audiences, this time focusing on two individuals who find each other while trying to find themselves. In Timmothy B. McCann's fourth book, fittingly titled Emotions, he takes us on a journey to discover what makes us who we are. He introduces us to Joi Weston and her husband Phillip Evans. Joi is a beautiful ex-sitcom star with dreams of being in a feature film. McCann had me from page one.

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"...this man has got me wearing blinders...I don't even want to talk about another man he's so sweet."

She's a lawyer with high ideals and high-profile victories to her credit, the only African-American female in a prestigious southern firm, who's won the respect and admiration of her colleagues. Young, smart, and attractive, with a bright future, a home of her own, loyal friends, and a man devoted to makeing her happy, life seems just about perfect...yet something is missing...

" have someone who could find my smile. I can't think of words to describe how that would feel."

He's a succesful African-American entrepreneur; devastatingly good-looking, personable, yet unable to escape the pain of a past love who is gone but can't be forgotten...


They meet...they smile, forget, remember...and look the magic of a love they have dreamed of all their lives.

  • Legionstatic
That's what it took Yawl for this reviewer to interpret the literary genius of Timmothy B. McCann.
It took the characters of Betty Robinson, Jacqui Jordan, Evander Jones and Andrew Patrick Staley to descend into the bowels of my emotions to raise my level of understanding to recognize the importance of what this author has to say.
Let me try to explain.
I read Until in one sitting, which kept me up well into the midnight hour, and as I slipped into sleep Mr. McCann's characters related their story to me as each one performed their individual tap dance on the essence of my soul.
Listen, as they introduce themselves to you as well:
Our heroine, Betty Robinson, is not only beautiful, educated and caring, but fully proves to us as a people, what we do every day on the stage of life - take the blackness of negativity and ride it until we erupt into our inheritance of light. Betty's light was her becoming a brillant trial attorney and helping others to enter into what she had attained - confidence and self-respect.
Jacqui Jordan, Betty's best friend, proves herself to be just that, time and time again. Jacqui is the epitome of true friendship - she is willing to sacrifice your feelings with her often hurtful bluntness in order to save you from outside hurtful forces. In other words, she doesn't feed into telling you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear in order to keep on keepin on in a positive way. The accumulation of her learning drips like pearls of wisdom throughout this book. I enjoyed her character the most of all.
Evander Jones - Umph, Umph, Umph! He's the type of man who will have you believing water ain't wet, and have us foolish women rejoicing in what we consider newfound knowledge - that is until the icy tenacles of its coldness renders us senseless as it catapults us back into the world of reality; awakening us from the hypocrisy of the beliefs he instills in us! The development of his character is superb. He'll have you double re-thinking any decisions you make in the romance arena of your life.
Then finally, we have Andrew "Drew" Patrick Staley, entrepreneur extraordinaire. He is the kind of man prayers are sent forth for - tall, dark, handsome, intelligent and caring. He defines what we mamas want for our daughters. You see, Drew's beauty radiates from the inside out. His beauty lies not in his physical attributes, as I'm sure Mr. McCann meant us to deduce.
Well Yawl, therein lies the telling of this tale.
This reviewer highly recommends that you get this book, contemplate on it, feast on it and then bring others to the feast by your positive recommendation of the reading of this book. If for no other reason, you should buy this book in order to get a picture of the "hunk" on the cover. I'm 54 and slapping 55 in the behind and he sure stirs something inside me, as did the writing of Mr. Timmothy B. McCann!
My parting thought for Mr. McCann: 1st Corin. 2:9-11. Be Blessed!
  • I_LOVE_228
I am not an avid reader of love stories but I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was not your traditional love story. I could identify with Betty and her relationship with Evander(unfortunately) and I loved the dialogue between Jacqui and Betty which was contained in chapter 8. More importantly, the characters were fully developed and the novel dealt with a wide variety of issues ranging from racism to trust. I would highly recommend this novel and am eagerly awaiting the release of his next novel. Great read.
  • Taulkree
I could not put it down. I have never known a man before who has such great insights into what a woman is feeling. With every page I was drawn more into the characters lives. I laughed and at times cried as I read this wonderful piece of literature. I am waiting with much anticipation for the next book my Mr. McCann.
  • Faulkree
This is my favorite book. Read about 15 years ago and always wanted a copy to keep. Was lucky enough to find this copy.
  • Coirad
This book starts out slow, but don't stop reading. Enjoyable, real, you identify with the characters. Very good read
  • Nicanagy
I was impressed by this debut novel from Timmothy McCann. I especially liked his ability to speak from a female's point of view and to add a different storyline spin via inclusion of on-line romance.
Until is a love story with enough twists and turn to keep you reading in the wee hours of the morning. Relationships and friendship are addressed via the multidimensional characters as well underlying themes/Contemporary issues including single women over 30, middle class African Americans, corporate racism and true love.
Until is a quick, easy read about Betty, Drew, Jackie and Evander. Meet Betty a successful, young, attractive, over 30 and single, AA female in a prestigious, albeit predominantly white, Southern law firm. Meet Evander, Betty's love interest, her knight in shining armor who appears perfect in every way until Betty discovers his past, his secrets and Drew. Meet Drew an industrious entrepreneur; hardworking, honest, sensitive, sensual individual who keeps busy from sunrise to sunset to get over his deceased love, Felicia, UNTIL he meets Betty. Meet Jacqui who is the epitome sista friend-that strong Black Sister-that sista who on the surface is very opinionated, strong willed, strong minded, yet underneath that hard shell is a sensitive, caring individual who's also looking for the man of her dreams but who remains their for you UNTIL the end no matter what. Sounds predictable UNTIL you read the book and find out that there's much more between the pages. Drama that you wouldn't even know existed...especially where Evander is concerned and have you going "the nerve of that character; no he didn't go there"! Touching and poignant moments including Felicia's last words to Drew. The feelings associated with this situation were so real that it brought sadness and anger to the surface.
Until is a romantic, touching, entertaining, intriguing, sensual novel with a hint of suspense. The writing style is clear and expressive; the storyline is engaging and refreshing. UNTIL is Easy To Read and fast paced. I couldn't put the book down UNTIL...I finished.