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by Alison Tyler

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Alison Tyler
Short Stories & Anthologies
Pretty Things Press (October 1, 2002)
192 pages
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Bad Girl by Alison Tyler.

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Alison Tyler's words evoke a world of heady sensuality where fantasies . In another, a Dominant partner approaches a submissive girl and asks her what she's into. The sub says she can only orgasm with her legs spread apart.

Alison Tyler's words evoke a world of heady sensuality where fantasies are fearlessly explored and dreams gloriously realized. If this the best of Bondage Erotica, I'd hate to read the worst of it. The book is packed with a bunch of short stories. A couple of stories where okay but every other story kept leading me to want more. The Dominant sets her mind to changing that while a crowd starts to gather in this public BDSM club.

Authors : Alison Tyler. Product Category : Books. Additional Product Features. Place of Publication. Condition : Very Good. List Price (MSRP) : . 9. About Universal Books Limited.

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Alison's Wonderland book. Over the past fifteen years, Alison Tyler has curated some of the genre's most sizzling collections of erotic fiction, proving herself to be the ultimate naughty librarian. With Alison's Wonderland, she has compiled a treasury of naughty tales based on fable and fairy tale, myth and legend: some ubiquitous, some obscure all of them delightfully dirty.

Alison Tyler is a shy girl with a truly dirty mindas is clearly evidenced by the sexy stories in this "best of" anthology. From hard and rocking to short and sweet, these sizzling stories will take you where you need to go...even if you never knew you needed to go there before.
  • Kulwes
This book was okay. Some stories are better than others. I would highly recommend the His and Hers books by Alison Tyler over this one.
  • Levaq
This is one badly written book. I cannot believe I spent USD20 , and I cannot believe other people gave it 4 stars or above.. Buy it used, or better yet do not waste your time. I barely finished a couple of stories. The book was characterized by Sloppy writing, no imagination and is repetitive and boring. Trust me, I only review something that impressed me deeply be it positive or negative , and this one was the later.
  • Lyrtois
Alison Tyler is one of my favorite erotic editors (along with Violet Blue--I adore Sweet Life and Taboo!--, Tristan Taormino--I love Hot Lesbian Erotica--, Mitzi Szereto--the Erotic Travel Tales book is divine--, and Marilyn Jaye Lewis--LUST!). I've read some of her short stories before, and many of her anthologies filled with other authors' work, but hadn't come across this collection until recently. I'd read a few positive reviews of the book (on [...] as well as on a romance review web site). I definitely have to say that I was impressed. The stories were collected from a decade of Ms. Tyler's work and they are almost all worth reading and re-reading. A gem.
  • Malojurus
Book arrived in great condition. Again Alison Tyler doesn't disappoint. Another condition of deliciously naughty stories best read under the covers.