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by Donna Hill

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Donna Hill
United States
St. Martin's Paperbacks; Reprint edition (June 29, 2010)
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Diva (. : an extremely arrogant or temperamental woman  . I learned every diva step that was necessary for beginner divas. May 31, 2012 Tamika rated it really liked it.

She is a public relations associate for the Queens Borough Public Library system and runs a promotions and management company, ImageNouveau. She is also a writing instructor at the Frederick Douglass Creative Art Center in New York. Donna lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York. Библиографические данные.

Diva (. Delicious Diva Tip When in doubt, just do it anyway.

Divas, Inc. by Donna Hill. Tiffany Lane and Chantal Hollis are bonafide divas-in every sense of the word. They've also been Margaret Drew's best friends since they were children. Diva (.

Praise for Divas, Inc. "After many mishaps, Margaret learns that being a diva is within every woman, and the . "After many mishaps, Margaret learns that being a diva is within every woman, and the real requirement for membership in the club is belief in one's own self-worth. She is a public relations associate for the Queens Borough Public Library system and runs a promotions and management company, ImageNouveau. She is also a writing instructor at the Frederick Douglass Creative Art Center in New York

She is a public relations associate for the Queens Borough Public Library system and runs a promotions and management company, ImageNouveau. Country of Publication. Margaret has always been the plain Jane of the threesome, living vicariously through the exploits of her friends. Thorndike African-American. It's easy to get started - we will give you example code.

Donna Hill is an American author of romance, mystery, and women's fiction. Three of Hill's novels (Intimate Betrayal, Masquerade, A Private Affair) have been adapted for screen. Hill cites the works of Bernice McFadden, Jesmyn Ward, Walter Mosley, James Patterson, Jeffery Deaver, Margaret Johnson Hodge, and Patricia Cornwell's early work as some of her inspirations.

Divas, Inc. [Jun 29, 2010] Hill, Donna ...
  • Kanrad
The book arrived on time in excellent shape. However, the book was so boring and a slow start. I actually donated it to the local thrift store. Sorry.
  • crazy mashine
I got bored after a while. The characters were predictable the grandmother was the best.
I liked the premise of the manuals on how to be a diva but didn't care for the characters.
  • Marilace
I tried reading this book twice and I could not finish it. It just couldn't hold my attention. Need I say more?
  • unmasked
Have you ever felt like the third wheel? Margaret Drew has spent her entire life as just that. Tiffany Lane and Chantel Hollis have been Margaret's "friends" since they were in diapers. In elementary school, Tiffany and Chantel were the girls everyone wanted to be friends with and by high school the two were the girls of every boy's dreams. As women, men loved them and women loved to hate them but no one would question their status as true divas. Margaret has always been relegated to the shadows; she was more of a "plain Jane" that was outshined by her diva friends. As adults, Tiffany and Chantel have dream jobs, fancy cars, even fancier wardrobes and men that would make most women salivate. Margaret has an average job and secretly dreams to become a writer. She sports payless shoes, "sale rack" clothes and a serious inferiority complex. The three women get together for their regular lunch date, and the idea of a European vacation comes up. Margaret immediately begins to mentally scramble, trying to figure out how she could afford such a costly trip, that is until it becomes apparent that Tiffany and Chantel plan to go without her. To make matters worse, they expect Margaret to house and pet sit while they are away.
Initially, Margaret is disappointed. But when she realizes that she will have access to all of Chantel and Tiffany's belongings she soon devises a plan to learn the secrets of becoming a diva. She figures that while her friends are traveling in Europe, she can reinvent herself and no longer be relegated to the shadows. After just a little snooping, Margaret learns of a secret society of divas; complete with handbooks and training videos. It becomes her mission to find and absorb the videos and handbooks because she is convinced that they hold the secrets she needs to complete her transformation. With this, the story begins, and between Margaret's antics and her wry sense of humor and sarcasm, Donna Hill has crafted a tale that is sure to keep you in stitches. Filled with action and more than a few surprises DIVA'S INC. is the perfect summer read. While this is a light read, the author uses Margaret's journey to remind us of the importance of self-love and self-respect. As Margaret secretly creates her new identity, she ultimately learns that some sacrifices are too big to make and along the way learns the true meaning of being a diva.
Reviewed by Stacey Seay
of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
  • Onetarieva
What do you do when your two best friends go on a 6-week European vacation and don't invite you? Instead, they expect for you to take care of their apartments, water their plants and walk the dog. If you are Margaret Drew, you take on the responsibility and do a little snooping. What Margaret finds transforms her from plain Jane to the ultimate diva in Donna Hill's newest novel, Divas, Inc.

From the time they were toddlers, Tiffany Lane and Chantel Hollis were on their way to becoming divas. Margaret Drew was lucky to be their friend, however she benefited very little from this alliance. Tiffany and Chantel wore designer clothes, Margaret shopped at K-marts. They lived in expensive condos in Manhattan and Margaret lived in a one-bedroom walkup apartment in Harlem. They rode around in Tiffany's Jaguar and Margaret caught the bus. So when Tiffany and Chantel decide to go to Europe and leave Margaret home to water the plants and walk the dog, she decides it's time for her to get a taste of the good life. Since they did not invite her to go along, Margaret felt justified in rambling through Tiffany and Chantel's closets. She began dressing in their designer clothes and shoes, wearing their make up and wigs, a new Margaret emerges and she is a diva. The question is can she handle all that comes with the title of diva?

Donna Hill displays her versatility as a writer as she tackles the "Chick Lit" genre. Having read other novels dubbed as "Chick Lit" written by British authors, I feel Divas, Inc. equals if not surpasses the other novels I read in this genre. Filled with quirky secondary characters such as Margaret's grandma, Willie and the dog, Virginia, this novel is a funny and enjoyable read. Are you a Diva? Take the quiz in the back of the book and find out where you rank!


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  • Ranicengi
Maggie, Tiffany, and Chantal have been friends for a long time going back to pre elementary school. While the flirtatious Tiffany and Chantal have been dude magnets able to get males to do their bidding since first grade, Maggie has always been reticent and in awe of the dynamic duo. Tiffany and Chantal remain successful, obtaining fabulous jobs and homes as everyone considers the two women as Divas.
Maggie envies them but loves her pals. When Tiffany and Chantal go on an extended vacation, she agrees to watch their expensive New York apartments. Soon Maggie begins emulating her friends and though still overweight with glasses, hunks take notice of her for the first time. She learns that Tiffany and Chantal belong to the exclusive women only Divas, Inc., club for females who demand the best. However, as she begins obtaining multiple boyfriends and behaving like a Diva, Maggie worries that at midnight Cinderella will only have a mouse to show for her efforts.
This is an amusing contemporary tale that gently winks at some of society's "Ivana" like assumptions. Maggie is a delightful protagonist as she gradually turns from bookworm to diva. Fans will notice that this tale lacks Donna Hill's normal deep drama but readers who enjoy an urban Cinderella like frolic will appreciate the humorous somewhat biting DIVAS, INC.
Harriet Klausner