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by Becky Cochrane

Download A Coventry Wedding (Premier Romance Series) eBook
Becky Cochrane
United States
Center Point Pub; Large Print edition (May 1, 2009)
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A Coventry Wedding book. Praise for Becky Cochrane and A Coventry Christmas.

A Coventry Wedding book. This novel is written with warmth and lots of cute, fun dialogue. And, as always, Cochrane delivers what I always love: fantastic witty dialog, romantic sparks aplenty, and moments of unexpected hilarity that left me crying. Jandy, the heroine, feels like h Ever since I read A Coventry Christmas, I've decided that I want to move to Coventry.

Jandy Taylor's grandfather always teased her about not being able to finish anything. Jandy Taylor's grandfather always teased her about not being able to finish anything.

Coventry, Texas bills itself as the "tiny town with the big heart. So perhaps it's not a shock that a few days before her wedding to soap star Hudson Blake, Jandy postpones the ceremony and hitches a ride to Coventry, Texas, with a stranger named Sam, a dog named Sue, and an overwhelming desire to escape-if only for a few days.

Kensington Publishing Corp. Coventry, Texas bills itself as the "tiny town with the big heart. Пользовательский отзыв - whitreidtan - LibraryThing.

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  • Moswyn
There's only one thing wrong with this book. There are not more than two books by this author about the town of Coventry, Tx. It's charming, the characters are charming, she doesn't rush the conclusion, and it's fun to read. I had been looking for this book ever since I read A Coventry Christmas, which has become one of my favorite books. It fully lived up to my expectations. I hope someday she decides to revisit this town and gets busy and writes a third book! What about when Jennifer goes off to cooking school?
  • Corgustari
Ms. Cochrane's novels are true classics in their genre - and stand out in the genre because they are so adeptly crafted and (if you'll please pardon the pun) bound in reality. Her plot lines are fashioned in a believable manner and in such a way that eye-rolling (which is somewhat typical in the romance genre) does not happen - nor is the reader left feeling that horrific sugary sweetness that some readers experience when they read other books in this genre. You know the feeling. The one that makes you feel that you've just downed one entire box of candy. In one sitting...

A COVENTRY WEDDING (like its predecessor A COVENTRY CHRISTMAS) never makes you feel that way.

Written in a friendly and believable manner (and again including pets!) this storyline will warm your heart and make you believe in the romance that Jandy, ultimately, wins. Ms. Cochrane has a way of weaving quirky personalities into well-crafted story lines which leaves you wanting to read more - until late into the evening, if required.

As a person who has felt "at home" in an area having nothing to do with where I had formerly lived, or was born - this book pulled at my heartstrings. I identified (very closely) with Jandy and her experiences. I could feel her story, as it unfolded, echoing my own experiences and I could feel Ms. Cochrane's words flow into my heart.

Sweet in its appeal, and exceptionally amusing at turns - this is very true-to-form accounting of what happens during the time that people forge a relationship which is unique and unprecedented. Relationships such as Jandy's unconventional union seems to follow no written rules or guidelines.

Ms. Cochrane captures the entire experience of all of the heart-welling emotion found during the entire evolving process of that type of relationship so well.

A COVENTRY WEDDING will make you want to return to the comforting town of Coventry, Texas again and again... to be able to relive her blooming romance, and to witness, once again, when Jandy is finally able to come in to her own being both in life - and in love.

Purchase a copy of this book for yourself and one for a friend.
You'll be glad that you did!
  • Auau
Ever since I read A Coventry Christmas, I've decided that I want to move to Coventry. In Coventry, intelligent people end up in hilarious situations, fall in love, and remind me why romance is awesome. I want to open a bookstore there.

So, when I knew I could go back to Coventry, I couldn't wait. And, as always, Cochrane delivers what I always love: fantastic witty dialog, romantic sparks aplenty, and moments of unexpected hilarity that left me crying. Jandy, the heroine, feels like her wedding to her soap star fiance has been hijacked, and as such, she does what any level-headed young woman might do. She takes off.

Ending up in Coventry, Jandy finds out she's been dubbed a 'Runaway Bride,' the press is after her, and life is getting all the more complicated. But in Coventry, things have a way of turning out romantic, if never quite how you expected.

If you've not visited Coventry before, you're in for a treat. But I warn you, reading in public may expose others to your sudden bursts of laughter, weepy moments, and, ultimately, a really big smile.
  • ChallengeMine
. ...and what a joy it is!

Once again Ms. Cochrane hits it out of the park with a return to everyone's favorite Texas town. Not only are we given a glimpse into the lives of a few of our favorite citizens, we also get a new heroine. While I LOVED A COVENTRY CHRISTMAS, this book spoke to me a more personal level. I didn't get the feel of Jandy, the newest Coventry heroine, and that's okay - because Jandy is just beginning to find herself and learning who she wants to be. As a reader my relationship with Jandy grew as she blossomed.

A COVENTRY CHRISTMAS is more then a romance, it's a journey of self discovery for our heroine. Anyone who's ever felt the pull of being the person someone else wanted them to be will relate and rejoice when Jandy begins to take those first steps in being the person she wants to be.

As always Ms Cochrane infuses Coventry with fun while she manages to pull at your heartstrings while weaving music, art, and lovable mutts into a love story. While untraditional, make no mistake A COVENTRY WEDDING is a love story on every level. Jandy falls in love with the guy, with the town - and best of all - herself.

Hurray for Cochrane - reading this book was like coming home!
  • Joony
Runaway brides, tomato sandwiches, and marauding bands of guinea hens. If that doesnt get your attention, then let me offer this...

Sometimes we all need a place to mentally and emotionally "get away". A happy place or fantasy world where everything is just a little bit better or more interesting than in our own reality. Coventry has become that for me. This little town, with it's colorful and endearing inhabitants, has become a sort of literary comfort food for me. I fell in love with it after reading "A Coventry Christmas", and was grateful for the chance to revisit it with this book.

The second Coventry installment does not disappoint. It is a lovely story with a lot of laughs along the way. I find myself already wishing for a third helping...