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by Toni Morrison

Download Love (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) eBook
Toni Morrison
United States
Turtleback Books (January 4, 2005)
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  • Eseve
I'm in daily appreciation for the themes behind Love, although i’m not too crazy about the actual story. Which shocks me because the more I got to know about the Cosey family, Junior, and “L” I really began to delve into their individual histories as a gateway to understanding how these women could sacrifice their lives in the name of Billy Cosey?

A man who was too proud too marry his “whore” although capable of publicly molesting and marrying a child? And yet the women in his life who navigated both his personal and professional realm, love him no less and defend him to the end. A question that points back to the title of the novel and most poignantly the danger of a women’s love.

Where we find beautiful, intelligent, and multi-faceted women loyal to a dangerous self-serving man? Women who can name the ever-ending and deep evils of a man, but don’t feel comfortable calling him such? Although when speaking of “Celestial” influence of men via her sexuality, or Heed’s WANT to be rid of poverty by any mean’s necessary, they are quickly deemed whores or self serving opportunist, never being given the same hesitation or consideration as their god, Bill Cosey.

That speaks to a moment in the text where Ms. Morrison states, ” now, exhausted, drifting toward a maybe permanent sleep, they don’t speak of the birth of sin.” A moment that still points the blind eye given to the circumstances crafted by Bill Cosey. A man, who did awful, cruel, unexplainable things to the women who sacrificed their lives for him.

Does that not deserve it’s rightful title? One that doesn’t fall back on “a man being a man”?

I could go on, but i would continue with more statements that lead to more questions about the women in this story and their inability to authentically love. Women who didn’t every truly recognize and cherish the love of each other which was really all they had. When instead they rather love the shell of a man dressed in important clothing?

The story is frustrating, and the end too soon. Although I’d argue it’s a text geared to confronting women and wondering why they’re love is not enough? Why they must ignore the strong spiritual ties of there own love that has kept them together despite all their abilities to leave one another. Rather than hold tight to a phantom dream of a man who wasn’t capable of love himself.

I’m still torn if I would recommend the book. Although I can’t deny that the text does move the reader to a deeper questioning of love and what it means to women.
  • Samulkis
Tony Morrison can do no wrong...that's how I feel about her wr;iting, her marvelous language & her authenticity. She is a BRILLIANT writer, an astute thinker and one who understands people in all their complexities. She has laser insight, acute intuition and a deep understanding of the human condition.
It is about the Blacks' caste system; the lighter you are, the greater your chances for love & success AND it's about a very Black girl, who despite all the barriers makes it "big" in spite of the difficult childhood, the reject;ing mother, & the color of her skin which complicated so many relationships and which cheated her in so many ways.
It's a WONDERFUL book. READ it. REad it. Read it !!! It's worth it...& the AMAZING ending which took me by surprise.
Tony Morrison is a REALIST...a romantic bones in her body when it comes to parenting or motherhood. It ain't easy & she says it so many different ways. ENJOY IT !!! It will also TEACH as well as entertain & inform.
  • Nalaylewe
What I like best about this book (and about several of Morrison's books) is what you DON"T KNOW until the end of the book. Pieces of the story, in this case the relationships between the characters, slowly unfold as the story builds. I found I often need to read her books in one sitting in order to keep myself from cheating AND of course that would ruin the story!
  • Atineda
I am never disappointed when I pick up a Morrison novel. Love is a telling novel, one that, at first, is a little hard to get a hold of because Morrison doesn't spell everything out for you. Her chapters each consist of recursive narration, where we travel backwards in time to get the necessary explanation for the present point in the novel. With this being said, each chapter is a dynamic story in and of itself, full of life.

In Love it is hard to find the love that the title indicates. This in and of itself is a Morrison trademark. For certainly Paradise was not a paradise, Beloved was not beloved, and the little black girl in Bluest Eye would never get her blue eyes. So the irony is in the title. At first you think it is the love of Mr. Cosey, which is certainly there in a form, but you soon come to realize that Mr. Cosey isn't that nice or good of a character. In the end it is a tale of Love, although thorned and warped, between two women as we watch how it affects their lives.

Read and savor every chapter. Take in Morrison's ability to form the words in such a melodic fashion that the image is firmly placed in your head. I adore Morrison's writing and cannot wait for her next novel. I would most certainly recommend this her latest novel, as well as anything that she has written.
  • Ygglune
The novel comes together only as one reads it, in jagged bits and pieces of uncommon brilliance. As usual, Morrison's ear is fine-tuned to the language of others in a way that makes any story she tells as real as "good morning" and as enigmatic as a dream.
  • Tyler Is Not Here
Great book. Can't go wrong with Toni Morrison.
  • Rrd
A compelling , complex and multiple themed story. Varied expressions of love are entwined through the characters and their social,economical and political environments.
Excellent, ..up until the ending. Hope there is a sequel!