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by Bill Crider

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Bill Crider
United States
Walker & Co; 1st edition (February 1, 1988)
193 pages
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Book Three of the Dan Rhodes Mystery Series. BILL CRIDER is the author of more than fifty published novels and numerous short stories.

Book Three of the Dan Rhodes Mystery Series. Texas flag image courtesy of: Nicolas Raymond. He won the Anthony Award for best first mystery novel in 1987 for Too Late to Die and was nominated for the Shamus Award for best first private-eye novel for Dead on the Island. He won the Golden Duck award for best juvenile science fiction novel for Mike Gonzo and the UFO Terror.

Cursed to Death is the 3rd book in the Dan Rhodes series. Crider is just warming up with Dan Rhodes in this early book of the series, but the curse is a good plot devise and the characters are well worth your time!

Cursed to Death is the 3rd book in the Dan Rhodes series. A dentist who also is a owner of many rental houses has a curse put on him by a tenant who has not paid the rent. The dentist soon goes missing.

Book in the Sheriff Dan Rhodes Series). Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13: 9780802756985.

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Bill Crider (July 28, 1941 – February 12, 2018) was an American author of crime fiction among other work. at the University of North Texas, in Denton. Later, he taught English at Howard Payne University for twelve years, before earning a P. at the University of Texas at Austin, where he wrote a dissertation on the hardboiled detective novel.

Cursed to Death book. Bill Crider's Sheriff Rhodes series is a humorous police procedural set in rural Texas. Always enjoyable, never taxing.

1988) (The third book in the Dan Rhodes series) A novel by Bill Crider. In tiny Blacklin County, Texas, a curse is nothing more than a four-letter word hollered in a barroom or muttered in the heat. So Sheriff Dan Rhodes is more curious than concerned when he dutifully responds to a complaint of witchcraft. When Dr. Samuel Martin, the local dentist - and unpopular landlord - claims he's been hexed by a tenant, Rhodes does his best to smooth things out between the distressed . and the would-be witch.

Death By Accident Chapter Twenty-Eight Rhodes stood in the vee formed by a thick branch and the trunk of the tree. it seemed up away from the ground. That, and how far you could se. rom where he stood, he could see over the top of the dance pavilion and the persimmon trees near the Burleson cabin and all the way to the county road that skirted around the Old Settlers’ Grounds

A Dan Rhodes Mystery. and his wife turns up bludgeoned to death.

A Dan Rhodes Mystery. Publisher Description. For Rhodes, it means there's a bad moon rising over Blacklin County.

Sheriff Dan Rhodes of Blacklin County, Texas investigates the disappearance of a local dentist and landlord after the man is by a disaffected tenant
  • playboy
Cursed to Death is the 3rd book in the Dan Rhodes series. A dentist who also is a owner of many rental houses has a curse put on him by a tenant who has not paid the rent. The dentist soon goes missing. Dan Rhodes sheriff of Blacklin County Texas is called by the dentist's wife to find her husband. The missing dentist had told his wife that he was going to go collect back rent from several renters.

I have read three Dan Rhodes books now and have enjoyed them all. This book was a fast read for me as it held my attention. I like the series because I like the character Sheriff Dan Rhodes. He likes his ice cold bottled Doctor Pepper. He likes to make cold cut sandwiches at home and watch old movies. He solves crimes by talking to people and using his instinct. Even if high technology would have been available at the time this book was written, I feel that Sheriff Rhodes would still prefer to grind it out-talking to people and following his own instincts on human behavior. He is also in a quandary as he is "almost" engaged. It was an entertaining and interesting read.
  • Cordann
I have read all four of Bill Crider's Dan Rhodes Mystery novels. As an avid reader, if I really like the first one in the series, I end up reading them all in order. I can see why Bill Crider has received awards for his work.
  • Xtani
I have enjoyed several of the "Dan Rhodes" series. The main characters are all likeable and some a little quirky and the writing style isn't too serious which makes for easy reading. BUT, if you read more than two of the series, you quickly start to see Mr. Crider's writing formula emerge. The story plot may differ slightly, but how you get from point A to point Z is consistently the same with little to no variation. I find that to be a little monotonous.
  • Best West
Sheriff Dan Rhodes is a good old boy and a great cop. In rereading the series I have discovered nuances of the characters that give me a deeper appreciation for the authors skills. Cannot recommend the series enough. Start with the first and read them all in order.
  • Togar
Fun series to read
  • Whitescar
I liked the story line
  • Braendo
Always enjoy the Dan Rhodes series. The characters make the books for me, as I feel I personally know many of them. The only slight issue I have is I don't know if many small town sheriffs who go into situations with no backup.
The mystery is good without being great. The characters are entertaining, especially if you've lived in south Texas; and the humor is well done.