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by Allyson Johnson,Tracy Brown

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Allyson Johnson,Tracy Brown
United States
Buck 50 Productions, LLC and Blackstone Audio, Inc.; Unabridged edition (February 1, 2011)
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Aftermath: A Snapped Novel. by Allyson Johnson and Tracy Brown. Tracy Brown is the Essence bestselling author of Aftermath, Snapped, Twisted, and Criminal Minded.

Aftermath: A Snapped Novel. Writing has always been her passion, and she finds it an honor to depict for her readers the things she’s seen and heard. She is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Staten Island. Long Before Stonewall: Histories of Same-Sex Sexuality in Early America. Tracy Brown, Lillian Faderman.

Brown's scorching sequel to Snapped. Misa must deal with her feelings of inadequacy as a mother able to protect her child and face a stirring courtroom showdown. Attn: Author/Narrator If you have any queries please contact me at info19782 @ gmail. I will reply as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

I thought Snapped and Aftermath were so good, not only did I read each book in my Kindle, but while during my lunchtime (when eating alone) I would listen to the audio in my Kindle. I purchased Aftermath audiobook CD for a road trip since I was driving alone. This book is the first book of this length that I've read without an errors and if there were errors in the book than it wasn't noticeable. It also repeats itself a lot; one page the situation is explained to the fullest, within the next two pages or so that same situation is told again. White Lines is told in third person; something that I enjoyed.

Listen to unlimited audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Aftermath: A Snapped Novel. Written by Tracy Brown. Narrated by Allyson Johnson.

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Читает Allyson Johnson. Мгновенный доступ к вашим любимым книгам без обязательной ежемесячной платы. Слушайте книги через Интернет и в офлайн-режиме на устройствах Android, iOS, Chromecast, а также с помощью Google Ассистента. Tracy Brown1 марта 2019 г. Urban AudioBooks. Читает Allyson Johnson. In this bravura follow-up to the Pulitzer Prize, and National Book Award-winning New York Times bestseller The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead brilliantly dramatizes another strand of American history through the story of two boys sentenced to a hellish reform school in Jim Crow-era Florida.

Aftermath : A Snapped Novel. Narrator: Allyson Johnson. Aftermath is different than most books that I typically chose to read. Book Format: Choose an option. infidelity, murder, abortion, organized crime, and child sexual abuse.

I recently read/listened to Aftermath by Tracy Brown, narrated by Allyson Johnson. I really enjoyed this book. A well written urban lit title.

Narrated by Allyson Johnson

Narrated by Allyson Johnson.

In her most stunning, riveting, unstoppable novel yet, bestselling and critically acclaimed author Tracy Brown delivers the not-to-be-missed sequel to Snapped. Misa has confessed to the murder of drug lord Steven Bingham, her sister's brother-in-law, and everything is turned upside down. Misa faces jail time and the loss of her son forever, Frankie is out for revenge, and Camille has just dropped another bomb on Frankie, telling her estranged husband (and his mistress) that she is pregnant with his child. Their friends, Dominique and Toya, gather around Camille and Misa in their time of need, but storm clouds have gathered over their own lives as well. Dominique's daughter has gone missing, and a dark figure from Toya's past has come back with a vengeance. Against the backdrop of a high-profile murder case, these four friends will band together like they never have before as they confront the demons of their pasts and an uncertain future. And in the end, they will be forever changed.
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Snapped left us stunned with Misa murdering Steven for molesting her son, Shane, and a jilted Camille informing Frankie at his mistress, Gillian's home that she's pregnant with his child. A paralyzed Baron has been released from the hospital into his mom's care while his sister abandon's him blaming him for their father's death. Misa is jailed with a high bond because Frankie is furious and refuses to listen to the horrible allegations against his murdered baby brother, Steven and pushes Camille further away placing fault on her shoulders. Dominique finally finds her run a way daughter, Octavia, but is stunned with the revelation for her drastic actions. Dominique has quite a few decisions concerning Octavia, her incarcerated boyfriend, Jamel, that's about to be released and new feelings for business associate, Archie. Toya is still as hard as nails, but is thrown off her mark when she comes face to face with her estranged father, while reluctantly peeling off a piece of her shell with her persistent atrocious looking neighbor Russell.

Precise and perfectly executed scenes with an explosive intensity that's brutally honest. Ms. Brown skillfully uncovers the numerous layers of the characters to challenge the original preconceived notions. Superbly depicted scenarios that emphatically endears the characters even more than before and their current plights. The storyline flows like a musician composing a poignant classic tune. Tracy pens a phenomenally riveting tale of love, life, family, loyalty, devotion, change, hope, redemption, and acceptance versus shame, betrayal, jealousy, manipulation, abuse, murder, pain and humiliation. Snapped was a good read, but personally I felt as if the author struggled because she was in a gloomy place at that time. But in reading Aftermath, I can rejoice with her because she has stepped back into the marvelous light and it's reigning down on her! GOD bless you Tracy! Extraordinary! You did this gurl, you did this! MOS DEF!!! Bravo!!!
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Tracy Brown has done it yet again! This is the sequel to her novel Snapped and in the new book "Aftermath" Tracy Brown brings us another classic. The story brings us back right where we left off with Misa sitting in the dinning room and Stephen the man she blames for raping her son Shane. Camille arrives home after dropping her own confession on Frankie and his mistress Gillian. The story takes off from the first page and doesn't slow down for a minute. Gillian and Frankie are going strong in their new relationship and are trying to balance the power position that the both hold and still remain in their "loving" relationship. Toya is torn with forgiving her father and having a relationship with him but she is also faced with a new man that to her and everyone else looking he is not right on the outside but is ALL Right on the inside and makes her feel some suprising emotions that she doesn't want to. Dominique is trying to find out what is going on with her daughter and why has she suddenly run away from home and she still is trying to maintain her relationship with Jamel. With all of the drama going on in everyone's life and dealing with Misa's impending legal troubles everyone seems to be crumbling when someone unexpected steps in and offers some much needed help.

The book comes together perfectly and offers us a great conclusion to the story. Tracy Brown's sequels always seem to be better than the original. I loved this book but hated the characters Frankie and Gillian regardless of that I still appreciated the story all the same. Keep up the great work Ms. Brown!
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"Every action has a reaction"...this statement is true for the explosive sequel to "Snapped" by Tracy Brown.

"Aftermath" picks up where the previous novel left off, Misa just killed Steven Bingham, her sister Camille's brother in law. Misa suspected Steven had molested her young son Shane. She confesses and is arrested and drama ensues.

Camille Bingham is still reeling from the fact that her husband Frankie B, has left her for his so called best female buddy Gillian, daughter of the recently murdered Doug Nobles. Camille is pregnant and is dealing with her sister murdering her husband's brother and her hubby leaving her without a dime.

Frankie is now living with Gillian, wants nothing to do with Camille or the baby growing inside of her. Frankie's goal is to see that Misa gets life for killing his supposedly innocent brother Steven and comforting his weak mother Mary.

Toya is back and dealing with demons from her past, her abusive druggie father. Dominique is dealing with a missing daughter, a jailbird boyfriend and a sexy man she encounters every now and then. Baron Nobles was shot up and left for dead. Blaming himself for his dad Doug's death, Gillian and Frankie abandoning him and being confined to a wheelchair has Baron ready to loose his mind!! On top of that he is worried that his past may come back to haunt him.

"Aftermath" is an explosive novel that is filled with pain, forgiveness, telling the truth and moving on past the hard times. 5 Stars!!! Excellent page turner!
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I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book after I finished reading Snapped! in January. It was well worth the wait. Tracy picks up right where she left off and does a great job of developing the interwoven story lines of each character.

A couple of parts of the book were predictable, but it was mostly full of twists and turns just like Snapped. I think that Tracy Brown teaches a lot of lessons through these characters - lessons about forgiveness, love, betrayal, and redemption. It was a page-turner for me and the Kindle edition was pretty good. I like that the female characters found their strength and the complexity of the male characters was revealed. I still can't get over the choices of Camille's husband, but hopefully there will be another follow up that tells Gillian's (the mistress') story.

Tracy Brown is definitely my favorite urban author. I wish more people new how well-crafted her works are. So many urban novels are predictable and poorly written, but Brown has true talent.