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Catherine Mann
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Catherine L. Mann is the global chief economist at Citi, a position she started in 2018. She was also the chief economist at the OECD. Mann was a BA in economics, magna cum laude, from Harvard University in 1977.

Catherine L. She then proceeded to MIT where she got a P. in International Economics in 1984. Mann has worked as an economist in the Bush Administration's Council of Economic Advisers where she advised on the European Monetary Union, Latin American economies and the transition economies of the former USSR.

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On his way to deliver divorce papers to his soon-to-be ex, a terrorist attack put . Air Force Sergeant Shane 'Vegas O'Riley back into soldier mode. On his way to deliver divorce papers to his soon-to-be ex, a terrorist attack put . Air Force Sergeant Shane 'Vegas' O'Riley back into soldier mode. His wife and her two adopted children were in danger. He didn't give a damn if she wanted him out of their lives-they were under his full-time protection now.

Catherine Mann - the complete book list. Workaholic millionaire meets feisty single mom! Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann! Sexy cybersecurity guru Max St. Cloud's trip to Royal, Texas, is strictly business: he's here to expose a tech-savvy blackmailer

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With a terrorist targeting their lives, Shane was all she had to hold on to.

On his way to deliver divorce papers to his soon–to–be ex, a terrorist attack put . With a terrorist targeting their lives, Shane was all she had to hold on to. Danger lurked close to home. But it was a marriage that had to survive the ultimate battle.

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USA Today bestseller & RITA Award winner Catherine Mann writes for Berkley, Harlequin, Sourcebks & Tule. Oh my goodness, I have so many questions and feel many more books can come out of this series. 4 December 2018 at 06:54. I may have even taken it home with me.

Catherine Mann is one of the RITA Award winning and USA Today bestselling authors from The US, who is popular for writing her books based on the romance and romantic suspense genres. She achieved a lot of success in her style of writing contemporary romance novels. For the publication of her books, author Mann is associated with a number of publishing houses such as Harlequin, Tule, Berkley, and Sourcebooks. The writing career of author Mann is comprised of more than 60 novels altogether. Her books have been released in around 20 countries of the world.

Catherine Mann is a USA Today bestselling author who has published numerous books with Berkley, Sourcebooks, and Harlequin Desire. Catherine holds a master's degree in Theater from UNC-Greensboro and a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the College of Charleston.

On his way to deliver divorce papers to his soon-to-be ex, aterrorist attack put U.S. Air Force Sergeant Shane 'Vegas' O'Rileyback into soldier mode. His wife and her two adopted childrenwere in danger. He didn't give a damn if she wanted him out oftheir lives—they were under his full-time protection now.Being back with her husband had Sherry in upheaval. She stillwanted Shane. Yet she was afraid obligation was the only reasonhe was sticking close. With a terrorist targeting their lives, Shanewas all she had to hold on to.Danger lurked close to home. But it was a marriage that had tosurvive the ultimate battle.
  • Virn
Sherry and Shane have fundamental differences and you can understand why they've reached impasse and are ending their marriage. They're parents to two young adopted daughters and they appear to be far better as parents than spouses. As the story opens Shane is on a mission and needs to deliver divorce papers to Sherry in the Caribbean so that they can each move on. Because this is a Catherine Mann military novel, something bad must happen and our Armed Forces step in to save the day. (Sincerely, God bless each and every one of them.)

While Sherry and Shane get out of a tight jam with some bad guys and have to focus on their girls for a while, a parallel story unfolds. Rodeo (how can you not love this guy?) tries to make amends for a faux pas that occurred with Sherry's BFF, Keisha, 4-years ago. Kudos for Keisha for being an upstanding citizen, a dedicated nurse and a great friend/aunt. Shame on Keisha for harboring a grudge for 4-long years. Rodeo made a mistake and it was a bad one. But in the scheme of things, it's one that you make him suffer over for a while and then you forgive and move on because he's a really good guy. Not Keisha. She ignored him, berated him, humiliated him...and ultimately forgave him, but imho it took her ridiculously long to do so.

Okay, back to Sherry and Shane. They work together well as parents and each one is very (and appropriately) protective of their daughters, but Shane struggles with Sherry's deep need to lead a nomadic life helping others. She believes that her calling is as significant as his and I'm not sure that you can argue her point. Shane, while not really wanting "Betty Crocker" does want to know that his wife and family are safe at home while he's on a mission serving his country, as well as waiting for him when a mission ends. Stalemate.

I found the plot with the bad guys a bit weak, and that's not something I've ever found with a Catherine Mann book. That said, it kept me engaged enough that I didn't skip a word. There's something going on with a crewmate of Shane's and Rodeo's and that will keep you guessing for a while. I figured out who a couple of the bad people were before the end of the book, but that certainly didn't ruin it for me.

This is a good book that would have been even better if forgiveness came a little more easily to Keisha (seriously, it was bad and hurt...but holding on to it for 4-years is beyond ridiculous) and if Shane and Sherry figured out that they just needed to work a little bit harder because, at the end of the day, they were meant to be together and raise their darling little girls. They reached the conclusion in the end, and we have our happily ever after.
  • Cemav
Sean and Sherry O'Riley have tons of passion in their marriage, but little in common, as she has spent her life in a nomadic existence working for relief agencies in poverty-stricken third world countries. Sean, a former professional baseball player who gave up a life of wealth to enlist in the Air Force after 9/11 would rather she stay home and be a typical Betty Crocker Air Force wife. His constant military traveling has taken a huge toll on their relationship. After several reconciliations, the two finally decide to divorce, and he's on his way to the small Caribbean island she calls home to deliver the divorce papers and spend time with their children, only to discover that the island is rife with a terrorist cell. After a lengthy gun battle with the resurgents, they evacuate and return to Florida, where one of their daughters has caught some strange virus. Sherry lets Sean stay with them, and the two fight their chemistry to remain out of each other's arms. But coincidences start to mount, and Sean shifts into protection mode when an attempt to kidnap his older daughter is foiled. Will he be able to hold on to the family he loves dearly?

Mann is great at creating tense and explosive stories with a military background. The chemistry between her couplings is usually sizzling, and she often has a secondary romance in the background. For the most part, this follows her formula, though I really didn't care for Sherry. She and Sean were great lovers, but not so great spouses. Why she would choose a nomadic existence after such a bad experience with her hippie parents, and to take her children into unsafe conditions was another sore point. I never felt like they resolved the discrepancy in their relationship either. A sudden turnaround two pages before hopping into bed just didn't seem plausible. Read this one for the romance between Rodeo and Keisha, the woman who gave him his infamous call sign.
  • Mr.mclav
I couldn't even finish this one. The whiny, all about me and my wants and needs, can't/won't compromise, women in this book drove me insane. I was wanting the terrorists to blow them up. The main female character was a huge wanker taking everything and anything her husband said or did as a personal attack on her. This woman just never listened and as for her beasty friend, I didn't care for her either. Holding a grudge for four years over what amounts to basically a one night stand with a guy using the wrong name was just pathetic on her part especially because you know the guy wasn't entirely over someone else.
  • Ytli
I usually love Catherine Mann's military romance books and have quite a few. I just couldn't identify with the female leads in this book. I found it difficult to relate to Sherry, Shane's wife, and her friend-Keisha. I liked the male characters, but wondered why they(Shane and Derek) would put up Sherry and Keisha's anger and their brittleness. Why would Sherry continue to take her children to 3 rd world countries that were unstable and dangerous? I realize her background and she grew up with parents that took her around the world when she was younger, but it seemed like she didn't always like it as a child. Why wouldn't she listen to her husband's advice regarding the fact that some of the places she went to were dangerous and that he had first hand knowledge of the places and politics and terrorist activities. I was disappointed with the characters, though the storyline was interesting. Was not a favorite. I would definitely give Catherine Mann's other military romance books 4's and 5's, just not this one.
  • Connorise
Another insight of military relationships and problems. The suspenseful ending was .nail biting. I highly recommend this book and this author.
  • Rivik
Catherine Mann's stories are full of suspense, action and love. Never a dull moment. Enjoy the action and suspense. I do.
  • Sermak Light
I started reading Catherine Mann's books fairly recently. This book is one of her best. Great story line and great leading man!!!