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by kathy-lette

Download How to Kill Your Husband Pa eBook
Women's Fiction
Simon + Schuster Uk; 1 edition (2007)
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Rare book
  • Adrietius
Very witty and funny. Might follow some of the tips. LOL
  • Hulore
It was a Christmas gift/ joke to a coworker and she abolutely loved it! She said it was so funny.
  • Llanonte
I enjoyed this audiobook, it was light and fun, perfect for when your cleaning house and need something in the background.
  • Quinthy
I have not laughed so hard in a long time.
A different kind of humor.
With a title like it has, I just love having it sit on the table in my living room !
Several friends are waiting to borrow it.
Really enjoyed it.
  • Manesenci
This book is a hoot,especially if you have a dry warped sense of humour as I do-a must read.
  • Otrytrerl
I only read to the finish so I could have an informed opinion when I wrote this review. My opinion is: I've never read anything else by this author and I don't plan to. I was intrigued by the title and the description on the back cover but the actual read was tedious, unrelatable and contrived. Lette bounced around between trying to have her characters sound British, American and Jewish and failed at almost all of it. Her Yiddishisms were cliched schlock! She even spelled "bris" wrong and I'm not even Jewish! My main problem with the characters' dialogue was that most of their "clever" witticisms were t-shirt slogans! Lastly, as the plot became thicker and thicker, darker and darker, I predicted completely accurately what the ending would be. Rule of thumb AND SPOILER: the narrator almost always gets the happy ending.
  • Tcaruieb
Kathy's writing can sparkle and shine and she is extremely clever and funny. However, I didn't enjoy the endlessly graphic sex and I think I am a little over the "I do everything and my husband does nothing" lament.
The story is basically about three friends - one (Jasmine) is married to an inhumanly humane doctor who rushes around the world helping people; one (the narrator Cassie) is married to a slob, gorgeous though he is; and one is married to a man who is happy to be the baby of the household. The book starts with Jas in jail for murdering her husband. The rest of the book is Cassie's recounting of how it happened that Jas got into that predicament.
It is a light read, and enjoyable in parts - but I think I need to Lette myself read some other things!
I was unsure what to expect from this book, but I'm pretty sure this wasn't it. Humorous, intriguing and engrossing, anyone who has ever been a wife or mother will relate to the scenarios that arise as Lette explores the world of the modern working woman. I do think the author is a tad cynical and perhaps a little bitter, but the book is enjoyable nonetheless.