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by Jennifer Coburn

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Jennifer Coburn
Women's Fiction
Kensington (January 1, 2005)
314 pages
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79 quotes from Jennifer Coburn: 'A trip to Paris had sounded so adventurous when I was first talking about it a year earlier.

79 quotes from Jennifer Coburn: 'A trip to Paris had sounded so adventurous when I was first talking about it a year earlier. People spoke about the city with dreamy longing, as though Paris possessed a magic that could not be found elsewhere. I'd never heard anyone talk about Paris without sighing. A trip to Paris had sounded so adventurous when I was first talking about it a year earlier. The city was a Promised Land that held appeal for most everyone: artists, lovers, even people who just liked cheese.

With her gift for mixing sparkling humor with moments of true-to-life poignancy, the acclaimed author of The Wife of Reilly delivers a character-rich novel about following one's impulses, embracing change, and finally taking a chance on love.

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Jennifer Coburn Books. Author of the mother-daughter travel memoir WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS. Reinventing Mona came next, which is about a woman who tries to give her entire life a make-over, but winds up changing the lives of everyone else around her. Tales From the Crib (my fave) is a comedy about a husband and wife who put off their divorce when they learn they're pregnant. They live together as friends. Doesn't that sound like a swell plan?) It's the quirky characters that make this book. A pilot TV script has been developed, so stay tuned. The Queen Gene is the sequel to Tales.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Reinventing Politics: Eastern Europe from Stalin to Havel.

Jennifer Coburn's New Book WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS Now .

Reinventing Mona is a clever, sparkling tale of personal discovery, that kept me turning the pages late into the night! Jennifer Coburn does a lovely job of developing characters that shine, not despite their flaws, but because of them. You can't help but find something familiar in each of them. I was rooting for the entire cast from beginning to end. Mona is a real winner!"

Reinventing Mona Coburn Jennifer Random House (USA) .

Reinventing Mona Coburn Jennifer Random House (USA) 9780758216403 .

I absolutely loved this book. Jennifer Coburn has written a smart, modern day tale that will have you laughing out loud through every delicious page.

Jennifer Coburn's Tales From the Crib is a deliciously fun, laugh-out-loud read about one woman's journey toward motherhood. You won't be able to put this book down until you arrive at the final, satisfying page. Emily Giffin, author of Something Blue. I absolutely loved this book. Karen Quinn, author of The Ivy Chronicles.

Prompted to transform her life when her employers offer a buy-out package, thirty-year-old Mona Warren, wealthy thanks to a hefty inheritance, decides to turn her boring existence around with a beauty makeover and romantic advice from Mike "The Dog" Dougherty, the chauvinistic columnist for Maximum for Him magazine. Original.
  • caster
Super padded book. Found myself bored with the storyline and skipping sections of the book to get to the 'good part' which I simply never came. Felt like the author spent way to much time articulating on Mona's past, so much so it got annoying and then skimmed through present events that were unfolding in the book in a few poorly written sentences. Left me annoyed and the plot dry at best. The ending was no different, it almost seemed as if the author realized she was about to go past a page limit, and crammed as much dramatic, wrap-it-all-up but skip any form of a cohesive story details into the last few pages. Overall, annoyed I wasted my time reading this book.
  • Hellmaster
Mona has spent her entire life invisible, not really on purpose, but when circumstances allow her the opportunity to do anything she wants to, she sets her sights on the man Adam, that had been her grandmothers’ accountant and had all the right ingredients to be the ideal man for her. To achieve this monumental task, Mona hires Mike, the author of a ridiculously male advice column to teach her how men think. She pays him for months of “no holds barred” lessons, but fires him half way through because she has actually fallen for him, it thinks he doesn’t share those emotions, or any emotions.

Along the way Mona’s former vanilla life gains more color than the rainbow in both friends and activities. This story also offers beautiful depictions of bygone days of Coronado, Ca and Missoula, Montana making me wish I could go back and see either location in their former pristine condition. Thank you for that.
  • August
This needed an editor for flow. Lots of random information thrown out at weird intervals, Dream sequences that slowed things down and confused things, no clear reasoning for a lot of the decisions being made are just some of the reasons I give this book a hard one star. I got the distinct impression it was a first novel and hope that future books by this author showcase her talents better.
  • Levaq
I was sadly disappointed in this book. I've heard such great things about Jennifer Coburn that I was truly excited to discover her writing, but I feel I made a mistake making this my first experience. The characters were predictable, as were the scenarios. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. For a light read sometimes you want predictable, easy and fun. But I found the protagonist of the story to just be a unbearable for me. Her tunnel-vision that marriage is the only thing that will make her happy, and marriage to a man she barely knows none the less. Her efforts to change everything about herself to appeal to said man she doesn't know. The predictable falling for her "chauvinistic, dirty-mouthed" coach was just too much to bear. It was just all too much! I wouldn't recommend. Too much predictability. Too much frivolity. Too much "change who I am to get a guy". I will probably check out a couple more of her books because I have heard good reviews, but this did not leave me hopeful.
  • Tolrajas
SPOILERS!!!: You ever finish a book and go I have got to go do a review, right now?! Well that is what happened to me when I finished this one. It started out a bit slow, wasn't sure I was even going to get into it. Especially with all the ridiculous acts she set up for her dates with Adam. I can believe 1 or maybe 2 attempts at these but she just kept them coming, which was completely over the top and unbelievable to me.Then surprisingly, I did start to get into the story. I loved the sparing between Mona and Mike, and although I pretty much determined what the ending would be early on, the author did a good job of building the anticipation. Then I don't know what happened! It's like the author got sick of writing this story and decided to throw in the towel! To have all these different people at the play, declare that they are in love with Mona (including the random guy in the back) was completely ridiculous. Mike finally declared his love this is marvelous speech, only to be trumped by the best friend, guy in the back and the director of the play. Mona then does her lack luster response to all of them, including asking Mike to wait. So I think this is good, Mike is going to get a chance to prove that he means what he says after acting like a Neanderthal throughout most of the story. Maybe writing a new article where he falls on his sword a bit and truly expresses how he feels to Mona and his readers, making everyone see how he's changed. But guess what dear readers, this does not happen. You get to the last chapter, which reads like an epilogue, and it's 6 months into the future and we get to hear how all the charters have paired off (even the old guy and Vicki!), plus Mona and Mike are pregnant and living together. Do we get a final coming together with an amazing kiss and a declaration of love from them both? Nope! Just a oh guess what....we are having a baby and living together now...the end. I was so disappointing! If our author was smart she would rework this book and give us an ending not just an epilogue!
  • Ramsey`s
Mona’s story is very funny, if not little ridiculous at times.

Her desire to impress and marry Adam was a little juvenile, but given her tragic past it’s understandable that she wanted to find love so desperately.

The connections she makes to the people around her is heart-warming and inspiring.

I just wish there was a scene between the Theater Scene and the ‘Six-Months Later’ ending. I feel that the story suffered without an explanation of how Mike won Mona’s trust.

Overall, Jennifer Coburn wrote a beautifully funny story about personal growth and finding true and lasting love.
  • Gralinda
First I would like to say this but definitely surprised me with how good it was, it has a lot of heart and meaning behind the story. It’s really great to see all the characters of all of and grow throughout the story. However, there are flaws and somethings are a bit ridiculous, it is the most horrifying some of the antics and behaviors in the story. But like I said it has a lot of heart and when you can look past some of the quirks it is extremely enjoyable.