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by Susan Wiggs

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Susan Wiggs
Women's Fiction
Wheeler Publishing; 1 edition (June 2, 2005)
536 pages
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Praise for the novels of Susan Wiggs Susan Wiggs paints the details of human relationships with the finesse of a master.

Praise for the novels of Susan Wiggs Susan Wiggs paints the details of human relationships with the finesse of a master. The chicago fire trilogy. I have a great desire to see a variety of employments thrown open to women, and if they may sell anything, why not books?

Chicago is burning And Lucy Hathaway is running for her life

Chicago is burning And Lucy Hathaway is running for her life.

Lucy Hathaway is running for her life  . Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. more photos (1). The Firebrand. Great Chicago Fire Trilogy by. Susan Wiggs (Goodreads Author).

Susan Wiggs (born May 17, 1958) is an American author of historical and contemporary romance novels. Wiggs began writing as a child, finishing her first novel, A Book About Some Bad Kids, when she was eight. She temporarily abandoned her dream of being a novelist after graduating from Harvard University, instead becoming a math teacher. She continued to read, especially reveling in romance novels.

Deep within the peaceful heart of Amish country, a life-or-death emergency shatters a quiet world to its core. New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs delivers a riveting story that challenges our deepest-held beliefs. New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs returns with a deeply emotional and atmospheric story that spans oceans and decades, from the present-day Delaware shore to the battlefields of WWII France.

Many of the suffragists still sang softly, the hymns riding the summer breeze. Sitting upon thick blankets spread over the sand, Lucy stroked Maggie's hair said. They were all so exhausted. Next to her, Rand pushed a stick into the campfire the men had built. How do they sleep through all this noise?". Across from him, Dylan Kennedy stretched out, laid his head in his wife's lap and crossed his legs at the ankles. Don't ever question why a child sleeps," he said

I'm an Englishwoman and I didn't know a thing about the great fire that destroyed Chicago in 1871 - didn't know there had been a fire at all. This book is set just before, during and five years after that monumental event and the build-up to it, the description of the wooden buildings, factories, straw and hay and all the other dangers contributing to that tragedy is very well described.

Susan Wiggs is the author of many beloved bestsellers, including the popular Lakeshore Chronicles series. She has won many awards for her work, including a RITA from Romance Writers of America. Библиографические данные. The Firebrand The Chicago Fire Trilogy (Том 3).

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скачать книгу бесплатно. The receipts from the shop were unusually high, which indicated that she was indeed selling books. An admirable sentiment, he said, not allowing his judgment to be swayed by the force of her personality. But the trouble is, the bank won’t wait.

Chicago is burning And Lucy Hathaway is running for her life. As she rushes past a fine hotel engulfed in flames, a wrapped bundle tumbles from a window into her arms. Seconds later the building crumbles--and Lucy is astonished to discover the swaddled blanket contains a baby. Five years later Lucy walks into Rand Higgins's bank and knows: the orphan she rescued that day actually belongs to this ruthless financier. Now, to keep the child she's come to love, she'll have to give up her hard-won freedom and become his wife. But giving Rand her heart? That, she could never have expected...
  • Kipabi
Excellent. I purchased this book for my sister, infact I purchased all three of the trilogy books for her for Christmas because I had read the trilogy and enjoyed it. My sister is in a retirement home and she is not well so she has a lot of time for reading and when she finishes a book, I've asked her to place the book in the library so others can enjoy them. If you have any books that you think are very
good books I would suggest that you pass them on to people in rehabilitation centers or retirement homes. Usually their libraries
are very much in need of good reading material. Just a suggestion. Enjoy the Trilogy Darlene
  • Invissibale
Before reading this book, I had read a lot of criticism about it, alluding that Ms. Bradley tried too hard to make the character of Kassandra too much like Morgaine from her more popular "Mists of Avalon" epic. While I can see some definite similarities, I feel that Bradley's Kassandra has enough of her own "personality" to withstand such criticism and take her rightful place among the few strong female characters of contemporary fiction. The story was inspired and, while deviating substantially from the Kassandra mythos of "The Illiad", had enough of a ring of truth to make an unbelievable Grecian fable come to life -- by dispelling the nonsensical misogyny that is characteristic of Greek mythology. As we've come to expect from Ms. Bradley's historical novels, "The Firebrand" is superbly written and a welcome collection to my personal library. Who else but MZB could convincingly bring rationality to ancient patriarchal myths without destroying the sacredness of the goddess lore from which they sprang?
  • Hulbine
My first encounter with MZB was her amazing novel The Mists of Avalon but subsequent novels were a bit disappointing - until this one. The story of Kassandra is told from her own perspective and paints a beautiful story of a strong woman in a changing era when gods were replacing earth mother and women were being subjugated to men. We meet Kassandra's kin, the last of the Amazon's, and see the Trojan War through her eyes. A compelling character, you will not forget this version of the myth.
  • Dordred
I could not put down this third book in the Chicago Fire trilogy. I had to admire Lucy. She was a woman ahead of her time, both in her views of women's rights, but as well as racial issues. She had a deep and abiding trust and regard for her African American friend Patience, who is a reverend.
Lucy and Rand had eyes for each other since the night of the fire. The only thing stopping their relationship that night was the presence of Diana. If you read closely you can see the relationship develop subtley. He wanted real love but thought his scars made him hideous. Lucy craved love, but was afraid to show it. Afraid it would hamper her crusade for women's voting.
They were wonderful characters and they way they handled little Maggie and how she brought them together makes it a heartwarming story not soon to be forgotten.
Ms. Wiggs has also done her homework as far as the Chicago Fire is concerned. Being born and raised here, it was something we learned about in school. All her facts are true and she has very nicely included some of the Chicagoans of that time in some cameo roles.
  • Vinainl
It's okay. Good enough to keep you reading, though it bogs down about 2/3 of the way through. However, the book is historically accurate, so you can learn a lot in a much more interesting way than a dry history.
  • Aria
"Firebrand" is Marion Zimmer Bradley's artistic interpretation of the Trojan War. The novel is told through the viewpoint of Kassandra, daughter of the King of Troy and priestess of the Sun Lord Apollo. Having been cursed to never have her premonitions believed, Kassandra foretells the fall of Troy, but no one believes her until it is too late.

I adore Marion Zimmer Bradley's work. "The Mists of Avalon" is one of my all time favorite novels. When I discovered that Bradley had written a novel about the Trojan war, I was elated. The Trojan war is a story that has always fascinated me, as has the character Kassandra. The novel is superbly written. Definitely one of Bradley's best works. Bradley takes the well known fable into new directions that will delight and enthrall the readers.
  • Berenn
A good retelling of the Iliad from a women's perspective, with an excellent knowledge of Greek and Trojan beliefs and culture. A well researched book, that sometimes gets bogged down in too many details and tangents. Book is much too long, but enjoyable if you are a fan of Bradley.
I like this story, but it doesn't really "grab" me. I put it down for weeks at a time, pick it up and read a few chapters, then put it aside again. The story is based on the ancient myth of Cassandra who foretold disaster. My taste doesn't usually run to myths and goddesses. If you like that kind of story, you'll love it, as it is quite well written.