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by Jane Gardam

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Jane Gardam
World Literature
Random House of Canada, Limite (2000)
278 pages
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Jane Gardam has been awarded the Heywood Hill Literary Prize for a lifetime's contribution to the enjoyment of literature; has twice won a Whitbread Award and has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize. She was awarded an OBE in January 2009. Библиографические данные. The Flight Of The Maidens.

Jane Mary Gardam OBE FRSL (born 11 July 1928) is an English writer of children's and adult fiction. She lives in Kent, Wimbledon, and Yorkshire. She has won numerous literary awards, including the Whitbread Award twice.

I think I’ve stumbled on a pattern though. It seems that Jane and I don’t get along through the first few chapters. One, Hetty, is deeply enmeshed with her mother and suffers an attendant The Flight of the Maidens recounts the summer of three young women, friends in a small town in Yorkshire, after each has received a generous and prestigious scholarship to a different university. The basic theme of the book is the process of separation of daughters from their family.

Gardam’s style is perfect. Gardam frames her story in dozens of crisp, brief scenes featuring deliciously dizzy conversation. Booklist The portrait of postwar England as conventions crumble and the country is rebuilt is terrific. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Jane Gardam is an accomplished novelist who takes obvious pleasure in structure On the page, none of the three girls ever quite gives fiction the slip

Jane Gardam is an accomplished novelist who takes obvious pleasure in structure. Here, she organises a plait of narratives: Hetty, Una and Lieselotte. On the page, none of the three girls ever quite gives fiction the slip. Reading this novel is like watching an actor whose marvellous technique makes it impossible to concentrate on the character he is playing. Gardam has been compared to Jane Austen, and certainly Hetty's mother's friends in conversation seem successors to Mrs and Miss Bates in Emma. But her prose is musical - you could almost conduct it.

Jane Gardam has quite perfectly captured a bygone era as she tells this tale of three young women who have just left school in the summer of 1946 and are preparing for university. It begins so optimistically, yet as each girl has her own obstacle to overcome, I began to feel quite saddened that their bright hopes for the future were fading and wondered if they would succeed. Find similar books Profile. Well,' Kitty said 'at least this Mrs Satterly sounds a perfectly good sort of woman and it's a clean farm

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Book by Jane Gardam
  • Otiel
Gave it away as a gift
  • Qiahmagha
She can do little wrong for me, and this coming-of-age of three young girls, post WW2 GIRLS is satisfying and different . Beautifully written of course.
  • Rageseeker
A wonderful story that reprises themes from Jane Gardam's earlier books and foreshadows her later works, in particular 'Old Filth' and 'The Man in the Wooden Hat'. The beginning is a little slow moving, but by half way she is well into her stride as a witty, moving and accomplished writer.
This is definitely a book worth reading.
  • Shou
Ms Gardam is a beautiful writer. She takes you right into the decade ( WWII ), and the emotions of several teenage girls. "Old filth" is also excellent, as are her short stories.
  • Snake Rocking
This novel takes place in Northern England during the summer of 1946 and is centered around 3 young women in their late teens who, through competitive examinations, have won scholarships to elite universities (Cambridge and the University of London). Two of them - Hetty Fellowes and Una Vane - were childhood friends. The third --- Lieselotte Klein --- is a German Jew from Hamburg who was fortunate enough to escape to Britain via the Kindertransport shortly before the outbreak of war in 1939. She was brought to the town where Hetty and Una lived, attended school with them, and lived with a Quaker family. However, after a prolonged search to see if any of her family survived the Holocaust, Lieselotte moves to London, where she is placed with an Austrian Jewish couple, the Feldmans. The novel gives the reader a view into the lives of Hetty, Una, and Lieselotte, who each embark upon a voyage of self-discovery as the summer melts into autumn. Each experiences a rite of passage that tests their resolve to forge a future largely of their own making in a chaotic world struggling to learn anew the ways of peace.
  • HelloBoB:D
Witty, moving, suspenseful,historically fascinating, true to the hearts and minds of young women about to be launched from home, lyrical, full of eccentric characters and settings. Gardam has the gift of writing delightfully funny fiction which is at the same time sensitive to the subtle emotional life of her characters. Among other things, this is an incisive picture of friendship. Best of all, she manages to make kindness triumph over all sorts of adversity, from madness to losses from war and the Holocaust to confusion in romantic relationships.
This novel brought me deep happiness.