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by Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

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Susan Nolen-Hoeksema
McGraw Hill Higher Education; 4th edition (January 1, 2006)
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Susan Nolen-Hoeksema (1959–2013) In January 2013 we lost our esteemed author and friend, Susan . I also believe in taking science to the public, through my textbook on Abnormal Psychology and books for the general public on women’s mental health.

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema (1959–2013) In January 2013 we lost our esteemed author and friend, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema. Susan was a renowned scholar, teacher, mentor, and academic leader. She was recognized internationally for her work on how people regulate their feelings and emotions and how particular patterns of thinking can make people vulnerable to and recover slowly from emotional problems, especially depression.

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema (May 22, 1959 – January 2, 2013) was an American professor of psychology at Yale University. Nolen-Hoeksema was born in Springfield, Illinois. As an undergraduate, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema attended Yale University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

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Abnormal Psychology book. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, psychologist and writer, helped explain why women are twice as prone to depression as men and why such low moods can be so hard to shake. Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema was born on May 22, 1959, in Springfield, Il. to John and Catherine Nolen. Her father ran a construction business, where her mother was the office manager; Susan was the eldest of three children.

Choose from 16 different sets of flashcards about abnormal psychology susan nolen hoeksema on Quizlet. Abnormal Psychology- Susan Nolen-Hoeksema Chptr 1,2,3,5,7,8 and 9. What is Trephination? What did the Ancient Chinese believe c. hat is Psychopathology?

Choose from 16 different sets of flashcards about abnormal psychology susan nolen hoeksema on Quizlet. hat is Psychopathology? What treatments are used to treat supe. surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled or scrape. bnormal behavior is caused by imbalance of positive (yang) an.

by. Nolen-Hoeksema, Susan, 1959-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Abnormal Psychology personalizes the human experience.

Authored by award-winning teacher and noted researcher Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, this text blends cutting-edge research in psychopathology with compassion for people who suffer from psychological disorders. Capturing the excitement of major advances in biological and psychosocial research and treatment alternatives, "Abnormal Psychology" imparts a true enthusiasm for and appreciation of scientific investigation. The author's scientific and caring approach, combined with strong study tools, has won accolades from instructors and students alike. The fourth edition reflects greater emphasis on integrated approaches to abnormal psychology, a constant drive to make biological information clear to students, and a stronger focus on empirical research and diversity.
  • Jusari
Book takes Freud’s id, ego, and superego too seriously and uses the field of psychodynamics when they really mean environmental influences. They occasionally state contradictory information as well. Would not recommend this textbook.
  • Reemiel
Thought I was buying the 6th edition which is what my class was using. This was the 5th, guess I misread.
  • Burgas
There was a tremendous amount of information in this text and yet it was beautifully presented. I thought the use of stories, charts, graphs, etc., helped to make what could have been an overwhelming amount of information flow logically and make sense while reading it. I used this text for a grad level course in a mental health program. I wish more of my texts were this useful; definitely a keeper.
  • Grari
What can I say about a college text book. I needed the book for a class so I bought it. The one good thing that I do have to say is that I bought it on Amazon for about half the price of the college bookstore, than I sold it back to Amazon after I finished the class for more than the school bookstore was willing to pay, but this one I'm going to keep
  • Tetaian
As described.
  • roternow
Amazingly thorough and very easy to read considering the density of the topics covered!
  • Rainpick
I bought this book for an upper-level psychology class but we didn't use the book all that much. I don't think this book is in-depth enough to use for most upper-level psychology courses so we primarily learned from other materials. I also did my own research on the internet for certain topics.

However, I still enjoyed reading the book and I thought it was easy to read and understand. There was a lot of interesting information. I liked that the book was cited because I could look up the specific articles to gain a better understanding of the material myself.