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by Lilli Palmer

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Lilli Palmer
Arts & Literature
W.H. Allen / Virgin Books; First British Edition edition (April 5, 1976)
310 pages
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Change Lobsters And Dance Paperback – Import, 1977. Few actors write as well as Lilli Palmer, and this engaging autobiography easily surpasses the usual series of loosely-connected anecdotes filling up such books.

Change Lobsters And Dance Paperback – Import, 1977. by. Lilli Palmer (Author).

Change Lobsters and Dance book. I always liked Lilli Palmer as an actress and found her autobiography to be fascinating, especially her marriage to Rex Harrison.

Palmer, Lilli, 1914-1986. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Palmer, Lilli, 1914-1986, Actors. New York : Macmillan. Uploaded by Sanderia on August 27, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). New York : Warner Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana.

4. Change Lobsters and Dance: Autobiography. Key Words: Lili Palmer, Autobiography, Rex Harrison, Actresses, Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, William Holden, Noel Coward). Allen, Virgin Books (1976). ISBN 10: 0491017146 ISBN 13: 9780491017145. Seller Inventory 91534X1. More information about this seller Contact this seller.

Harrison and Palmer appeared together in the hit Broadway play Bell, Book and Candle in the early 1950s and later starred in the . Palmer published a memoir, Change Lobsters and Dance, in 1975

Harrison and Palmer appeared together in the hit Broadway play Bell, Book and Candle in the early 1950s and later starred in the film version of The Four Poster (1952), which was based on the award-winning Broadway play of the same name, written by Jan de Hartog. Palmer published a memoir, Change Lobsters and Dance, in 1975.

Change Lobsters and Dance : Autobiography. By (author) Lilli Palmer.

Change Lobsters - and Dance: An Autobiography Format: Library Binding Authors: Lilli Palmer ISBN10: 0025946102 Published: 1975-01-01 Change Lobsters - and Dance: An Autobiography. Macmillan Publishing C. Inc. Book Format.

Lilli Palmer (born Lilli Marie Peiser; 24 May 1914 – 27 January 1986) was a German actress and writer.

Autobiography Change Lobsters and-Dance

Born Lilli Peiser on May 24, 1914 in Posen, Germany. Autobiography Change Lobsters and-Dance; Lilli Palmer - Bing Images.

  • Jwalextell
Miss Palmer has a faulty memory concerning her own career.
She seems to love dropping little anecdotes about Garbo, Noel Coward,
the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Jack Warner, Clark Gable , Shaw et al.
And pretty much ignoring things she did herself.

Her Bway career gets short shrift. "Venus Observed" and "The Love of
Four Colonels" don't even get a mention. And she hasn't much to say
about her film work, either. But there's plenty of time for dropping names.
I felt , while reading this book, that I was wasting time ..
  • Forey
Lilli Palmer, a highly acclaimed actress in the 40s and 50s, tells her story with great honesty and sincerity. From her childhood in Berlin, to her early acting training, to her having to leave Germany, because as a Jew the Nazis won't let her perform anymore, she takes you with her on her journey to Paris, Great Britain, Hollywood, and New York. Even if you don't know who she was, this will interest most people because she manages to make you feel that she is there with you, intimately speaking to you, as you turn the pages.
  • Gajurus
Loved this book. Thanks for the prompt shipment. Lilli Palmer is an exceptional author and tells her story in such a way that keeps you interested to the very end. Lilli is tactful and entertaining in spilling the beans about the ups and downs in her life. She's lived quite an interesting life, that's for sure!
  • BroWelm
Lilli will always be one of the best, if not the best, actresses / artist of her time and ours. I believe Lilli Palmer was extremely unique, charming, beautiful, talented, witty, smart and intellectual to beyond! No one would ever be viable to take her place .... ever! This book is an AMAZING read that took me by surprise! Still haven't finished it and crave to extend it by taking my time and savoring every word because it feels like a warm blanket caressing me with comfort. It's so interesting, SMART and humorous at the same time! Brilliant Lady until the end.....and beyond! ;) it, you won't regret it!
  • Doomredeemer
Easy to read and fascinating Hollywood behind-the-scenes perspective. Her life is quite a tale, and she provides compelling information about life inside Germany just before WWII.
  • Androlhala
She shares her life delightfully. Never sarcasm. It is difficult to believe one would choose to become an actress because of the hours demanded in this vocation.
  • Efmprof
Very interesting life, particularly starting out as a Jewish actress in Hitlers Germany. Hard working gal. An enjoyable read.
Few actors write as well as Lilli Palmer, and this engaging autobiography easily surpasses the usual series of loosely-connected anecdotes filling up such books. The ultimate 'displaced person', or 'DP' as she terms herself, Palmer's story moves back and forth across Europe and America; her escaping thirties Germany as a young Jewish actress, delivering her son even as her London hospital is bombed, struggling to survive as a family and keep a career at the very center of the biggest Hollywood scandal since Fatty Arbuckle, and overcoming the challenges of reinventing her life and career multiple times.

The daughter of middle class Jewish parents in Berlin, Palmer and her two sisters grew up in a deeply happy family. Mad about becoming an actress, Palmer worked her way into the German theater just as restrictions against Jews forced her to flee to Paris where she and her sister started up a short-lived sister act in night clubs. A fortunate meeting with a major film producer allowed Palmer - a name she took from an English actress, her family name was Periser - began a ten year stay in England, where she starred in minor films and appeared on the stage. In 1943 she married up and coming star Rex Harrison, and in 1945 the couple moved to Hollywood.

In Hollywood Palmer was given leading roles, but the suicide in 1948 of her husband's paramour, Carole Landis, herself a famous star, badly destroyed her and Harrison's Hollywood careers and they moved to New York, where they appeared in a series of very successful plays, notably Bell, Book, and Candle in 1950. By the mid-fifties Palmer had returned to Germany and developed as a major star in European films. Harrison's philandering continued unabated, and when he became flagrantly involved with Kay Kendall there was no longer any reason for Palmer to stay around, and she moved on, marrying a handsome South American co-star.

Modern readers are most likely to know Palmer from "The Counterfeit Traitor" a touching World War II spy movie co-starring William Holden. Based on a true story, Palmer's reenactment of the heroine's death by firing squad against the very prison walls where her character was killed makes for a horrific scene.

Palmer as author has a keen eye for human character, and, unlike many similar memoirs filled with catty private revelations, she is especially gracious without indulging in nastiness and getting even. She has every right the to rip to shreds her cheating two-timer of a husband, Rex Harrison, but, perhaps out of consideration for their son, she largely forgoes bitterness. Along the way we enjoy inside looks at such mythic figures as Greta Garbo, The Windsors, Gary Cooper, Bernard Shaw, and Noel Coward. Palmer's strong sense of fair play combined with an indisputable flair for reporting human interactions makes this one of the better autobiographies written by a film star.

Lilly Palmer conveys an old fashioned and rare virtue - how to be of the world, and remain a lady.