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Download Stars in Khaki: Movie Actors in the Army and the Air Services eBook

by Paul W. Wilderson III,James E. Wise

Download Stars in Khaki: Movie Actors in the Army and the Air Services eBook
Paul W. Wilderson III,James E. Wise
Arts & Literature
Naval Institute Press; 1st edition (October 1, 2000)
241 pages
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Wise, James . 1930-; Wilderson, Paul . 1943-. Actors as soldiers, Motion picture actors and actresses, Filmschauspieler, Soldat, Kriegsfilm. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by LineK on November 18, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

James E. Wise, Paul W. Wilderson

James E. Wilderson. Army and air services from as early as the Spanish-American War into the Vietnam era. Naval Institute Press, 2000 - 241 sayfa. James Wise, a retired captain in the . Navy who served as a naval aviator, is the coauthor of the other two books in this series. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia

James E. Readers can find out about Ronald Reagan producing training films for pilots as an officer in the Army Air Corps Reserve, Sgt. Elvis Presley's expertise in jeep maintenance, and how Clark Gable almost became a casualty while flying on a bombing mission over Germany. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Army and air services such as Jimmy Stewart and Audie Murphey.

There are several Canadians, Frenchmen, Germans, Japanese and Australians along with the occasional South African and even Rin Tin Tin! The list of actors covered is mind-boggling: Richard Attenborough, Richard Burton, Michael Caine, Maurice Chevalier, Sean Connery, Stewart Granger, Alec Guinness, Cedric Hardwicke, Hardy Kruger, Christopher Lee, Patrick Macnee, David Niven, Terry-Thomas, etc. ISBN13: 9781557509581.

Star-Spangled Screen: The American World War II Film. Boom and Bust: American Cinema in the 1940s.

New Challenges for Documentary. Documentary in American Television: Form, Function, Method. The Reel Civil War: Mythmaking in American Film. Star-Spangled Screen: The American World War II Film. Vietnam at 24 Frames a Second: A Critical and Thematic Analysis of Over 400 Films about the Vietnam War.

Wise, James E. and Paul W. Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, 2000. Sexless Oysters and Self-Tipping Hats: 100 Years of Invention in the Pacific Northwest. Sasquatch Books, 1991.

a b James E. Wise & Paul W. With Amusement For All", page 265. Univ. Press of Kentucky, 2006. Robert Cummings (em inglês) no Internet Movie Database. Robert Cummings at Allmovie.

by James E. Wise, J. and Anne Collier Rehill. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2000. These amusing and often highly informative volumes make very suitable reading for the military historian, as well as for the layman and younger folks who may have an interest in military history

Profiles of Hollywood celebrities who served in the armed forces from World War I through the Vietnam War includes anecdotes of military experiences by such actors as Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Charlton Heston, and Ronald Reagan.
  • Runehammer
I enjoyed this book very much. It was interesting to read about the experiences of some of the actors who served in the military. Most served as ordinary grunts while others were heroes.
  • Malalanim
Great capsules of well known stars of the period, almost all of whom had exemplary service during World War 2.
  • Alien
This series of books are very interesting and educational. Really enjoyed all 4
  • Berkohi
entertaining book
  • Xwnaydan
The books in this series are so important to our history. They show the effort given by people who entertained us on stage and screen and still had the people defending us on their minds. Truly a part of history.
  • Musical Aura Island
"Stars in Khaki" is the 3rd in a series of books about Hollywood celebrities and their service in the armed forces during WW 1, WW 2, and the Korean War. The two previous books were "Stars in Blue" (Navy) and "Stars in the Corps" (Marines). All 3 books were co-written by James Wise, and the current book is co-written by Paul Wilderson.

The book is divided into 2 parts - combat and "staff personnel, instructors, and entertainers". Here's a look at the combat people

* Tony Bennett (1926) - Drafted in 1944, served in Europe

* Neville Brand (1921) - Enlisted in 1941, served in Europe, won the Silver Star and other medals, wounded in 1945, rose to staff sargeant

* Art Carney (1918) - Drafted in 1944, served in Europe, wounded in 1945

* Jackie Coogan (1914) - served in Army Air Corps, flew 20 missions, won Air Medal, Victory medal, and several others

* Charles Durning (1923) - Drafted in 1943, wounded on the beach in Normandy and later in Germany, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, won the Silver Star

* Clark Gable (1901-60) - Enlisted in 1942, served in Army Air Corps, flew 5 missions, won Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal.

* James Garner (1928) - Drafted in Korean War, spent 14 months in Korea, awarded 2 Purple Hearts.

* Tim Holt (1918-73) - Enlisted in 1942, flew 22 missions, rose to Captain, won Distinguished Service Cross, the Air Medal with 3 Oak Clusters, and others.

* Audie Murphy (1924-71) - Drafted in 1942, served in Europe, most decorated soldier in WW 2 including Medal of Honor.

* Bert Parks (1914) - Enlisted in 1942, served in Pacific, rose to Captain, won the Bronze Star and several others.

* Sabu (1924-63) - Enlisted in 1943, served in Pacific as a gunner, won Distinguished Service Cross, the Air Medal with 4 Oak Clusters, and several others.

* Jimmy Stewart (1908-97) - Drafted in 1940, served in Europe, flew 20 combat missions, won Distinguished Service Cross, Air Medal, and Croix de Guerre.

* Jack Warden (1920) - Enlisted in the Navy in 1938, discharged in 1941, re-enlisted in Army Air Corps in 1942, served as a paratrooper, injured.

* William Wellman (1896), Enlisted in Ambulance Corps in 1917 in France, joined Lafayette Flying Corps, won the Croix de Guerre, shot down and injured, rose to Lieutenant.

Part 3 of the book lists others who served in combat but who were not highlighted in Part 1. These include:

* Alan Alda - 6 months as gunnery sergeant in Korean War
* James Arness - served in Europe, wounded at Anzio, won Bronze Star and others
* Walter Brennan - served in France in WW 1
* Charles Bronson - served 3 years in Army Air Corps, completed 25 missions as a gunner, received Purple Heart
* Mel Brooks - Enlisted in 1944, served in Europe, deactivated mines
* James Coburn - Served as radio operator in WW 2
* Tim Conway - Served 2 years as a private in Korean War
* Broderick Crawford - Served as a Sergeant in Air Corps 1942-5
* Robert Cummings - Served as a flight instructor in WW 2
* Ossie Davis - Served as surgical technician in Africa, 1942-5
* John Derek - Served as paratrooper, 1944-6
* Steve Forrest - Staff Sergeant/radio operator in WW 2, served at Battle of Bulge
* Arthur Franz - Served in Army Air Force as gunner and navigator
* Buddy Hackett - Served 3 years with antiaircraft unit in WW 2
* John Huston - Served 2 years in calvary for the Mexican army
* George Kennedy - Infantryman in WW 2, won 2 Bronze Stars, served under Patton
* Kris Kristopherson - helicopter pilot in Vietnam war
* Walter Matthau - Flew combat missions in WW 2
* Chuck Norris - Served as military police in Korea

This is a great book. There is a special chapter on Martha Raye and also a list of people who could not serve and the reasons.
  • Joni_Dep
enjoyed learning about the stars in uniform