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by Hazel Holt

Download Mrs. Malory and a Death in the Family: A Sheila Malory Mystery eBook
Hazel Holt
Thorndike Pr (April 4, 2007)
309 pages
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Reading Hazel Holt's Sheila Mallory Book is like a mini-visit for me. I am 64 years old and I think Sheila is around . This was another wonderful mystery in the Sheila Mallory series by Hazel Holt

Reading Hazel Holt's Sheila Mallory Book is like a mini-visit for me. I am 64 years old and I think Sheila is around the same age so I can really relate to her style of life and her thinking about life in general. All that having been said, I was somewhat ambivalent about this particualr entry. This was another wonderful mystery in the Sheila Mallory series by Hazel Holt. I just love visiting with Sheila and all her lovely and sometimes eccentric family and friends in their little English village by the sea.

Hazel Holt mysteries featuring Mrs. Sheila Malory. Mrs. Malory Mysteries Series. 21 primary works, 21 total works. Shelve Mrs. Malory and Death in Practice. Also called Sheila Malory mysteries. Hazel Holt mysteries featuring Mrs.

Malory and a Death in the Family. A Sheila Malory Mystery. Malory and a Time to Die. Malory and Any Man’s Death. And. A necessary end. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.

Malory and No Cure for Death: A Sheila Malory Mystery. Readers get a fascinating glimpse into life in a small English village where the same families have lived there for generations so that everyone knows their neighbor. Hazel Holt gives the reader an interesting who done it to solve, one that has many viable suspects, all with credible motives.

I am getting so attached to her each book seems to get better.

Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). I am getting so attached to her each book seems to get better.

Sheila Malory is less than thrilled when her loathsome cousin Bernard comes to Taviscombe looking for information to complete his family tree. A Death in the Family (Sheila Malory Mystery).

A Death in the Family (Sheila Malory Mystery). Book in the Mrs. Malory Mysteries Series).

However, when Bernard is found dead in suspicious circumstances, Sheila begins to suspect that his innocent pastime may have led to something more sinister. Never one to let sleeping dogs lie, Sheila takes it upon herself to discover the truth behind Bernard's demise. What secrets lie buried in the family past? And what will happen to those who try to uncover them?

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MALORY MYSTERY Series: Main Character: Sheila Malory, Literary Critic, England. Death in the Family ’06 (aka Mrs. Malory and a Death in the Family). Malory and a Time to Die ’08. Malory and Any Man’s Death ’09. Malory and a Necessary End ’12. Malory and Death is a Word ’14 (aka Death is a Word). No More Mrs. Malory Mysteries). STAND ALONES: My Dear Charlotte: with the Assistance of Jane Austen’s Letters ’09.

Book 3 of Holt's Mrs. Malory mysteries. The 1st book in the delightful British cozy mystery series featuring Sheila Malory, a plain-spoken widow residing in the seaside town of Taviscombe, England. When pretty but avaricious Lee Montgomery disappears, her fiancé Charles Richardson enlists Mrs. Malory’s help. The dauntless Mrs. Malory soon suspects the worst Read online.

Book by Holt, Hazel
  • Jazu
I love the series very much. I found Ms.Hazel Holt's writing style is very good, easy to read and her humor is wonderful. On a personal note she writes to the older woman, or at least her thoughts about life and things are the same as mine! I can relate quite well. The one complaint is not with Ms. Holt's books, but with the order that Amazon or the publishers have made them available on Kindle! I found I started out with Mrs. Malory having a college age son, to her being a Grandmother! Why? There are 10-20 year gaps in the series! I can't seem to figure it out! Are the books in the middle still only available on paperback or hardcover and not Kindle? I sure would like to read those too! This is not the first series to have been published to Kindle on Amazon not in order! One example is Clive Cussler's series, also not published to Kindle in order. Please can you figure this out and publish them in the order they were written? ! update to my review, I just saw that Ms. Holt passed away in 2015. I am so very sorry to have heard that, it's like losing an old friend. My deepest sympathies to her family.
  • Wyameluna
This is a lovely farewell to Hazel Holt's longtime readers, giving us one last visit with the characters and setting we loved. I especially enjoyed this one because one of my favorite characters, domineering Mrs. Dudley, has a larger part to play than usual. I think Agatha Christie would have thoroughly enjoyed the Mrs. Malory series.
  • Onetarieva
I enjoy Hazel Holt's Sheila Malory novels when I'm in the mood for a well-written cozy mystery, with a generally level-headed protagonist and a cast of characters who might be encountered in real life.

In ". . . A Death in the Family," Sheila's obnoxious cousin Bernard has retired from his headmaster position and is obsessed with tracing his family lineage - which includes Sheila and a host of others. Self-absorbed, domineering, and pig-headed, Bernard is making a series of visits to cousins around the country as he pursues his research.

Holt deftly introduces Bernard's character with reports to Sheila from two cousins. The strong-minded one dismisses him as a pest, the more passive one refers to his diligent pursuit of his "interesting" research and has unwittingly sicced him onto Sheila by mentioning the old family Bible she owns.

Inevitably Bernard and his silently submissive wife Janet appear without warning on Sheila's doorstep. They have taken a holiday cottage nearby for a few weeks to facilitate his research in the area, and thus Sheila is fated to see both of them again.

One evening Janet comes via taxi to return to Sheila some photographs Bernard has borrowed. Sheila asks her to stay for tea and finds that the mousy Janet can be a different person away from her husband's overbearing presence. Sheila drives Janet back to the cottage, where the women find the door standing open to the stormy night, Bernard sitting dead in a chair in the living room with a wound on the back of his head, and other evidence of a break-in.

What comes next is unexpected, and it spurs Sheila to investigate on her own, to an extent and in a manner that is reasonably believable - she doesn't stupidly wander into dangerous situations or alienate her family with an obsessive quest for justice. She does learn that Bernard was worse than merely pompous and obnoxious, and turns up people with ample motives to bash his head in.

I stuck with the story to the end, and didn't guess whodunit until fairly late in the tale.
  • Keath
I love all the Mrs. Malory books but this one was not the best. I always like the author's descriptions of life in a cozy British village and Mrs. Malory's allusions to her pets but this one was a little slow and boring.
  • Usic
A favorite author. I reread most of her books during recovery from an operation. Such a nice series. Perfect cozy series -- English village, family and pets, church and charity, tea at the local bakery through the years. I've thought of Mrs. Malory as an older friend until I realized I was getting old, too.
  • Modigas
This is a wonderful book,written by a wonderful writer. I was sorry to hear of her death as I love her books and now have them all. I look forward to rereading all these great books by this author....Hazel Holt. I recommend it to anyone who loves English mysteries.
  • SkroN
Enjoyed this tremendously!
Not her best book but I will miss this cozy of coziest authors,