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by Stan Jones

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Stan Jones
Soho Press,Inc; First Edition edition (May 1, 1999)
264 pages
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White sky, Black ice. a Nathan Active mystery. Stan Jones "Eskimo" is the best-known term for the Native Americans described in this book, but it is not their term.

White sky, Black ice. Edwin S. Hall, Jr. and Claire Fejes, used by permission of. University of Tennessee Press. Eskimo" is the best-known term for the Native Americans described in this book, but it is not their term. Eskimo," which was brought into Alaska by white men, is what certain Indian tribes in eastern Canada called their neighbors to the north; it probably meant "eaters of raw flesh.

White Sky, Black Ice by Stan Jones is a mystery set in a small rural town, Chukchi, in northwest Alaska. Getting around often involves using a "snowgo" (snowmobile to me) or light airplane. Alaskan state trooper Nathan Active is a native Inupiat whose young mother gave him up for adoption by white teachers.

White Sky, Black Ice book. Start by marking White Sky, Black Ice (Nathan Active Mystery, as Want to Read

White Sky, Black Ice book. Start by marking White Sky, Black Ice (Nathan Active Mystery, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Published by Thriftbooks. Black Ice, White Sky, is the first in a series of Nathan Active mysteries written by Stan Jones

White sky, black ice. com User, 19 years ago. There are times when you stumble across a book you weren't looking for, get hooked on the first page, then savor it all the way through, feeling reluctant to finish but unable even to guess the ending. Black Ice, White Sky, is the first in a series of Nathan Active mysteries written by Stan Jones. Mr. Jones has won many awards for his articles on environmental issues and has several years of experience as a bush pilot under his belt.

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Half Inupiat Eskimo by birth, Trooper Nathan Active is posted to a remote Alaskan Indian village, where he soon finds himself investigating a suicide that seems to defy logic, as the man had shot himself in the Adam's apple.
  • Άνουβις
Without its unique setting and insights into modern life in a small Inuit town in Alaska, this would be just another average mystery. Just as Tony Hillerman brought modern Navajo culture to life through the exploits of Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee, Stan Jones does a nice job of creating life in a small subarctic town through the eyes of a young, half-Inuit Alaskan State Trooper. The protagonist is newly-assigned to the town where he was born after being adopted and raised by white schoolteachers in Anchorage. Although his adoptive parents have maintained contact with his birth mother and tried to give him a sense of his heritage, Nathan Active's outlook and values are distinctively middle-class American. He can't wait until he can advance to a more prestigious posting, and while his Native American ties give him a bit of insight into the community, he has much to learn about its people and unique culture. Therein sits the story. I gave this book four stars. It was definitely worth reading, and I will read the next book in the series. I like Nathan Active well enough to want to get to know him better. The details of modern village life are richly drawn. Except for Officer Active, other characters lack development, but there is room for that in sequels. The plot is fairly predictable. The worst thing about the book is the very poor proofreading. The Kindle version has many words without spaces between them, mis-hyphenated words, and obvious punctuation errors. It seemed as if the final draft had been edited by a computer program which had more than a few glitches. I found the errors distracting enough that they took me out of the story while I sorted out what the author meant to say. I am not particularly easily annoyed, but if you are and such things really bother you, I would not recommend this book.
  • Morad
White Sky, Black Ice (Nathan Active Mysteries)
By Stan Jones

I learned much about the Inuit culture and how our doing business with its people has changed it. Unfortunately, suicide claims many victims among the young and the parents grieve.
However, what is thought to be suicide is not but. A cunning killer with the best of intentions leaves a trail of dead men and funerals. The culture accommodates the deaths during the long winter months by digging graves during the spring and fall when the ground is unfrozen. Because cities are distant from one another, a small plane with a talented bush pilot is the ride of convenience.
Nathan is the hero is a young man recently graduated as an Alaskan State Trooper. He is sent to the place where he was born. Nathan lives between two cultures, the Inuit culture and the white man’s. His very young mother could not keep him and sent him to live with white people in Anchorage.
Nathan is observant and finds that liquor is a killer among the Inuit and must be legislated against. A newly-built factory, financed by international money, is flushing poisons into the water and poisoning people. Who is hiding the company’s crimes, why.
Nathan learns that high powered lawyers are clever but capable of compassion, that he can influence the tide of events and that he can be helpful to the cleaning up of the waters and helping his people.
I don’t know much about the Inuit and their way of life and their accommodation to the white man’s culture. However, I realized from reading other reviewers that “the way the natives live, their unique speech patterns, the land they live in, and the climate they endure are all true to life. Just as realistic are the problems facing a police officer in the rural areas of Alaska.”
  • Liarienen
I liked the characters introduced in the story...but maybe more detail is needed in certain areas...i.e. about Active's superior, what really happened that he was demoted and when Active was going to use the old snowmobile he checked everything but the amount of "gas" and that would seem important for the distance he was going to go....also, why not reveal who really killed the victims....I didn't like the way that was covered up.
  • Dream
The first novel in the Nathan Active series. Primarily a police procedural set in a small village in Alaska, Chukchi. However this novel although has a lot more to offer.

The primary character State Trooper Nathan Active is torn between two worlds, he was fostered as a child to white parents when his Native teenage mother was unable to provide for him. Nathan finds himself stationed at Chukchi where everyone knows the history of everyone else. Nathan is not a happy man and often feels himself to be the outsider in the small community.

The mystery component of the novel is well developed but it is the Eskimo way of life and the environment itself that is fascinating reading. This is a standalone story in the series and well worth a look at.
  • Bundis
I won't go into much detail here since other reviews have done a pretty thorough job, I think. But I did really like the main character & the insertion of Inupiat language, which I'm sure is how the locals really speak. I also liked the fact that I had to google the area & look at the maps of the region, so I could learn more than I about the Chukchi Sea & peninsula.
Warning to those of you who don't like trash mouth characters There are a few choice words coming from some mouths, but I thought it was in keeping the locale & realistic language from those living in a sub Artic small town. there is also a couple of episodes of mildly graphic sex, but also fit right into the book.
Other than that..this is a great new character for me, and I will be reading more of this series.
  • Olwado
I have found a new author to follow in Stan Jones. I loved the setting in rural Alaska because of its uniqueness. The book is written from the perspective of a native Alaskan lawman working in a small village. The story and plot were solid and executed very well. I will read more of this author's works. Strongly recommend.
  • Joni_Dep
Mystery with much educational information about the Alaskan culture and the environment of this northern area. The hero was well presented but I thought the story was uninteresting.