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by Sue Grafton

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Sue Grafton
Books on Tape (March 2, 2004)
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Sue Grafton K Is For Killer ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 EPILOGUE.

Sue Grafton K Is For Killer ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 EPILOGUE. The author wishes to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of the following people: Steven Humphrey; Susan Aharonian, treatment supervisor, and JoAnn Fults, Cater Water Treatment Plant; Larry Gillespie, Santa Barbara County coroner; Lieutenant Terry Bristol, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office; Detective Tom Miller, Santa Barbara Police Department; Jody Knoell, Wells Fargo Bank; Michael Creek, KMGQ; Hildy Hoffman, secretary to the mayor and council

A Kinsey Millhone Mystery). I've talked to homicide investigators who've been caught up in similar reveries, haunted by certain victims who seem to linger among us, persistent in their desire for vindication.

A Kinsey Millhone Mystery). In the hazy zone where wakefulness fades into sleep, in that leaden moment just before the mind sinks below consciousness, I can sometimes hear them murmuring.

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Are you sure you want to remove K is for Killer (Sue Grafton) from your list? K is for Killer (Sue Grafton). I think about Lorna's killer way more than I should. Whoever did this, I want him punished. I want this laid to rest. Chapter 1. The statutory definition of homicide is the "unlawful killing of one human being by another. Sometimes the phrase "with malice" is employed, the concept serving to distinguish murder from the numerous other occasions in which people deprive each other of life – wars and executions coming foremost to mind. I want to know why he did it. I want to tell him face-to-face exactly what he did to my life the day he took hers.

'Skilful and ingenious' Irish Times; 'I love Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone novel. ou are never disappointed' Guardian; 'Will keep you awake until the last page has been turned' Daily Mail"'My name is Kinsey Millhone. From Publishers WeeklyThe corpse in private eye Kinsey Millhone's third adventure ("A" Is for Alibi and "B" Is for Burglar is that of Bobby Callahan, a young man she first meets while both are working out in a local gym. Bobby is convinced the car crash he'd been injured in was really an attempt on his life and, fearful of another assault, persuades Kinsey to investigate.

Her writing career took off when A Is for Alibi was published in 1982 and received the Mysterious Stranger Award. This was the beginning of the Kinsey Millhone Mystery series. B Is for Burglar won the Shamus and Anthony Awards and C Is for Corpse won the Anthony Award.

Grafton, Sue - A Is For Alibi(v2). Grafton, Sue - K' is for Killer. Grafton Sue. Download (PDB).

The land had once been black-topped, but now the surface was cracked and graying, overgrown with crabgrass. My headlights swept along the two rows of live oaks that defined the rutted pathway. My headlights swept along the two rows of live oaks that defined the rutted pathway anches, interlocking overhead, formed a tunnel of darkness through which I passed. Shrubbery that once might have been neatly trimmed and shaped now spilled in a tumble that made progress slow. Granted, my car may have seen better days, but I was reluctant to let branches snap against the pale blue paint. The potholes were already acting on my shock absorbers like a factory test

Exceptionally entertaining. An offbeat sense of humor and a feisty sense of justice.

Exceptionally entertaining. San Francisco Chronicle. Millhone is an engaging detective-for-hire. For information address St. Martin’s Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 81-7128. EAN: 9780312-93899-4.

But to find out which one, if any, turned killer, Kinsey will have to inhabit a netherworld . Random House Audio 9780739314210 Mystery & Suspense Fiction Sue Grafton Judy Kaye.

But to find out which one, if any, turned killer, Kinsey will have to inhabit a netherworld from which she may never return. Books A Million - Audiobook (CD format): ww. kqlhce. IndieBound - Audiobook (CD format): ww. ndiebound. org/book/978073931. enguinGroupUS.

Janice Kepler is on the way home from the support group she joined after the death of her beloved daughter, Lorna. When she sees a light on in the offices of Millhone Investigations, she believes itâ?s a signâ?¦and decides to knock on the door.

Janice has waited long enough for Lornaâ?s case to pick up steam, and she is relieved when Kinsey Millhone agrees to finish the work authorities left undone. Ten months before, local police had suspected homicide, but never could find a suspectâ?or a motive. The trail went cold. And Lornaâ?s death remained a mysteryâ?¦

Now Kinsey is about to be pulled into a netherworld of unavenged murder and damaged survivorsâ?¦where sometimes it takes a deal with the devil to survive.

  • Forey
I like this series quite a lot, but the one complaint I have is that there's never a satisfying denouement. SPOILER ALERT: In K is for Killer, Kinsey meets a young prostitute who was friends with the murdered woman, and during the course of the investigation, the girl is beaten very badly and hospitalized. Though the police fear her attacker might try to enter the ICU and finish her off, she isn't particularly well-guarded, and she ends up dying in the ICU. The assumption is that she WAS murdered, but this is never resolved. At the end of the novel, after the murderer is discovered, no mention is made of this murder. Other loose ends are not tied up, too. I really prefer an nice satisfying conclusion. At the end of most of the Kinsey Millhone mysteries, our heroine usually finds herself in a very dangerous situation (usually at the mercy of the killer), and somehow escapes, but the only roundup of the mystery is a brief epilogue which often leaves many questions unanswered. Does anyone else feel this way?
  • Jaiarton
I admit I have a soft spot for “cold” case mysteries and this book did not disappoint. From the first meeting Kinsey has with the victim’s mother, I was completely enamored with the case and couldn’t wait to see Kinsey get into it. Kinsey delves into this world of the “night” and it has a definite impact on her both emotionally and physically. She seems almost manic with times of extreme energy to times of extreme exhaustion but the big impact is on her emotions and her trip into the darkness. There isn’t a lot of discussion about the dark decisions Kinsey makes and that is a little disappointing because I really wanted to see her fight her way back to the light but it was just glossed quickly.

Interesting things about this case are the varying descriptions of the murder victim. For those who knew her in the daytime, the description was very negative versus those who knew her at night. We are also introduced to Detective Cheney Philips who was very much a hot/cold kind of character as it relates to his relationship with Kinsey. I felt like Grafton couldn’t decide where she wanted the relationship to go so she started at one extreme (flirty/interested) and ended on the other end of that spectrum (disengaged).

The only disappointment I have for the book is the little impact of Kinsey’s family had on this book after such a huge revelation it was in the last book. There was some discussion but not a whole lot which felt like a huge unresolved storyline was hanging out there.
  • Ienekan
I have read or listened to most of her books previously. Now, thanks to a great sale on Amazon for the Kindle books, I decided to read them all in order. Without giving away the plot, I loved this book until the last chapter. When I turned the page and it said Epilogue, my first response was, they must have left out the final chapter. Compared with most of her novels, this one just petered out in the end. Hard to recommend such a flat finish.
  • Ishnllador
One of her best books. Hard to put down. At first there are so many stories being told it is difficult to imagine them all coming together to the ultimate ending which is equally satisfying and not satisfying especially if the reader wants it to end neatly. I stayed up way beyond bedtime to read the final chapters. It's one book that I am going to read again after I find something light and fluffy to read. Great job, Ms Grafton!
  • Ytli
I found K to be more on track and written better than the two previous installments in the series.
It's your typical Kinsey Millhone, but Ms. Grafton seemed to stay more focused on this installment.

The PI is her typical wise-cracking self. Not caring much what others think; she goes about her business. She's focused in this book. The plot & descriptions are good. I was relieved to find this does not have all the fluff dialogue of Rosie and Henry, along with Henry's brother. That becomes tedious.

Some seem to have trouble with unanswered questions & the ending. Reading at a normal pace, I found no unanswered items. The answers may not be readily obvious, but Ms. Grafton does provide them.

The ending is, in fact, abrupt. Clearly it's by choice rather than the author being unsure how to end the book. The antagonist gets the just desserts in the end. Only, instead of being in your face, it's left somewhat to the reader's imagination
  • Tehn
I enjoy listening in on Kinsey's thoughts as she unravels mysteries...and this one certainly had a lot of threads. This was a good book. The only thing missing was how much of the story did she tell her client, and what was her bill.
  • Agantrius
so far I have read A through R and now reading S. I bought V while shopping one day as it was a great price and looked good and I thought Kinsey was the best character that I have ever read about in a mystery book and she held my interest so I ventured out and have bought starting with A is for Alibi then I got my Kindle and it was so much easier to get book and bought some of the others as I wanted to read more of her cases. Sue Grafton has done a great job with this Mystery series. HOWEVER! I was furious with her the way she ended with P for Peril, not only not finishing the story but no Epilogue. I almost quit buying her books but now I check to make sure she at least has an Epilogue at the end of the book before buying it. GAB
If you like mysteries these will keep you engrossed. Grafton is a very descriptive writer so you are watching a literary movie if you tend to see what you're reading in your mind like I do. If you can you should read them in alphabetical order but if you can't she tends to bring the reader up to date of previous books events. They're an easy read but don't get started if you have to put them aside for several days. It's almost impossible to leave them for very long!