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PUTNAM; Large Print edition (2010)
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Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.

Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Also by patricia cornwell. The scarpetta novels. Also real and fully operational at this writing are various entities, including the following: Port Mortuary at Dover Air Force Base. Armed Forces Medical Examiner (AFME). Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL).

Port Mortuary (Kay Scarpetta) Paperback – Large Print, September 6. .

Port Mortuary (Kay Scarpetta) Paperback – Large Print, September 6, 2011. by. Patricia Cornwell (Author). Ships from and sold by BROKETOM BOOKS.

ISBN-10: 9781410431585. Port Mortuary" is my return to reading Scarpetta after four years and I discovered why I stayed away so long. I am pretty sick of her whining about Marino and Lucy and Benton. After fulfilling a six-month obligation of hard training by dealing with death on behalf of the US government's armed forces, chief medical examiner for the Commerce of Massachusetts Dr. Kay.

Port Mortuary, her 18th outing since she first appeared 20 years ago in Cornwell's multiple award-winning debut Postmortem, sees Cornwell return to the first person for the first time since 2000's The Last Precinct. In doing so she reveals unexpected secrets about Scarpetta's past that go some way to explaining the medical examiner's detachment.

by Patricia Cornwell First published 2010. Published 2010 by . Large Print, Hardcover, 722 pages. Author(s): Patricia Cornwell (Goodreads Author).

Port Mortuary, the title of Patricia Cornwell's eighteenth Scarpetta novel, is literally a port for the dead. In this fast-paced story, a treacherous path from Scarpetta's past merges with the high- tech highway she now finds herself on. We travel back to the beginning of her professional career, when she accepted a scholarship from the Air Force to pay off hera medical school debt.

item 3 PATRICIA CORNWELL PORT MORTUARY PAPERBACK . Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell (Paperback, 2011).

item 3 PATRICIA CORNWELL PORT MORTUARY PAPERBACK -PATRICIA CORNWELL PORT MORTUARY PAPERBACK. item 4 Port Mortuary, Patricia Cornwell, Used; Good Book -Port Mortuary, Patricia Cornwell, Used; Good Book. item 5 Port Mortuary: Scarpetta 18, Cornwell, Patricia, Acceptable Fast Delivery -Port Mortuary: Scarpetta 18, Cornwell, Patricia, Acceptable Fast Delivery.

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The eighteenth book in the Kay Scarpetta series, from No. 1 bestselling author Patricia Cornwell. America's most chilling writer of crime fiction' The Times. Kay Scarpetta has been training at the Dover Port Mortuary, mastering the art of 'virtual autopsy' - a groundbreaking procedure that could soon revolutionise forensic science. And it is not too long before these new skills urgently need to be put into practice. A young man drops dead, apparently from a heart condition, eerily close to Scarpetta's home.

Suspense is the name of the game in Port Mortuary,Patricia Cornwell's 18th Kay Scarpetta nail bitter..
  • Camper
I loved reading earlier Scarpetta books all the way back to her first one, and I faithfully read every new one that came out for a long time, right up to "Blowfly." Then I got hold of Kathy Reichs's books, "Fatal Voyage" being the first, I was hooked, and I began to analyze why I liked Reichs more than Scarpetta. "Port Mortuary" is my return to reading Scarpetta after four years and I discovered why I stayed away so long.

I am pretty sick of her whining about Marino and Lucy and Benton. It really does get old so get on with the CASES, please! I am a professional content editor, so I hope I project some modicum of credibility.

Cornwell's scientific and forensic knowledge is excellent, and her ability to build a case is beyond reproach. But all the injections and interruptions of personal angst and sturn und drang is SO annoying, I end up skimming over fifty percent of the book.
  • Kabandis
When will I ever learn! Every single Patricia Cornwell novel is an ode to herself. I am tired of reading how incredibly intelligent, astute, perceptive, beautiful, sensuous, sexy, and a great cook she thinks she is ( PC considers herself an amalgamation of Kay, Lucy, AND Benton!!!) My god! Kay Scarpetta is a medical examiner for Pete's sake. She's gotta smell like death. Her average day is 57 hours long -- that is how long it would take a human being to do all the tedious, yet supposedly intense things she does IN ONE DAY!!! And seriously, Marino always gets a bad rap from Cornwell. We get it, you hate men. Don't bother to read this book. It is more of the same. Perhaps in my next life I will make a fortune telling people how freaking brilliant I am. NOT!
Just do yourself a favor, don't read this book.
  • Gavikelv
Why do I keep reading this author? I keep hoping for the good old days, I guess. This was not as bad as some of her recent books have been but my god, there are endless pages of musing, thinking about why someone did something or other...they go on for chapters. Then she will have a long thought process about what hubby (and FBI agent) Benton must be thinking, followed by huge long pages of Benton telling her what he was thinking. Publishers Weekly calls this her "strongest work in years," and maybe it is, but given what her last books (since "Blow Fly") have been like, that isn't saying much. I finished this book just to finish it, but I hated it most of the way through. It has sections where it was a flash of the old Cornwell (which is why I give it two stars, not one), but then she would fly off on some tangent again and I'd want to throw the book across the room. There are 3 more books by Cornwell which I have not read and I am going to give serious thought as to whether I want to read them or not.

The reviewer who used the example of Kay putting on a sock nailed what I hated about this book.

I miss the old Kay Scarpetta. And I'm really, really tired of niece Lucy knowing more about technology than God. She is no longer a character, she is a caricature. Marino is no longer someone I recognize. A reviewer on Amazon said, "It was boring, confusing, way too long, and the characters are annoying." I think that sums it up nicely.
  • Dreladred
Port Mortuary unfortunately suckered me back into Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta universe. I abandoned ship on this franchise some time ago as the novels got longer and longer and less and less satisfying. However seeing the title and the full color photo of the Dover Air Force Base main gate on the inside of the book jacket got my attention. I was stationed at Dover in the 80's and thought it might be interesting to read of Scarpetta's early career in the Air Force paying back her med school loans. The story does start at Dover in the present day and quickly departs the base never to return. The rest of the book drags on for hundreds of pages of terse dialog substituting for any actual suspense. For fans of the series, the disconnected Benton is back (I thought they killed him...too bad he pulled through); as well as quarrelsome Marino and the insufferable Lucy. There's an indecipherably vague and pointless subplot about something that did happen in Scarpetta's early career while in the military but it's a distraction. The main story is a lot of gobbledygook about "nanobots" (how about a "nano-plot"?) and a strange couple of murders, a missing dog, and Scarpetta's rogue assistant who's apparently gone off the reservation that plods on for almost 500 pages. Nothing exciting happens until about the last 70 pages or so and by then you won't care when the story ends with a whimper. Do yourself a favor and pass on this yawn-fest.
  • terostr
I tried really hard to love this book, but the plot really wasn't there. The book spent so much time with Scarpetta internally whining to herself about herself, employees, superiors, her Husband, Marino and every single other person she's ever met, I think that in total there was maybe a total of two and a half chapters about what the plot was. My God, the woman needs therapy at this point. THEN to top it off, the crime was solved.... BOOM .... within a few pages and Kay is cuddled up with a dog. I checked the book to see if someone had torn pages out the end was so abrupt.

I love Patricia Cornwall's books, but I'm pretty sure this was ghost written. Will I buy more of what she's written? Yes...I just think this one wasn't up to snuff.