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by Erle Stanley Gardner,A. A. Fair

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Erle Stanley Gardner,A. A. Fair
Black Dagger Crime (June 1, 1997)
219 pages
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Book in the Cool and Lam Series). Fair and Erle Stanley Gardner. Donald Lam, private investigator, and Elsie Brand, his secretary were enjoying a coffee break when the m an appeared.

Book in the Cool and Lam Series). He seemed aimless until he spotted Donald - but men of obvious affluence are seldom aimless.

Widows Wear Weeds (Black Dagger Crimes)

Widows Wear Weeds (Black Dagger Crimes). 0745186998 (ISBN13: 9780745186993). Hard Case Crime is publishing a never before released Bertha Cool and Donald Lam mystery, written by Gardner as . Fair, this December (2016). The title is The Knife Slipped. It was supposed to be the second novel in the series, but Gardner’s publisher objected to some of the content.

Erle Stanley Gardner. Erle Stanley Gardner. Thanks to a bungled robbery at a fancy hotel, the already-married Eva Griffin has been caught in the company of a prominent congressman. Arthur Cartwright's official complaint about a neighbor's noisy dog leads Perry Mason and his associates into a case involving a poisoned police dog, a missing wife, and murder. But Perry Mason has other plans. He tracks down the phantom fat cat who secretly runs the blackmailing tabloid-only to discover a shocking scoop.

Erle Stanley Gardner (July 17, 1889 – March 11, 1970) was an American lawyer and author. He is best known for the Perry Mason series of detective stories, but he wrote numerous other novels and shorter pieces and also a series of nonfiction books, mostly narrations of his travels through Baja California and other regions in Mexico. The best-selling American author of the 20th century at the time of his death, Gardner also published under numerous pseudonyms, including .

Kobo Desktop - Win Mac. Windows . by Erle Stanley Gardner. Books related to Widows Wear Weeds. Windows 8. Learn more. A Right to Die. Rex Stout. More by Erle Stanley Gardner. The Case Of The Stepdaughter's Secret.

Author: Erle Stanley Gardner. Title: The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde A a fair. Title: The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde. Author: Stories include Tickets For Two by Erle Stanley Gardner, Halloran Spots A Boner by Victor Maxwell and Gold Door Knobs by Ernest M Poate. Stories include Tickets For Two by Erle Stanley Gardner, Halloran Spots A Boner by Victor Maxwell and Gold Door Knobs by Ernest M Poate. Author: Erle Stanley Gardner. some slips don't show.

Bedrooms Have Windows. Following his small success in the pulps, Gardner began writing his own novels, and under the name of . Hardcover Paperback Kindle. Fair, he wrote about a private detective firm named Cool and Lam. It was this that gave him the real confidence he needed, and in his next series of books focused on a man named Doug Selby who was known to be a highly regarded crime solver within his fictional world, a very similar situation to that of Perry Mason. The Case of the Velvet Claws (1933).

Erle Stanley Gardner bibliography. Books about Erle Stanley Gardner. Bedrooms Have Windows. This article contains one or more incomplete lists which may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it, them with entries that are reliably sourced. Main article: Perry Mason bibliography. Traps Need Fresh Bait.

Erle Stanley Gardner - the complete book list Erle Stanley Gardner (famous for Perry Mason) wrote four stories about Bo. .

Erle Stanley Gardner - the complete book list. He had some ingenious ways of ferreting out crime-fighting crooks by acting like a crook! Erle Stanley Gardner (famous for Perry Mason) wrote four stories about Bob Crowder.

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Widows Wear Weeds comes at nearly the end of the Cool and Lam series. Unlike earlier books in the series, this one doesn't play up the mismatched nature of the Cool and Lam detective duo, but instead explores what happens when a detective is used as a patsy. And it's obvious from page one that something is very twisted about the job this client wants both because of how he approaches Lam but how strange the blackmail scheme seems to be. It's a fast moving story involving no-tell motels, blackmail, starlets, politicians,photographers, mistresses, murder, waitresses, and breezy Ensenada nights. Lam by this point in the series is calm Cool and collected and he's got everything under control even with an all points bulletin out for him. This just misses being really good because Gardner perhaps got a bit too clever with his plotting.
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Widows Wear Weeds, A.A. Fair

Donald Lam and Elsie Brand are on a coffee break when Nicholas Baffin joins them and asks for help because of blackmail. Does paying off a blackmailer work? Lam meets Starman Calvert, gets the photo negatives and a receipt for the money (a confession), and leaves. But when he tries to deliver the goods a new mystery develops! Nicholas Baffin thanks Lam & Cool by giving them a free meal, and they invite Sergeant Frank Sellers. Gratitude, or for another reason? We soon find an unexpected development at the dinner party, with a chance for scandal. Will an eyewitness use his imagination for details his eyes never saw? Donald Lam is in a predicament.

Lam begins his detective work in Chapter 9, and finds the credit card slip for Mrs. Starman Calvert and car license. It tells how a small-town girl like Connie Alford could be lured to Hollywood through a contest created by a promoter for merchandising. In Chapter 10 Lam is told that the dinner was planned to allow for hidden photography, and this witness is scared. Lam then meets with newspaperman Colin Ellis, who is very well informed, but can't print it all without proof (Chapter 12). Chapter 14 tells how witness statements can be arranged to create the desired story. Lam continues his investigation, and takes some pictures to recreate the events around the time of the murder, showing the waitress who found the victim. This leads him and Sergeant Sellers to re-question Baffin and get the information that basically solves the murder, and exposes the wider scandal of campaign contributions to legislators. This fast-moving story is like the best of the Cases of Perry Mason, and an implicit critique of society. It uses the building of an apartment house as a clock to date a photograph. Was Los Angeles undergoing rapid expansion at that time?
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Widows Wear Weeds is one of the Cool and Lam mysteries written by Erle Stanley Gardner under the pseudonym A.A. Fair. Private Eye Donald Lam provides the narration.
This is a convoluted tale of blackmail and murder which unfolds in Los Angeles. This is the same Los Angeles readers will recognize from Raymond Chandler's novels starring Philip Marlowe. Seductive dames, less than honest cops, houses of great wealth, seedy residential hotels, cheating husbands and grifters on the make.
Unfortunately, Lam is no Marlowe and this book is little more than a collection of hardboiled crime cliches cobbled together to make a rather unsatisfying, though mercifully short, detective novel.
Of historical interest because of the identity of the author. Aside from that there is little reason to recommend Widows Wear Weeds.